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16 November 2016

Fashionoffice X-Mas tip: cookies arranged as refillable star tree sculpture

Cookies with vanilla and almonds, fruit biscuits and cinnamon sweeties are favorites during the last weeks of the year. Now in the middle of November, it's the best time to start with plans around baking and how the cookies will be packed up for friends or arranged at home. Fashionoffice found a practical idea for decorating the table with two cookie-star-trees at the recently uploaded X-Mas collection by furniture, home accessories, decoration retailer Depot. The set for two Star Trees is with 9,99.- Euros a good choice; the Star Tree set can be re-used in the following years again and again. So, the set won't cause more waste at the turn of the year when people's garbage traditionally overfills the trashcans. One of this year's inspirational mottos at Depot: "Bake the world a better place"

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