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Pink Punk Style

Breaking the rules is one of the characteristics of Punks, which had been once a subculture group. Through the years it became fashionable to overtake the dress code of the social outsiders who have protested against the establishment in the 1970ies.

In 2010, the Punk style is once again fashionable but with another look; or in other words: the meaning is the same, but the means to express have changed. The cultivation of an own identity and world of living requires outfits that are mixed without regard of perfectly fitting styles but with regard to break the common rules.

The comfortable hooded sweater is combined with luxurious seductive lingerie, natural cosmetics are no contradiction to elegant fruity perfumes, and the girlish pink internet technology is a welcome contradiction to the boyish blue trousers.

fig.: original beginning with the woman on the bike, dressed in...

Agent Provocateur, SS2010. In Feb 2010, Agent Provocateur presented the new campaign showing women in different sceneries: the biking lady in the pink-red flowers on black lingerie is named 'Damsella', another one is 'Miss Anatomic Bomb' where you have to search for the lingerie - and if you find it, unbelievable that this is already 'lingerie' - and this has nothing to do with the dynamite she holds in her hand. The thematic sceneries are standing for the collections of the new season. The images are accompanying the presentation of the pieces online on

Obviously, Agent Provocateur's preferences for 'provocative' advertising is developed from the creative idea of a playful body consciousness that targets on the impact it can provoke, such as the video on this page proves. The video is named on various websites the 'classical Agent Provocateur ad'.

Video: The Agent Provocateur ad with Kylie Minogue riding on a red-velvet bull and music by 'The Hives' is originally from 2001 and was banned from the British TV. In November 2009, it ranked in the viral charts online as the best ever celebrity viral ad with up more than 350 million hits on YouTube such as the Mirror wrote: "Third most popular was US President Barack Obama's Yes We Can song, featuring Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, Scarlett Johansson and other stars, which was viewed 32 million times."

The Agent Provocateur style is replicable by looking behind the scenes of the lingerie label that was co-founded in 1994 by Joseph Corré who is the son of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistols' ex-manager, Malcolm McLaren.

Hooded jacket by Alpha Industries SS2010 in lilac with a white print showing the product name 'Alpha Athl. Dept.' on the front. The number 59 signifies the year, the company was founded by Alan Cirker in 1959 in Tennessee.

Jeans in new straight fit by Levi's, SS2010. Photo: (C) Andreas Achmann

Moisturizing facial care by Bioemsan, seen in Feb 2010 on; the website offers an extensive Questions & Answers service in English for the products such as what is lanolin or Manju. The Austrian label (founded 2004) has an holistic approach to beauty. In September 2009, Fashionoffice was invited to a seminar about cosmetics and healthy nutrition with the title 'Beauty from In- and Outside'.

'Asus Eee PC 1008PGo KR' netbook for mobile internet usage with the rubberized 'Digi-Wave Design' by Karim Rashid, seen in Feb 2010 on

New York based designer Karim Rashid works for clients such as Alessi, Georg Jensen, Umbra, Prada, Miyake ... His designs are collected by museums worldwide including MoMA and SFMoMA. On his website, Karim Rashid publishes a manifesto which begins as follows: "Today poetic design is based on a plethora of complex criteria: human experience, social behaviors, global, economic and political issues, physical and mental interaction, form, vision, and a rigorous understanding and desire for contemporary culture. ..."

Betty Barclay 'In Love', seen in Feb 2010.

Pinot Noir ankle boots from the FW2010/11 collection of the Spanish label Neosens. The design is inspired by the earth of La Rioja where the famous Spanish wine and the Neosens' boots are coming from. The heels have the form of a vine stock and leaves are decorating the upper leather.

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