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TRENDLETTER 5-January-2024

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Climate Activism; Art X Waste Management; Upcycled Bags;...

Climate Activism at Lake Achensee, Tyrol
Tyrol Insight: Jump into the cold water! 21st New Year's Eve Swim at Lake Achensee with costumes from Snow White to 'Klimakleber' (Climate Gluer) Among the sources of inspiration for the costumes worn by the participants in the New Year's Eve Swim at Lake Achensee in Tyrol were climate activists who caused a stir in Austria last year when they glued themselves to roads or objects to demonstrate against climate policy. The group dressed in high visibility vests inspired by the Climate Gluers have not only demonstrated ingenuity for the group performance on the diving platform, but also placed their climate action message under the motto 'Save the New Year's Eve Swim'...

Street Art X Waste Management in Vienna
Vienna Insight: The art of collecting waste! Street Art Open Gallery of murals on one of the city's waste management buildings The collection of waste, the recycling of materials and the use of non-recyclable materials for the production of energy is practiced in Vienna through a refined system for the reduction of waste in teamwork between the Municipal Department of Waste Management (MA48) and the citizens. The latest news from the waste management department concerns one of the collection points, the 48er-Mistplatz at Kendlerstraße 38a in Vienna-Ottakring. The building has been transformed into a 'Street Art Open Gallery'. Eight local and international artists have graffitied the exterior walls, turning the space into an open-air gallery...

Marc Cain X Vaude collaboration
Upcycled bags in fashion. Marc Cain and Vaude collaborate to produce bags from the tarpaulins of a fashion tent Bags made from recycled materials are trendy. The latest news about fashion bags made from pre-used material is Marc Cain's collaboration with Vaude. Both German clothing manufacturers made headlines last year...

300 years fashion industry in exhibition
MAK Vienna exhibition 'Critical Consumption' shows the development of the fashion industry into one of the biggest producers of waste According to the press release, the upcoming exhibition 'Critical Consumption' at the MAK Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna is aimed primarily at consumers; but as far as has gained an insight, the exhibition will also be an interesting source of inspiration for designers. From 30 August 2023 to 8 September 2024, the exhibition will show more than three hundred years of the development of the fashion industry, from the early industrial production of fabrics, the implementation of fashion as an economic factor, the ever-shorter trend waves and changing consumer behavior, to today's overproduction...

Couture Salon, Vienna Opera Ball
The Vienna Opera Ball presented the three winners of the Couture Salon dress design competition In the run-up to the Vienna Opera Ball on February 8, 2024, the three winners - Maiken Kloser from Vorarlberg, Alexandra Gogolok-Nagl from Vienna and Marlen Sabetzer from Styria - will present the gowns they created for the principal dancers of the Vienna State Ballet together with jury chairman Thang de Hoo at the Couture Salon in the Hotel Bristol on January 17...

Backhausen Archive of Textile Designs
Preview Exhibitions 2024: First Exhibition of the Backhausen Archive of Textile Designs The Leopold Museum in Vienna combined the preview 2024 with a review of the year 2023, such as the reminder of the 2023 digitally published intervention 'A Few Degrees More', which won three gold medals at the iab webAD 2023 awards. Highlight in 2024 for visitors interested in interior and textile design is the first exhibition of the Backhausen Archive, featuring treasures of Viennese Modernism. The 'Poetry of Ornaments: The Backhausen Archive'...

Cytara's 'Fashion Detox' recipes
Cytara's 'Fashion Detox' recipe Greeting randomly generated on 25 December. generated the image of Cytara on December 25, 2023 using Microsoft Bing, Image Creator from Designer powered by DALL-E 3. The picture shows Cytara wearing a fitness outfit with a warm sweater around her shoulders while preparing a 'Fashion Detox' meal.

Cytara,'s AI Chatbot: "Hello! My name is Cytara, and I'm the AI chatbot for I'm here to talk about fashion, culture, art, and design. Today, I'd like to share a simple lunch recipe with you called "Fashion Detox." The name of this detox meal pays homage to the trend of vegan materials and toxin reduction in fashion. It's a way to raise awareness about responsible consumption. So, let's dive into the recipe!..."

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5 Jan 2024 - Music 'Football' by Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers, who said about the new song "'Football' is really a celebration of failure. Society has a terrible habit of only recognizing achievement while glossing over the greatness in the shadows. ..."

3 Jan 2024 - The latest news on the LVMH website is about a train journey starting in July from the Austrian capital. It's announced that the journey will begin with two days of culture and gastronomy in Vienna: "Veuve Clicquot and Belmond have joined to host an exceptional journey next summer from Vienna to Reims..."

3 Jan 2024 - Music video 'Finally' by Jay-Jay Johanson

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