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31/7/2010 - Music tip: Snoop Dogg's 'Drop It Like It’s Hot' covered by British/gypsy Neon Hitch
Some compare her with MIA and Nelly Furtado, but Kate Bush with a touch of punky pop fits as well. On MTV, following description of Neon Hitch's music can be found "'trash(ed)-pop.' It's extravagant, punky, genre-hopping party music." Snoop Dogg loved her version of 'Drop It Like It’s Hot' that he re-tweeted it to his 1.6 million followers. Fashionoffice received the music tip with a hyperlink to a BBC documentary showing her as a young girl with her parents traveling around as street performers and circus artists. In the meanwhile Neon Hitch is grown up and made her experiences as roommate of Amy Winehouse and in the music industry. Neon Hitch has collaborated already with musicians like Imogen Heap and Sia. At this time, she is working with producer Benny Blanco (Santigold, Katy Perry, Britney Spears) on her debut album 'Beg, Borrow, and Steal' (Warner Brothers, 2011).

Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, August 2010
Postcards and tweets have one in common: they are written in the consciousness that a wider public can read it. This makes the texts on Twitter as 'harmless' for the privacy of the sender and recipient like postcard-writings. Fashionoffice has...

Colors for 2010/11 by makeup artists
In July 2010, the new makeup collections for fall had been sent. Fashionoffice looked closer at the ideas of the Creative Directors at Estée Lauder, Lancôme, Burberry and found out that even some remarks to the history of communication can be chronicled alongside to their work...

29/7/2010 - Dior Homme, starring Jude Law, directed by Guy Ritchie, music by Muse
Just received the teasers for the new campaign of Dior Homme. Jude Law comes out of a hotel, dressed in a black suit and starts the engine of a sportscar. The video is directed by Guy Ritchie, music by Muse (Exogenesis: Symphony). It's the third teaser of the campaign which comes out on 3rd August. Follow these paths and watch teaser 1 and 2:,

29/7/2010 - Music tip: raw party song 'Whatever' by Quitzow from the album 'Juice Water'
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the new song of Quitzow (aka New York singer songwriter Erica Quitzow) with the warning that not everything in this song about the 'Me'-generation is politically correct. On, the musician publishes a critic from the magazine Marie Claire from June 2010: "Whips up the dance-floor with skittering beats, butt shaking thump, electronic evil-robot voice effects- into a fresh and pure pop meringue."

28/7/2010 - Music video tip: 'Show me something new' by Shout Out Louds from the new album 'Work'
By going through the Fashionoffice correspondence, a behind the shooting information from the Brazilian Blog leads to the website of the online-publication, where a video by Shout Out Louds runs. The Rardarx-Blog provides trend information for stylists, fashion designers, models, make up artists, performers, DJs, etc. The Swedish 5 men band 'Shout Out Louds' is such a trend tip. The band is on tour now: 13 Aug Germany, 18 + 19 Aug Austria, 21 Aug Sweden, followed by Switzerland, UK, FR, BE... to name a few.

This girl needs no wings to fly!
The photo shows fashion scene darling jewellery designer Pamela Love in a rocking biker style with a 'Zero Gravity'-hairstyle...

26/7/2010 - Hussein Chalayan's 'Airplane' Dress from SS2000 is part of an exhibition
The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art exhibits several works by artist and designer Hussein Chalayan (born 1970 in Cyprus) such as Temporary Interference, Aeroplane Dress, After Words, etc. His art-fashion is inspired by the political, social and economic realities of today and focuses on genetics, technological progress, displacement, migration and cultural identity. Until 24 October 2010, fashion collections, installations and films produced by Hussein Chalayan between the years 1994 and 2010 are on view in Istanbul (Turkey);

26/7/2010 - Mash-up music video from a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie for 'Galaxy Man' by Solex vs. Christina Martinez and John Spencer
By searching through some musician's websites, Fashionoffice has found the mash-up video from material of the late 50ies US movie 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' to the song 'Galaxy Man' on Solex' Myspace page. The album 'Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown' by Solex (aka Dutch sample artist and singer Elisabeth Esselink) and the punk musicians Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer was released earlier this year.

Bang! Couturier naked on reflecting metal
On Juergen Teller's photo, Marc Jacobs is lying naked on a bed covered by silver metal. He is holding a bottle made of silver plates that are reflecting the light onto the edges, which are consciously not perfect. The campaign is compared to Yves Saint Laurent's early 70ies...

23/7/2010 - Art video about fighter planes that are styled to reflect like a mirror
UK artist Fiona Banner talks in this video about her work on fighter planes that are polished to reflect like a mirror the visitors in the museum. By 'making up' the surface this way, she is involving the viewers into the installation of military planes which are activated in times when communication ended. Another one of the bespoken planes is made up with a feather-like, prehistoric painting. The exhibition runs until 3 January 2011 at the Tate Britain.

22/7/2010 - Fashion shooting with German high jumper Ariane Friedrich
On the video you can see athlete Ariane Friedrich - she was Germany's representant at the 2008 Summer Olympics, dressed up very female while acting in sportive poses at the Nike fashion shooting in Munich. The scenery was created by photographer and Germany's Next Topmodel juror Kristian Schuller. Ariane says - free translated from German and shortened, that she is surprised that someone can make her look like this and that she enjoys her femninity in these dresses. Ariane Friedrich will attend the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona from 27 July to 1 August 2010.

22/7/2010 - Music video premiere "Godda Get It" by No Surrender from the album 'Medicine Babies' (release fall 2010)
On 20 July, the video for the single 'Gotta Get It' by the Brooklyn based band No Surrender premiered on the cultural magazine PopMatters (founded 1999). The video is made of a free associative collage technique with bold colors, neon and over-writings by experimental animator Maya Erdelyi. The information to the video was sent with following words: "Socially and politically charged, it’s a video that takes advantage of the new capacities and freedoms of the wild wild web...."

Makeup, fashion and sport
Fashionoffice received from Y-3, the collaborative label of Yohji Yamamoto and adidas, information about the new FW2010/11 collection, starring French athlete Zinedine Zidane with another prominent name in the credits: Gucci Westman, former Lancôme art director, since 2008 artistic director of Revlon...

Makeup supports Aids prevention
Makeup label MAC Cosmetics has sent Fashionoffice some images from the Aids-charity Lifeball in Vienna; like the one you can see on the article. It shows one of 40 makeup artists who have created the looks of the opening ceremony...

21/7/2010 - Live music video 'Firecracker' by Frazey Ford
On 20 July, Frazey Ford released her album 'Obadiah' online. This is the first solo album of the member of the Vancouver 'The Be Good Tanyas'-trio. Frazey Ford is telling with the folk-soul songs her own story which is moved by motherhood, earth, land and transports messages about recovery and healing.

21/7/201 - Live music video 'I Blame Baltimore' by Sebastian Blanck
...from the folk-pop album 'Alibi Coast', available since 20 July 2010 in stores offline; digitally later this summer. Beneath music, Sebastian Blanck (born 1976, Connecticut) is active in painting. He graduated at the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence. On the website of the New York living artist you will find an exhibition title as well as a publication with the same name like the track. The songs tell very personal stories from the musician’s life - about the past and the future.

20/7/2010 - Video about the work of make up artist Aaron De Mey for a photo shooting for Vogue Paris
Aaron De Mey (born in New Zealand, moved in 1998 to New York) is since 2009 Lancôme's Artistic Director for make up. In this video, he creates two looks for a shooting with photographer Ben Hassett and model Daria: the first look is a green shimmering art work around the eyes in 70s style. When Aaron De Mey explains how he is shaping with the make up the face of Daria for the medium photography, it becomes obvious that his job is to sculpture with visual tricks. The video provides a look behind the scenes of glossy fashion magazines. Aaron De Mey speaks in this video even about his work for Vogue Paris, which he likes because the magazine presents female beauty without dictate but with humour.

20/7/2010 - People on Fashionoffice
Fashionoffice publishes new statistical graphics on the magazine's imprint. The data about people, visits and page-views are still delivered by Quantcast; but now you can compare data over one year in monthly intervals. In the last weeks, the numbers for page-views and visits have gone up while the data for people went down; approximately 30% more page-views have been gained by nearly 10% less people. With other words: the graphics show that Fashionoffice is visited more often and used more intensively by less people during the last 3 weeks.

20/7/2010 - Fan video for the music track 'Puppet on a String' by the Swedish garage-rock band 'The Hives'
'Minty Danger's video has won the contest on (a platform for viral marketing, launched in 2006) in the framework of the platform's Web 2.0 'Street Team Management Community' application.

19/7/2010 - Video about face styling by make up artist Lisa Eldridge
London based Lisa Eldridge has already worked with international photographers David Sims and Corrine Day, fashion magazines such as Italian Vogue, Allure, The Face, etc., and celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Cate Blanchet, Selma Hayek, to name a few. The make up artist publishes a nice video showing how to style the face with products from the new Burberry beauty line (premiere in July 2010). What makes her video so nice is her seriousness and exactness. Lisa Eldridge begins with the introduction of the products, explains their packaging and colors while wearing no make up - only her pale face. And then she starts to use the products and changes the look of her face! The video is a good recommendation for all the ones who ever wanted to know how to style the face for the everyday look.

Trends for swim and spa in 2011
The Fashion Week Miami Swim happens from 15 to 19 July 2010. From one year to the next, it seems as if the growing chicness of the shows even attracts more interest...

18/7/2010 - Catwalk video Mara Hoffman at the Fashion Week Swim Miami
On 17 July, East Coast (New York) based Mara Hoffman presented her new swim SS2011 collection at the Fashion Week in Miami. The creations of the designer, who has studied at Parsons School of Design NY and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London, look like inspired by the traditional cultures of the indigenous people from South America. Even the styling (feathers) and make up (white dots on the models faces) give the impression that the designer stages a tribal ritual from the Amazon or a shamanistic ceremony onto the catwalk in Miami. "This season, Hoffman's muse goes on a mystical journey through the jungle," describes the YouTube user Mara Hoffman's SS2011 swim collection.

18/7/2010 - Catwalk video Ed Hardy swimwear SS2011 at the Fashion Week Swim Miami
On 16 July, US label Ed Hardy, known for the tattoo inspired prints (the label's name is a homage to the West Coast - California based tattoo collector Don Ed Hardy), has shown its new SS2011 collection in Miami. The collection is more flowerish and lighter in colors (mixed with neon and transparencies) and form (delicate flowers on geometrics or animal prints) than the year before; a refreshing appeal. The 'roaring tiger' - the symbol stands for power and is even used to protect from evil, is beneath the flowers (beauty, innocence) the collection's second classical tattoo print which catches the eyes.

17/7/2010 - Catwalk video Trina Turk swim/spa SS2011 at the Fashion Week Swim Miami
Find more news from the Fashion Week Swim Miami on the Twitter realtime results, installed on the cover of Fashionoffice.

17/7/2010 - Music video: 'Te Amo' by Rihanna
The video 'Te Amo' (Spanish for 'I love you') premiered in May 2010. It is directed by Anthony Mandler; the US music video director's list is extensive: Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Muse, Christina Aguilera... - to name only a few. In this video, Rihanna performs in a French castle with actress and model Laetitia Casta in the role of the femme fatale; she arrives in a Mercedes Benz sportscar...

16/7/2010 - Video from a swimming pool with new SS2011 swim and spa wear by Trina Turk
The video shows the new
Trina Turk collection 2011. The US designer has opened on 15 July 2010 the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami (15-19 July). Realtime results from Twitter (installed on 16 July on the cover of Fashionoffice) lead to articles which report from the 'South Beach' (in Miami) such as about Trina Turk and her 'West Coast' (Los Angeles) glam: Hollywood, Acapulco are keywords for her collection which was presented with bright hats on the catwalk.
One of the tweets brings you to the article on StyleList with information about Trina Turk's inspiration, who was there, the editor's thoughts, etc.

Haute Couture
On this article, you will find one of the very rare fur clothes which are published on Fashionoffice. The reason therefore is: the quality requirements in Haute Couture are so high (density of the hair, shine...) that they can only be reached when the animals had been reared species-appropriately. And secondly: not everything is reality what you see...

View on beauty and body
Fashionoffice has searched through the material that was sent for editorial consideration and has picked three art events (performance, video installation, landscape installation) that provide a new perspective on today’s society and the individual. The body and its beauty is a central theme in art...

14/7/2010 - Music video: afro-jazz, big band swing 'Morenike' by Siji from the album 'Adesiji'
The British born, now in New York living musician Siji sings about his (at this time fictional) daughter 'Morenike'. The video shows him on the way to collect the ingredients for a ceremony that visualizes the parents' hope for the child's good life. "Salt, Honey, Peppercorns, Water and Kola nuts, are used as symbolic gestures in prayer, so that the child’s life may in turn be sweet, adventure filled, self sufficient, healthy and tasteful."

The story line changes without caution! Women Style SS2010, FW2010/11
The new music video by The Mynabirds has inspired the vintage outfit made of modern high-tech sportswear and environmental friendly pieces. The Mynabirds' video has a dusty atmosphere spiced with weird humor which expresses best the style of the ones who are taking not everything too seriously...

12/7/2010 - Free music download: 'Impact' by Juliette Commagere
The track 'Impact', which is described as up-tempo vibe with breezy, island rhythms, is from the musician's second album 'The Procession' (release 20 September). LA based Juliette Commagere has already lend her vocals to Puscifer (Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan’s side project) and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins’ latest solo album. Experimental musician Jon Hassell appears on the ambient 'Plantsong' of Juliette Commagere's album 'The Procession'.  

12/7/2010 - Movie trailer 'Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque)' (2010)
The movie about the French singer Serge Gainsbourg was already released in January 2010 in France and runs at this time in Spain, in October it comes to cinemas in Germany. Director Joann Sfar documents the 'vie heroique' - the 'heroic live' of Gainsbourg from the singer's growing up in 1940s Nazi-occupied Paris over the 1960s and the liaisons with Brigitte Bardot (starring Laetitia Casta), Jane Birkin (Lucy Gordon), Juliette Gréco (Anna Mouglalis)... to his death in 1991.

11/7/2010 - Free music download and new video: 'Let The Record Go' from The Mynabirds
The Mynabirds are Laura Burhenn and her band; the video premiered on 9 July on Stereogum is a MP3 blog and online community for music news, downloads, videos. You can download the free single from the debut album 'What We Lose In The Fire We Gain In The Flood' on the musician's website too; here you can find even the US tour dates for July to October. In an interview on, Laura Burhenn speaks about the band's name, which is inspired by a female figure from a novel by James Joyce.

11/7/2010 - User tribute to the art-video installation 'Sip my Ocean' by Pipilotti Rist
Impressed by an exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, the YouTube-user xylophoria has collected several materials from the web and arranged a tribute to the psychedelic video installation from 1996 by the Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist. Pipilotti Rist, whose name comes from the late 60s and 70s Swedish TV-character Pippi Longstocking, works on gender and sexuality. The audio layer is a new interpretation of Chris Isaak's song 'Wicked Game' by the artist singing it herself. At this time (from 8 July to 1 November 2010), the Fundació Joan Miró shows 13 video-installations under the title 'Pipilotti Rist: Friendly Game – Electronic Feelings' in Barcelona. The video installation 'Doble llum' - an interactive art-work by Rist on Joan Miró's sculpture 'Femme' from 1968, was created especially for this exhibition

It's hot in Europe and US
While the New Yorkers and Central Europeans are experiencing a 'heat wave', a New York based contact has sent Fashionoffice a refreshing beach video by US artist Cheryl Dunn...

7/7/2010 - Music video: 'Indianapolis' - punk-blues by 'Gasoline Silver'
The 'stage setting' of the video shows singer, guitarist Ron Franklin, drummer Andy Hertel and keyboardist Josh Misner in a 60ies influenced recording studio. The announcement of the brand new video by the three men US band Gasoline Silver came with the new date (7 September) for the release of the debut album.

Stage design on catwalks
From the latest internationally perceived ready-to-wear shows, Fashionoffice has picked three that have one in common: media on the catwalk and interactivity: Maison Martin Margiela, Burberry Prorsum, Vivienne Westwood

Realtime Twitter results for 'Haute Couture 2010/11'
On 6 July, Fashionoffice has changed the search on Twitter from 'Men's Wear 2011' to 'Haute Couture 2010/11'. Here you can find a tweet by WilliamsTell on an article written yesterday by Hilary Alexander from the 'Daily Telegraph' (UK) about the flowerish collection by British designer John Galliano for the French couture house Christian Dior. Hilary Alexander reports in her article about the gowns, who was seen in the front row (Jessica Alba is cited with a saying about the collection), and the inspirational source. The article is spiced with a video from the catwalk and interview with John Galliano.

Design, art, photography that provide a global view
For summer 2010, several releases were sent to Fashionoffice that provide a global view on our world. The following article presents three selected exhibitions and art events that have one in common: they are about style...

5/7/2010 - Fashion video preview men's wear FW2010/11
Fashionoffice received an invitation from the Italian men's wear label 'Stone Island' (belongs to Sportswear Company) to the presentation of the 'Shadow Project'-collection by Errolson Hugh (from the design team Acronym) during the Berlin Fashion Week at the high end streetwear store 'Firmament' on 8 July, beginning at 20.00, with a film by Ken-Tonio Yamamoto. Sportswear Company owner Carlo Rivetti writes on the website of Stone Island about his thoughts in 2008: "...I came to the conclusion that the era of 'one man at the helm' was over. I understood that times had changed radically and that it was necessary to be multicultural in order to be truly contemporary. ... As a result, we need people that travel the world and observe it from different viewpoints: people of different ages and from different cultures."

Journalism: text or photo
In summer 2010, journalists - with or without camera, are invited to several competitions on social or cultural themes. Fashionoffice introduces two competitions and one exhibition...

4/7/2010 - Video about cooking and art
The video shows the 'interactive' work by Rirkrit Tiravanija who produces art installations like cooking and dining environments to make the visitors aware of the central function of art: communication and exchange. Rirkrit Tiravanija, born to Thai parents in Buenos Aires 1963, grown up in Argentina, Bangkok, Ethiopia, and Canada, has studied art in New York and Chicago. He sees himself as a 'global artist', which is reflected even in his recipes. By searching for cultural identity, he connects different cultures through his meals. So it's not only about the community aspect (conversation) but also about the recipes. Tirvanija made pad thai in a New York gallery in 1990; pancake soup at the Hamburg Kunstverein in 1993, and in Ludwigsburg in 1994, he made potato dumplings spiced with Asian chili. From 11 July to 10 October, the Kunsthalle Bielefeld invites to 'Rirkrit Tiravanija: Just Smile and Don’t Talk'; on exhibition are Tiravanija’s installations from the past twenty years and under the title 'temporary cuisine', visitors can enjoy freshly prepared 'art'-meals every Wednesday and Sunday.
The artist's recipes will be released as a numbered cooking book.

4/7/2010 - Free music download: 'Indianapolis' from the album 'Gasoline Silver' (release 10 August) by the three men band with the same name
Gasoline Silver are the US (Minnesota) musicians Ron Franklin (vocals, harmonica, guitar), Andy Hertel (drums), and Josh Misner (synthesizers, tambourine). They are mixing 70s punk, Memphis blues, British punk-rock, and pop.
The debut album with the same name like the band 'Gasoline Silver', is described as follows: "...11 tracks of subterranean wordplay scored with electro-psych panoramas and biker-movie guitars."

Twitter, inventory and keywords; Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, July 2010
We give with this Fashionoffice Insight some useful hints to create your own online presentation from the 'Fabric of the Web'...

1/7/2010 - Video about an artist's ideas on teaching art
Los Angeles based artist Mark Bradford has initiated a new 'Getty Artists Program'-project on artists' ideas to teach contemporary art. The project is available online on Bradford's designed 'Open Studio'. The teaching lessons are more about looking at the world in a different way and finding an own style to express experiences and life than to become an artist in a classical category. Several artists are involved into the project, like Beijing-based Xu Bing, who offers the activity 'Picture Writing' in which he invites students to communicate visually, without words. Or photographer Graciela Iturbide's advices for the creation of a story: "Consider how clothing can communicate something about a person. Consider how the customs or traditions you capture can communicate something about your subjects." On the video, Mark Bradford finds a meta-definition of contemporary art which relates with the teaching-project 'Open Studio: A Collection of Artmaking Ideas by Artists'.

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