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5 February 2016

Osterstriezel recipe for Easter

Kenwood Austria sent a tasteful Easter image which shows an Osterstriezel (a plaited bun) how its traditionally served to coffee, tea or hot chocolate especially in the afternoon in the weeks before and during Easter here in Austria. The festive days end on Easter Monday; this year on 28 March. For sure, the Osterstriezel is placed on this picture as seducer in front of the Kenwood household machine 'KM096 Cooking Chef Major' which mixes (with different speed and various attachments for dough, mousse,..) and cooks at the same time. Some call the machine also 'Robot de Cuisine' - alone the idea of a kitchen robot is tempting! The Chef can be used for cooking - such as eggs; so the egg decoration at the image - the two in the Easter symbolizing nest and the eggs beyond at the étagère - makes sense. From this perspective it's really a meaningful picture which came together with a text about Easter lambs and rabbits with reference to the creative sculptures which can be formed from the dough appearing here as Osterstriezel (plaited bun). A common Austrian recipe for the sweet bread-like dessert (with sugar, rum, vanilla, lemon) can be found on (use the translator of your browser for the English version) with preparation video.

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