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spring/summer 2010

Customized apparel around people's genetics

In Feb 2010, the US design concept label 'Identity Apparel', founded by Dylan Ferguson and Aram Melkoumov, has sent information about its three lines which are showing individuals' personality signs such as DNA line, fingerprint, or a kiss on clothing, especially t-shirts that can be customized online. According to Identity Apparel, this concept is a worldwide premiere.

The founders Dylan and Aram have met at Ryerson University and graduated from the Ted Rogers School of Management with a Major in Entrepreneurship in 2009.

Question: "Why are identity marks like the personal DNA line or ones own fingerprints on t-shirts fashionable in our times? Both are much more than personal because they can not be changed. Has it something to do with the fact ‘I am what I am’? What’s the idea behind."

Dylan Ferguson, co-founder of Identity Apparel: "We started this company because Aram and I noticed that people try to wear fashions that represent them. Each individual buys clothing to represent who they are, so we decided why not allow the customers to actually wear who they are. This clothing line takes the basic essence of the individual and turns it into an attractive and unique garment. Each customer knows that they are the only person to own that shirt. Meaning no other shirt will be the same as theirs. This shows the customer how unique their identity truly is."

fig.: Organic long sleeve with DNA on a 'Tree of Life' print, spring/summer 2010. The DNA line shows small segments of the wearers' own genetic code.

Question: "The third line shows kissing lips. They are in comparison to the two other lines – DNA and fingerprint – visible personal signs and can be changed by cosmetic surgery. Why are you dedicating this line especially to women?"

Dylan Ferguson: "We dedicated the kiss line to women for 2 reasons’. The first is that a women’s kiss imprint is a sign of femininity and is unique to that individual. Every line or mark in her kiss imprint holds a story about who she is. The second reason is that a kiss imprint has been a symbol of sexiness for quite some time and every woman’s kiss is sexy. You don’t have to change who you are to be desirable. By wearing her kiss it shows how unique and attractive she is."

Find the detailed description how they are taking the DNA, the kissing lips or the fingerprints on the website

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