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Short Message 29/1/2010 - Fashionoffice received a music tip: 'Shameless' by the British electronic music duo Andy Cato and Tom Findlay who call their label 'Groove Armada' with the voice of Bryan Ferry from legendary Roxy Music in down tempo melodious beat. RCRD LBL, an online record label that releases free music from emerging and established artists, writes about the track "How can a tune invoke both a smoky Parisian café glinting with the reflections of lost loves and early David Bowie? Bryan Ferry …."

Short Message 29/1/2010 - View on the "war matériel" by creating wedding dresses from parachutes from World War II US artist Allison Smith has collected impressions of gas masks from both World Wars to recreate them with fabrics and other materials. The artist questions the reliability of historical memory "…as well as the ultimate impossibility of 'authentic' reproduction". Allison Smith has included into her work even a feministic view on the "war matériel" by creating wedding dresses from parachutes from World War II. 'Needle Work' by Allison Smith runs at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum in St. Louis (US) from 5 Feb to 19 April.

Short Message 29/1/2010 - Valentine’s music tip: ‘Lovesick’ by Norwegian DJ Lindstrom and singer Christabelle is the funky-electronic-disco down beat track from the new album ‘Real Life is Cool’, released on 19 Jan 2010.

The Favicon-Logo gets Blue
The Fashionoffice favicon-logo has new colors on the Mobile Site and the Fashion Feeds. The layout and navigation of the weekly email-Trendletter by Fashionoffice are adjusted for mobile phones...

Short Message 28/1/2010 - Valentine’s music tip: 'The Sun is Down!' by Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band from the album 'Between my Head and the Sky'. Unbelievable that Yoko Ono is 76 years old. It's never too late to make good things! Since January 2010, the musician presents the winners of ‘The Sun is Down!’ remix competition on her website. Yoko Ono writes that she has chosen for the announcement "… January 7th, 2010. This is the day of Nanakusa, an old Japanese tradition of the day we free ourselves from the past year,"

What do fashionistas say about Neil Barrett's fall/winter 2010/11 collection?
Fashionoffice has looked through the new collection, searched what others say, and has asked Italian photographer Paolo Simi about his work behind the scene at Neil Barrett...

Where the users find the trendiest inspiration for the personal style
By asking where the Fashionoffice users are getting the inspiration for the personal style on- or offline, it becomes obvious that...

Journalistic media are the trend sources of online users
Fashionoffice has asked users to decide where Fashionistas get the trendiest information about fashion, design, beauty on the Internet...

Short Message 26/1/2010 - Valentine’s music tip: “Every karaoke love letter, lyrics undiscovered...” sings US, Chicago born musician Lupe Fiasco in punk-rock-rap style in the vampire/werwolf video ‚Solar Midnight’. The video is made of vintage painted nature-green and brown pictures mixed with urban metallic-steel colored asphalt and beton impressions. The title is from the soundtrack of the movie 'The Twilight Saga - New Moon' (movie released in Nov 2009). Lupe writes on Myspace: “Solar Midnite is my first commercial release that I actually produced as well as wrote. … The song basically deals with the chaotic love story that takes place between the characters.” Lupe Fiasco’s new album Lasers (stands for ‘Love Always Shines Everytime Remember 2 Smile’) comes out soon.

Short Message 25/1/2010 - Sonia and Nathalie Rykiel about femininity in fashion Fashionoffice just received the link from Stockholm based Barracuda TV for watching their new movie about the Sonia Rykiel H&M knitwear collection with mother and daughter Sonia and Nathalie Rykiel talking about femininity in fashion and their passion for knitwear. Find out more about Sonia Rykiel's approach to fashion and beauty on

The international 'hot spots' in fashion
Since 2008, Fashionoffice asks users to vote for five Fashion Cities (New York, Paris, London, Milano, Tokyo). In the years before, the list contained more city names like Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Stockholm or Vienna; these cities are interesting for the users too, but they are not counting to the international 'hot spots' in fashion...

Short Message 25/1/2010 - Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz's catwalk tip: Maison Martin Margiela fall/winter 2010/11, 23rd January, Paris. "I understand not a word what the producer of the video from the catwalk presentation is talking about, but I think she is not only commenting the fashion of the men's models. Even her camera is sometimes more fixated on a man in the audience than on the show. By the way: the Brazilian (?) Ana Clara Garmenida shows also on her website a good taste in men's look."

The favorite men's style is more simple and casual
The importance of the 'Simple'-style grows stronger than any other men's style during the most recent Styletrends-survey. Fashionoffice has asked fashion and beauty addicted online users...

Short Message 24/1/2010 - Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz's catwalk tip: Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2010/11 at the catwalk on 21st Jan 2010 in Paris. "It's not only that Louis Vuitton is inspired by the art movement from the city where I am born - the Vienna Secessionists were exploring new possibilities of artistic expression and believed that a society must allow art its freedom - I simply like the Egon Schiele inspired vintage-Dandy-look." Godfrey Deeny cites in Fashion Wire Daily Vuitton’s men’s designer Paul Helbers: "Today’s laptop workplace has blurred the boundaries between tailoring and casual pieces."

The mobile phone becomes increasingly the 'outdoor computer'
Since 2003 Fashionoffice researches the most important trends by asking users online on Styleradar and Beautyradar. During the last Styleradar-survey, online fashionistas were asked for the first time even if web or gaming can be counted to the trendiest extra usage of the mobile phone...

Short Message 22/1/2010 - Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid history professor The media critical movie 'Double Take' (2009, directed by Johan Grimonprez, story Tom McCarthy) with the role 'Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid history professor' is on world tour: in January at the Sundance Film Festival in US, followed by Canada, in February in Belgium, The Netherlands, Florida, etc. to name a few. The magazine 'Art in America' writes in its May 2009 issue : "THINK AGAIN. With Double Take, Johan Grimonprez extends his exploration of the mirror worlds of news and entertainment, using Alfred Hitchcock – and his doubles – as suitably duplicitous guides."

The contemporary man
In mid-January 2010, fashion magazines worldwide are reporting from the men's shows in Milan; and so will Fashionoffice and joins the report-marathon. Fashionoffice asks: if style is the product of a holistic view on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, what's the concept of the contemporary man?

Short Message 20/1/2010 - Men’s Fashion in the video ‚Gangs of London’ - Fashionoffice just received from photographer Alexander James and the Distil Ennui-team the information about the new video about the 'Gangs of London' shooting with fashion by the Londoner tailor and former Givenchy (2003 – 2007) creative director Ozwald Boateng and the British brand Social Suicide. The photo shoot has a critical theme on political power, the banking scene, and dictatorship. Social Suicide are publishing on their website that the suits from the 'Dictators of Fashion' collection are inspired from the 20th century political heroes and tyrants: "Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, Benito Mussolini, Nelson Mandela, Chairman Mao, General Kalashnikov, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro. Ten characters, Ten cuts, Ten stories; all with incredible detailing, beautiful handwork, leather trims and delicate embroidery." For the ones who want go deeper into the theme style and men's fashion: on you can watch Ozwald Boateng speaking about 'Why Style Matters'. He dresses up celebrities like Jude Law or Will Smith.

Short Message 20/1/2010 - Valentine’s music tip: 'Cosmic Love' is a track from the album ‘Lungs’ (number 1 in the UK album charts in the week of 19th Jan) by the British soul inspired singer Florence Welch from ‘Florence and the Machine’. The video shows her performing the song with a guitarist in the Discover Studios in November 2009. Hearing Florence and The Machine evokes the impression as if Kate Bush is dancing to the music of the White Stripes, cooled down by Tom Waits-Nick Cave sounds, with a touch of Bjork's eccentricity. On her website is published that: “Everything is about boys!” she laughs. “The whole album is about love – and pain. People see my lyrics as crazy, but to me it’s an honest, heartfelt album. I didn’t set out to be wacky. I just want it to be emotive.” The musician is nominated for Best Female, Best Album (for 'Lungs') and Breakthrough Artist at this year’s Brit Awards. Florence and The Machine will perform live at the Brit Awards Ceremony on 16th February.

Long trousers don't make a bright boy; Office Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
Once, I was interviewed by a journalist about office fashion - not Fashionoffice - I really mean fashion in the office. She has asked me about the key trends from the 50ies up to the 00s and if creativity depends on clothes, etc...

Geographical data of Fashionoffice
Traffic from US grew from 23.27% to 40.81% while Quantcast tracks fewer users from the Asian countries Korea, China, India on Fashionoffice...

Fashion and music in punk-Afro style
...the punk-Congolese pop music opera 'more more more... future' and dance performance with costumes by the Paris based designer and fashion recycler Xuly Bet...

Short Message 17/1/2010 - Valentine’s music tip: ‘Soldier of Love’ by the Grammy awarded UK-Nigerian funk-soul singer Sade, title track from the new album (release 8 Feb).

Fashion, art, music influenced by the reality-simulation of media
Miyo Yoshida (UK artist who was recently selected for the Catlin Art Prize 2010) uses in her installation 'The Void' pieces like the book 'Media Control' from Noam Chomsky, a Louis Vuitton bag, the Jack Kerouac novel 'On The Road', a football, Chanel makeup, an Apple iphone, the Sex Pistols album 'Never Mind The Bollocks', etc...

Short Message 16/1/2010 - Valentine's music tip: "I'm writing this to you in reverse... I wanna show you how I love you" sings Britt Daniel from the indie-rock band 'Spoon' (formed 1993) from Texas in 'Written in Reverse', the first single from the new album 'Transference'. The album (comes out on 19 Jan) can be pre-ordered on the bands site ; 'Written in Reverse' is already available on iTunes. Spoon starts their tour on Valentine's Day (14 Feb) in Glasgow, 15 Feb Manchester, followed by London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Texas, Washington...

Short Message 15/1/2010 - “But the way that I feel about you is beyond words - Valentine’s music tip: ‘In a manner of speaking…’ by Tuxedomoon. On the video you can see Winston Tong singing. He had joined Tuxedomoon early after two electronic music students from the San Francisco City College have founded the band in 1977. The video is a great document for the beginning of electronic music in the post-punk/new wave era. Tuxedomoon has recorded the albums ‘Half Mute’ 1980 and ‘Desire’ 1981 at the prominent Ralph Records, owned by the avant-garde formation ‘The Residents' which released even music videos with political impact.

Short Message 14/1/2010 - The artist’s creations of textiles that make sound - video interview The Chicago based performance artist Nick Cave (he and the Australian musician Nick Cave from The Bad Seeds have the same name) creates his 'Soundsuits' from textiles and costumes in a modern dance performance. The sounds are developed from the textiles in movement. From 10 Jan – 30 May the Fowler Museum in California exhibits thirty-five of his 'Soundsuits'. The costumes, mostly with animal imagery, evoke with the nature-ritual alike performance a spiritual impression. "While conjuring the spiritual strength and power of animal totems used in ancient rituals from around the world, Cave's Soundsuits also become vessels of transformation, and seek to connect us to the earth and the animals around us. Using wit and humor and a fanciful sensibility, Cave's Soundsuits beg us to pay attention and to dream of a different future." writes the Fowler Museum about the exhibition 'Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth'.

Short Message 14/1/2010 - Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey invites by video to the live show on 16 Jan from Milan Burberry is a pioneer of taking the Social Media risk of letting comment the shows by users. The Burberry SS2010 catwalk presentation (on 22 Sept in London; Fashionoffice article from Oct 2009 was groundbreaking in Social Media history: at the catwalk after-party video screens served party-comments from social media sites; a blogging suite was set up to blog directly from the party. The real time show from Milan (men FW10) can be viewed on or through Twitter or Facebook.

The scheme for Mr. Valentine
Question: What is love on the first sight? Answer: When his look fits into your scheme. Question: What is a scheme? Answer: This is very...

Short Message 13/1/2010 - 'Rebellion of the mountain' - The 1st Viennese Poacher’s Ball happens on 13th Feb at the Ottakringer brewery The poachers’ shady tradition makes this ball special. Guest speaker at the ball is Dr. Roland Girtler, the well-known Austrian sociologist, cultural anthropologist and professor at the University of Vienna. During the night of the 13th February, he will bring light into the ‘shady’ legend of the poachers from the Alps of Austria and Bavaria who have broken the law and forced the reigning noble society to get own hunting rights. Roland Girtler cites an old saying from the Alps which means as much as that a boy who has not poached, is not allowed to visit a girl by night. To get the right look for that night, scene-figaro Erich Joham makes the hair and face directly at the ball (poachers have blackened faces). The dress-code is easy: women wear the traditional costume from the Alps, the dirndl, men leather pants and alpine boots; but in a more bold fashion than usual! The ‘poachers’ on the ball can fill their pans with goodies by the Viennese star-chef de cuisine Reinhard Gerer. The stage will be heated up by several prominent regional stars; one of them is Zabine Kapfinger (on you can get an impression from the musical style; the video shows Zabine yodelling with Hubert von Goisern). Tickets for the Poacher’s Ball (Wildererball are available on or You can try to win 2 tickets by sending an email to gruener (et) Short Message by author Lisa Grüner.

Short Message 13/1/2010 - Fashionoffice just received a music tipp: ‘Dakar Moon is a mix of flamenco guitars and modern instruments by the Senegalese singer and guitarist Baaba Maal. The video premiered on MSN music and was AOL’s ‘Video of the Day’ on 11th Jan. The track is from the album ‘Television’.

Textile works that spot on women at a place in Vienna
...the second part of the exhibition, the 'Behüteten' (the 'protected'), tells about women "from another world". They are simply standing or sitting on turntables. Margit Czák's women are turning like the roundabouts in the district's famous entertainment park Prater...

A space where conventions can be broken; Sport Style SS2010
The forest, its woods and berries are the inspiring sources for the designers of the new spring/summer beauty and fashion collections in urban sport style...

Short Message 12/1/2010 - Afrobeat legend Tony Allen is on world tour with the new album ‘Secret Agent In February/March the Nigerian born, currently in Paris based drummer Tony Allen will tour with the album ‘Secret Agent’ in France, Poland, Portugal… He has written the album songs in Paris and travelled to Afrika to mix the voices from the singers. Tony Allen collaborates with other musicians like Charlotte Gainsbourg for ‚5:55’, or Damon Albarn (known form the rock band Blur and the virtual band Gorillaz), Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Paul Simonon (The Clash) who have worked together with Tony Allen on the album ‘The Good, the Bad & the Queen’ (2007); the album was soon high-ranked in the charts. A special documentary provides behind the scene views on the production of the 'Secret Agent' with the musician's own words and statements by Damon Albarn and Flea.

Short Message 11/1/2010 - Another view on Valentine’s Day! The Gallery Fúcares (Spain) presents the work ‘Fragmentos de un discurso’ by Javier Pividal (born 1971) about the construction of identity, the body and its images, the concept of portrait, the skin… by referring to an essay from Roland Barthes about love, what love is, how it can be experienced and defined. Pividal’s photography, graphics, and videos are inspired by Barthes’ ‘A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments' (1977) about the foundations of the subject and love as a fact. (By the way: The French writer and semiotic Roland Barthes has contributed with ‘The Fashion System’ one of the most important analysis of fashion in the last century.) Probably the exhibition (runs until 20th February) serves for the Valentine’s Day addicted another view on the day of love; or a nice book tipp for a Valentine's gift.

A gigantic installation for children by Japanese filmmaker Beat Takeshi Kitano in Paris
The Japanese superstar Beat Takeshi Kitano (TV celebrity, painter, filmmaker, actor in films like Robert Longo's 'Johnny Mnemonic') says about his approach to the exhibition which he 'designed for children but speaks to adults': "With this exhibition, I was attempting to expand the definition of 'art', to make it less official, less conventional, less snobby, more casual."...

Short Message 11/1/2010 - Funny statements by children about Yinka Shonibare's work Video documentary about the work of Yinka Shonibare at the Newark Museum, the use of African textiles in Victorian era dresses, the dolls' heads etc. with funny statements by children! The artist is on view in Spain at the CGAC (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, 15 Jan - 21 March, The CGAC has collected artists for an exhibition about today’s Dandysme with the subtitle ‘From Shop Window Mannequin to Media Star’. Three dandies that have strongly influenced the 19th/20th century are leading the curators’ concept: the mannequin George Brummel (he has objectified himself by placing his counterfeit into the window of his club), the word-designer Charles Baudelaire (after Le Figaro has published Charles Baudelaire's essay 'The Painter of Modern Life' in 1863, the term ‘dandy’ went from being a noun to an adjective), the Narcissus Oscar Wilde (became in late 19th century a media star and the inspirational source for artists). The CGAC has selected artists like John Bock, Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, or Yinka Shonibare.

Short Message 10/1/2010 - Ben Westbeech plays live at a fashion-model-party in Vienna The roomservice at the Planetarium in Vienna announces the next fashion-model party with the musicians Ben Westbeech - who plays live, Rodney Hunter, and Klaus Waldeck on 23 January. Sounds like a relaxed party! Watch the video ‘So Good Today’ from Ben Westbeech and get a pre-impression from the event.

Short Message 9/1/2010 - The body as a carrier of national identity The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago shows from 26 to 28 February the newest work of Akram Khan (b. 1974 in London into a Bengali family) with the title 'bahok' which means in Bengali ‘carrier’. In the video you can take a look at the rehearsals and hear the choreographer speaking about choosing the stage of a theatre for his exploration of the body as a carrier of national identity and a sense of belonging.

Jewellery that promotes the use of the jungles in a sustainable way
The founder of the South American jewellery label Asta International has sent information about her products in Colombian design. Fashionoffice questions: Are you the designer of the pieces?

Short Message 8/1/2010 - Music playlist by a textile and costume addicted artist British born Nigerian multimedia artist Yinka Shonibare is known for using in his installations Victorian era dresses made from atypical fabrics (brightly colored, wax-printed cloths from African batiks which he gets on a market in London). Now, Yinka Shonibare publishes his playlist with musicians like Fela Kuti, Guiseppe Verdi… on the website of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art/Washington where his work is exhibited until 7 March. The mix of the 19th century Verdi with original afrobeat from Nigerian Fela Kuti fits best to the idea of his art. (Fashionoffice article about Yinka Shonibare's work, March 2009)

Short Message 8/1/2010 - The esthetics of Iranian art in fashion Video-interview by TVartween with the Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri whose work attracts with comic sceneries in pop-art appeal of the 60ies, decorated with Arabic elements. The French fashion magazine teasers in its current newsletter the report ‘Silly You. Silly Me” about the work of Iranian artist Farhad Moshiri (b. 1963) who has studied art in California. His work is about living in a traditional and at the same time globalized world. Fascineshion editor in chief Sabine Morandi’s artful video begins with a view on the writing ‘Life is Beautiful’ made of knifes. She states: “Farhad Moshiri has created a new series of paintings made of beads embroidery and acrylic painting; the subjects are sometimes falsely childish as if escaped from a cartoon or a fairy tale. The artist is inviting us to go through the mirror of appearance.”

Modepalast's reminder to apply until 10th January
On 7th January, Modepalast, the exhibition for fashion, jewelry and accessories, reminded by email that there are three days left to send your application for the next fair during April in Vienna. Fashionoffice asked the organizers about green fashion, the masterminds behind Modepalast's green idea, if it's the first time that the Modepalast spots on 'Green'...

Short Message 7/1/2010 - Ethical Fashion Show on tour Just received a 'Bonne année à tous' email from the staff of 'Universal Love', the Paris based organizers of the 'Ethical Fashion Show' which are traveling this year with collections from designers who care about environement and cultural skills to Milan (1-3 March). 'Regardez le reportage de l'Ethical Fashion Show 2009' with interviews, views on the catwalk and at the booths!

Illustrating ecological consciousness for kids
"I want people to disappear into the sometimes surrealistic world that I create," says the Swedish illustrator Beata Boucht on occasion of her work for HM's first art collection for kids. Her Alice-in-Wonderland alike characters are stepping in leggings and ballerina pumps through a world of over-dimensional flowers and funny creatures...

Short Message 7/1/2010 - ‘Like A Fading Rainbow’ by Jenny Wilson from the album ‘Hardships!’ The song (released 2009) from the Swedish singer/songwriter with the glassy and at the same time gospel-deep voice was found on the search for Beata Boucht, the illustrator of the ArtBy girl collection SS2010 by H&M and illustrator of the video for Jenny Wilson’s song ‘A Hesitating Cloud Of Despair’ from the album ‘Love And Youth’. reports that music journalists ranked ‘Love and Youth’ as one of the best Swedish albums of the year (2005).

Short Message 7/1/2010 - ‘Funnel of Love’ by Wanda Jackson Third Man Records, founded by Jack White in Detroit in 2001, announces the release of two songs with Wanda Jackson. “In an era when rock and roll and rockabilly was dominated by men, Jackson was a groundbreaker who more than held her own with a ripping voice like no other and hard-headed songs about no-nonsense female protagonists.” Wanda Jackson’s cover songs from Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I'm No Good’ and Johnny Kidd and the Pirates classic rocker ‘Shakin' All Over’ are produced by Jack White in his own studio, available on vinyl and iTunes on 26 January. Listen in the meanwhile ‘Funnel of Love’ on Jackson’s myspace site to get an impression from her rock-and-roll-country voice!

A unified world reflected in makeup
New York based MAC Cosmetics presents the new makeup look entitled with the label's motto 'All races, all sexes, all ages' as respond to a world that is more unified than ever before...

Short Message 6/1/2010 - Textiles made by ‚chattering’ women in Pakistan on travelling tour The Australian designer Cath Braid (Central St Martins School trained) creates fashion under the brand name 'Polly&me' together with her sister Ange Braid. The siblings are working with over 400 women in Pakistan to produce textiles for women’s accessories like handbags. Since 2009, the textile exhibition ‘Gup Shup’ (means as much as ‘informal chit-chat and gossip’) travels from Pakistan to Australia and now in the beginning of 2010 to Dubai. On the International Women’s Day (8 March), ‘Gup Shup’ will be exhibited in partnership with the Bradford University in UK. The bags are available at the XVA Gallery and the Showcase Gallery in Dubai. Find out more about the designers and the project by reading the Fashionoffice article 'Gup Shup' from June 2009.

Short Message 5/1/2010 - Video for men’s fashion The fashion video by Joost Vandebrug for the men’s wear label ‘Ado Les Scents’ by the Korean designer Hyun Yeu shows young men in playful sceneries wearing suits with short trousers. Hyun Yeu who graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, will present his new FW2010/11 collection ‘Adolescents in the rain’ on 31 January 2010 at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (27 – 31 Jan). Schedule and details on

Short Message 5/1/2010 - The ghostrockers Mio Myo on a balcony in Hamburg The four musicians from the band Mio Myo are playing a track from their new CD at degrees of frost on the balcony of the video channel over snowy Hamburg. You can read an interview with Mio Myo on

Health and beauty strategies for 2010
Skin folds appear sooner after bad nutrition or a lack of sleep. The fairy tale-character Cinderella for example went home early - before 12 o'clock. You can read the Brothers Grimm story from this perspective too. Especially if you consider that the German brothers work on old legends which had in former times educational functions to pass on tipps from one generation to the other by telling entertaining stories...

Short Message 1/1/2010 - Music tip from the luxury group LVMH Palm d’Or/Cannes Festival 2009 awarded French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg in the scurrile video for the track 'Heaven Can Wait' from 'IRM', the cooperative album with US musician Beck, is a music-tip from the recently released media product ‘Nowness’ from LVMH which represents with editorially content the world of the luxury group. Trés chic!

What happens at the designer's gallery in the Crucifix Lane?
In December 2009, in Teheran (Iran) born and in Paris and New York educated Pierre Garroudi has sent Fashionoffice some news from his Gallery at the Crucifix Lane in London ...

Fashionoffice tracked by Google Analytics, Quantcast, and Alexa in Dec 2009
Alexa is measuring the data of Fashionoffice on Alexa toolbars and collects them from diverse traffic data sources. Therefore, Alexa is a good mean to control the usage of a website in addition to Quantcast and Google Analytics which are both measuring the traffic with tags that are installed on Fashionoffice's webpages...

Why have bags Italian male names?
The bags from the Lena Erziak spring/summer 2010 collection have men's names like Alessandro, Luigi or Romeo. Why have the designers chosen Italian men's names?

The world of men
"Adventures can not be controlled" says Ewan McGregor...

Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz; January 2010
I wish all readers of Fashionoffice a Happy New Year 2010! Keep your good taste and stay connected with Fashionoffice! The January Fashionoffice Insight is about Journalism and Social Media in 2009 and 2010; FTC's new guidelines that affect also bloggers, The New York Times about Anna Wintour and bloggers in the front row, Sportswear International's 'Editor's Letter' with the title 'Work of the Devil?'...

Three ideas to the Zeitgeist 2010
For Sebastian, the Australian now in Paris living model and musician Micky Green represents the 'Who's Next?' visionary style made of individuality, talent and courage...

Fashion and music video director Saam Farahmand's new video with vocals by Beth Ditto
Saam Farahmand has directed the movie 'Ghost' for Alexander McQueen/Puma FW2009, brought the words of Hercules and Love Affair for the track 'Blind' into motion, and is now bespoken once again intensively on the internet. What’s shocking on a wilful disorientation or a sapphic orgy?

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