Micky Green for Mango
spring 2011

On 17 February 2011, Spanish fashion label Mango (more than 1.700 stores in 102 countries) presented the new pure and partly maritime designs for spring 2011 with musician and fashion icon Micky Green in the starring role. Micky Green posed in front of the camera of Barcelona based photographer Nico whose name is mentioned online in relation to glam-glossy magazines like Harper's Bazaar or Vogue.

fig. original:

It's the first time that Mango collaborates with the Australian born, in Paris living Micky Green. She started her career as fashion model until she met French producer and sound engineer Renaud Letang, known for his work for Feist, Gonzales, Peaches, Bjork, or Mocky. With Letang, she has elaborated in the meanwhile two albums, the most recent one is 'Honky Tonk'.

Video: 'Ouba' by Micky Green from the album 'Honky Tonk' (2010).

Source: Original article with image and video on http://www.fashionoffice.org/music/2011/mickygreen2-2011.htm.

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