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spring/summer 2010

The bikini flight-season in Europe begins in mid-April!

Traveling in April and May to the beaches nearby Nice, Cannes, Palermo, Rimini, Mykonos or where ever the next destination is around 2 flight hours away, means to pack swimwear and rain clothes.

fig.: original clockwise, beginning with the...

White 'Ocean' bikini and neon-orange 'Merengue' set by the Austrian underwear brand Palmers SS2010. Photos: (C) Palmers.

Transparent-yellow 'Darani' bag by the Belgium headquartered label Kipling, SS2010. The bag has an extra pocket for the mobile phone and other necessities which should not get wet from the blanket or the bikinis.

'Creativity' is the name of the yellow beauty bag by Kipling, SS2010.

Travel set (3x10ml) with face care by Veld's, seen in spring 2010 :

Semi-transparent polyester rain coat by the Austrian design label Liniert, SS2010. The hooded coat is the product of the designers' thoughts about 'nature' and 'non-nature' and why mainly nature is imitated by artists. The designers of Liniert, the Viennese architect Christian Kollarovits and the Barcelona born fashion designer Ivon Gasque, question if what is served as 'nature' - such as cotton or silk - is always 'good'.

White polyester/rayon dress with a print by Mark Englert from the Beata Dirycz SS2010 collection.
Photo: Nick Lovell,

In February, Fashionoffice had contact with the US design label 'Beata Dirycz'. Beata Dirycz was born in Poland, moved to Germany, later to Canada, where she went to school.

Question: Where is the base of the label 'Beata Dirycz'?

Beata Dirycz: "As of August 2009, Beata Dirycz relocated the label down to Los Angeles following five years of business in Toronto, Canada and it has greatly expanded since."

The designer produces the pieces in human-friendly companies (sweatshop free) in Los Angeles. At this time, the label already sells in stores in North America and is on the way to expand to Europe and Asia. The spring/summer 2010 collection shows artwork by artist Mark Englert.

Question: Is Mark Englert the same on

Beata Dirycz: "Mark Englert's website is He is actually my husband and is a comic book artist. I just love his work and we wanted to collaborate on something that would combine both of our worlds together." 

Question: What is printed on the pieces: faces, rainbow-psychodelics, plants…? Please tell something about the idea of the prints.  

Beata Dirycz:
"The inspiration for this collection was based around fish and freckles. I sat down with him and he drew what I explained and envisioned. He drew a face of a woman with freckles, and then her hair is made out of fish, which are visible if you look closely. He also drew fish on their own that you will see on some dresses and swimwear. We had wanted to collaborate on something for a while, and it was a great opportunity to do so, to make the collection more interesting and unique, which also made it more personal." 

Is the circle a signature of this collection like on the white dress? Is the dress made of jersey cotton?

Beata Dirycz: "The circle cut out is definitely a signature of the collection. The dress is made out of 80% Polyester, 20% Rayon. It is a very soft, lightweight fabric."

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