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26 April 2016

Smart cooking tips provided by dough label Tante Fanny

The Austrian fresh dough label Tante Fanny (founded 1999) is known for its varied range for smart cooking like pizza, flammkuchen or pastry; the European Food Journal lists some awards given by the German Food Association to Tante Fanny's doughs which are developed for a modern lifestyle with focus on easy cooking solutions. The doughs only have to be filled with ingredients and baked in the oven. Ideas for the composition of ingredients are published (for free) online via PDF recipe booklets. The content changes together with seasonal vegetables, fruits and situations such as at the most recent summer edition where recipes for coffee, tea or garden parties and picknicks can be found. One of the recipes is the poppy-plum jam striezl (on view below).

Additionally to the recipe booklets, Tante Fanny publishes the magazine 'Querkochen' (means as much as 'cross cooking', word creation is comparable to 'cross thinking') with culinary and food reports such as from a coffee roasting house and a yoghurt bar - both destinations are located in Vienna. Unfortunately the text, video posts are only in German because these two mentioned hot spots (one at the Prater, the other in the Inner City) are great tips and the information delivered via videos is interesting!

Photo provided by Tante Fanny; (C) Eisenhut & Mayer.

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