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The idea of a writer packed into a scent

'Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.' William S. Burroughs

In February 2010, the Italian fashion house Etro presented the fragrance 'Relent' that was inspired by the quote from the American novelist William S. Burroughs.

'Relent' - a mix of lemon, orange, musk, amber, vanilla... for a refreshing relaxation - is from the new fragrance collection by the Milanese label Etro. It has tradition at Etro that each scent - which can be worn alone or in an individual mix - the 'Etro scent layering', has a story behind. The idea of mixing the scents comes from Etro's fashion style which represents a mix of different cultures in one outfit. For 'Relent', the ideas and images of William S. Burroughs and Paul Gauguin had been re-mixed into a bottle.

Already in 2009, the Etro fragrance collection was accompanied by texts and images in an arrangement so that the reader can play with the own imagination. The articles contained information about the meaning, the history and the main scent's role in the olfactory story with a cooking-recipe alike ingredient list for each scent and most interesting: the inspiring source; such as one scent that was inspired by the Bluebells - the flowers as well as the dance company from the Lido in Paris 2009/etro4-2009.php. Etro is following its concept when it combines differing inspiring sources like a French painter and an American novelist for 'Relent'.

Since 2009, Fashionoffice has received several announcements from exhibitions and events that spot closer on the American novelist William S. Burroughs (died 1997) - the author of the cult-book 'Naked Lunch', and his influence on contemporary art and popular culture. Probably because his style to produce art pre-reflected the online-generation such as he once has represented the Beat Generation.

Video: William S. Burroughs in 'Mash up' style reading Jim Morrison's poem 'Is Everybody In' (on the album 'Stoned Immaculate', released 2000) over loops from original Doors recordings and new material. Or, on Laurie Anderson's track 'Sharkey's Night' (album 'Mr Heartbreak', 1984) you can listen him speaking. As experimental writer he has worked in 'Cut Ups' about the production of new meaning by cutting pages of books, newspapers and bringing them together again. He was an early social media(l)list!

fig.: original Women's Jeans Style, beginning with the woman, wearing the...

'Pure white' blouse of easy-care finished poplin stretch with folds in front which are opening very feminine over the belly by Seidensticker, fall/winter 2010/11.

'Relent' by Etro premieres in March/April 2010. Etro, founded as a textile company 1968 which produced later additionally clothing for men, women, leather goods, and accessories, creates since 1989 fragrances.

Handcrafted denim lamp by G-Star, 2010. Jeans were one of the first machine-made trousers. In 2003, G-Star has launched the 'Handcrafted' concept. The idea was to produce made denim jeans (20 hours of work by hand) in the tradition of gentlemen’s fitters in London with the handwriting of the true tailor. Part of the concept is the 'G-Star Handcrafted Objects' series. The lamp, a chair, mixer, etc. are used at fashion shows, events, and for dressing up the shop windows; the denim objects are not for sale.

'Rebel Love' high heel wedges in maritime-sportive white-blue style, spring/summer 2010, seen at


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