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spring 2010

Health and beauty strategies for 2010

In the beginning of January, many are trying to change their life to get healthier or more beautiful in the next year. Especially to loose the kilos from the excessive days in late December. Valentine's Day on 14th February seems to be for many women the key date to 'update' their appearance.

Fashionoffice gets many releases about possible strategies to become more beautiful: one of them is liposuction to loose kilos without doing anything. Also very common are Botox or hyaluron injections to smooth the face from skin folds which appear sooner after bad nutrition or a lack of sleep.

The fairy tale-character Cinderella for example went home early - before 12 o'clock. You can read the Brothers Grimm story from this perspective too. Especially if you consider that the German brothers work on old legends which had in former times educational functions to pass on tipps from one generation to the other by telling entertaining stories.

Alongside to the cost extensive and mostly painful strategies of beauty surgery - remember the stepsisters of Cinderella who have cutted their feets for fitting into Cinderella's shoe to marry the Prince - natural methods lead to very good results; probably much better results because the intelligent combination of nutrition, skin care and lifestyle has long-lastingly effects.

'Beauty begins within' is a motto that was discovered many years ago from the beauty industry for new health supplements and food extracts in cosmetics. In the last years, the producers focused strongly on red and blue berries which are rich on vitamin C. It also helps to eat the berries in original form. They only have one problem: they have to be cooled to stay fresh.

fig.: clockwise original

Refrigerator in funky color from the Retro Collection by Gorenje, launched at the end of November 2009. The new 'Retro Collection' belongs to the company's 'Design Line'. The retro freezers are freestanding interior objects. The designers' aim was to create old looking, high-tech refrigerators in the colors inspired from international catwalks with a cheeky appeal that decorate the home space 'cool'.

Deep Cleansing Tonic from the PurDerm series of DadoSens. The series of natural ingredients is for blemished skin and helps to prevent pimples or inflammations. In December 2009, the German label has re-launched its packaging; the content stays the same. The label is part of the Börlind Group, founded by the herbal cosmetologist Annemarie Börlind. On occasion of the brand's 50th anniversary, Fashionoffice has published in August 2009 an interview with Annemarie Börlind: 'A natural cosmetic pioneer who fled from East Germany'.

Bracelet by N.oor. In December 2009, the label N.oor by the Lebanese jewellery designer Noor Fares premiered with a collection that stages universal love and happiness symbols from different cultures and times as modern sculptures for the hands and neck. Fashionoffice has looked closer at the work of designer Noor Fares: 'Jewellery design inspired by Middle Eastern heritage'.

Valentine's Day lingerie set and stockings by Intimissimi, spring/summer 2010.

Shoes in typical 'United Nude' architectural design, December 2009. On 22 October 2009, the shoe brand United Nude opened its flagship store in Amsterdam. Co-founder of the brand is architect Rem D Koolhaas, a born Amsterdamer, who is the Creative Director of United Nude. Flagship stores in Shanghai and New York are planned.

Scarf from the 'Hearts Collection' by Burberry, spring/summer 2010.

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