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spring/summer 2010

Let's talk about sunny weather!

On 17 March 2010, the weather forecast for Europe on WeatherOnline shows that spring is coming! The temperatures climb by the end of the third week of March in London and Paris to 14°, Athens 17°, Bucharest 17°, Vienna 19° (forecast for 20th March). And by taking a look at the map of North America, the weather looks on Sunday in New York pretty too: 20°.

fig.: original Some essentials for the first sun, beginning with the...

Orange BMW Cruise Bike (13,9 kg) in 70ies retro-style, release in spring 2010. The bike is inspired by the legendary BMW 1802. The car was available in the same color in the 70ies. Photo: (c) BMW AG.

Swimwear in 60ies style by Calida, SS2010. Calida has re-created the minimalistic-glamorous futuristic look of the 60ies and combined it with uniform-details.

Armwear by Pierre Lang, SS2010. The sparkling, black crystal balls are filled into clear plastic. Photo: Pierre Lang.

Body and face cream 30 SPF by Clinique, spring 2010. On, you can find some information how many minutes it takes until the sun damages the DNA and the skin.

"Any way to get a safe tan?
Clinically speaking, no. The only 'safe' tan is a non-sun tan. Fortunately, fast and easy self-tanning formulas are readily available."

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