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20 December 2016

Annotation on 1 May 2017: The exhibition runs from 19 May until 29 October.

Culinary hacker Carolin Schulze's 3D printed fake bunny exhibited at 'Food Revolution 5.0' at MKG Hamburg

German artist Carolin Schulze's fake bunny from a 3D printer (picture below) is one of the already announced artworks of next year's MKG Hamburg exhibition 'Food Revolution 5.0 – Design for Tomorrow's Society' from 19 May until 8 October 2017. (Annotation on 1 May 2017: The exhibition runs from 19 May until 29 October.)

Some of the upcoming 2017 exhibitions are published on; among them about magazine publishing, photography, design. But 'Food Revolution 5.0' is the show which concerns social-politically people all over the world and has the best chances to become one of the big general themes in 2017. Today, we are already reflecting upon food from many perspectives: food production is a theme of empirical researches on climate, food made of animals or the amount of meat people consume is discussed by animal rights activists as well as by health specialists, planting methods, gen-manipulation, how food is packed for the supermarket and even the way dishes are prepared and the amount of food which is wasted daily are discussions which are led with view on the next generations. Not to forget the (old and new) geopolitical crisis which have to be included when 'food' is bespoken in our times.

Now, the MKG Hamburg makes this very comprehensive theme more accessible by partitioning the exhibition content into four narratives after the food cycle: farm, market, kitchen, table. The curators are guided by the question: What's the future of our nutrition in a world where population grows while at the same time resources diminish?

fig.: Carolin Schulze 'Falscher Hase aus dem 3D-Drucker', 2014. © Carolin Schulze. On her website, artist and culinary hacker Carolin Schulze introduces into the project 'Falscher Hase – Bugs’ Bunny''; the used meat is from insects. Schulze calculates "With 10kg feedstuffs you can obtain 1kg of beef or 9kg of insect meat."

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