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31/8/2010 - The chief forester
Just as all the images for the 'Hunting Style' were picked together, a music tip leaded Fashionoffice to the work of director Benjamin Kutsko for the band 'Fawnhawk'.

31/8/2010 - Reflection on 'Science Fashions' by Elke Gaugele at MIT lecture series
On 13 Sept, Elke Gaugele, head of the department 'Fashions and Styles' at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria, will speak about the sciences which research on fashion - from technological (clothing for space astronauts, eco-fashion to clothing as communication tool - keyword: wearable computing) to cultural sciences.

31/8/2010 - Romantic 70s folk-rock video premiere
Actress/musician Jena Malone is starring in the love story written by Harper Simon to a friend.

30/8/2010 - How it looks inside when we look outside; Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
Fashionoffice users know the editorial work of the magazine; this month, I present what we are doing alongside to articles about fashion, beauty, and art...

30/8/2010 - Fashion from Australia
The fashion video from the 70s starring an altar boy and a vicar was found on a search for more information about the event 'It's a man's world' from the 'City Square and Lunch Series' at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (30 Aug - 5 Sept 2010).

29/8/2010 - "How is the net set up?" one of the questions which are discussed at a symposium and 'materialised' with examples from contemporary net art at the exhibition 'Mind and Matter' during the festival for digital arts and culture 'Paraflows' from 9 Sept to 10 Oct 2010 in Vienna. Fashionoffice looked closer at the net art by the Austrian artist Lia...

28/8/2010 - 'The Truth Is in the Dirt' by Karen Elson from the album 'The Ghost Who Walks' (Third Man/XL Recordings)
The gothic-folk video is directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker aka 'The Belles Of The Black Diamond Field'. The filmmakers describe the inspiration for their work on Myspace with the keywords:"The Czech New Wave, Woody Allen, Tarkovsky". It
premiered recently on The song will be released on 21 September backed with a cover version of Donovan’s 1966 hit 'Season Of The Witch'.
28/8/2010 - 3 news from Fashionoffice
+Statistics by Quantcast, Doubleclick, Feedburner;
+Contribution to Annual Multimedia 2011;
+Online-Media Academy

28/8/2010 - Free download of the new track 'If You Wanna” by the UK band 'The Vaccines'
Fashionoffice received the music tip with the words: "This demo from new UK band The Vaccines floored us when we heard it. Eddie Cochran meets The Jesus And Mary Chain by way of Stiff Records? We love it!"

28/8/2010 - Deconstructivsm in design and art
French philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930 – 2004), known from his deconstructivist theories, speaks in this documentary from 2002 about the predictable and unpredictable future, narcism and love, his experience with anti-semitism in his youth, the possibility of forgiveness, the impossibility of improvisation, archives and death, privacy, etc. and he declares that one of the reasons why he started deconstructivism in philosophy was to break up phallogocentrism. The philosopher inspires creative heads for new views on old things; designers are working steadily with the concept of 'deconstruction' and artists like Sergio Vega provide new views on social and political issues. Sergio Varga's work on Latin America is presented in the exhibition 'Argentina in Focus: Visualizing the Concept' at the Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, 16 Sept - 21 Nov 2010. "For this exhibition, Vega created 'Shanty Nucleus after Derrida 2' (Barraca nucleus despues de Derrida, 2010), an installation that occupies an entire room in the museum. In order for visitors to continue their tour of the exhibition, they have to walk through the multiple color panels, some of which display photographs of slum dwellings; these images draw attention to the extreme poverty in which a great part of the world's population lives today." writes curator Alma Ruiz in his catalog essay 'Two Individual Visions.' on

27/8/2010 - Defile photos from the catwalk in Istanbul
By searching on Twitter for 'Istanbul Fashion Week', Fashionoffice followed some tweets that are leading to Vogue Türkiye. The magazine publishes catwalk photos of Bora Aksu SS2011 (the Turkish designer graduated from Central Saint Martins, before he debuted at London Fashion Week in 2003), Arzu Kaprol SS2011 (studied at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts nearby İstanbul and is trained at the Paris American Academy; she has an own website which presents her interesting FW2010/11 collection styled up with antique-futuristic masks), etc. ... to name two designers from Vogue's defile list.

27/8/2010 - Fashionoffice removed from Google Map in Austria, keyword 'fashion'
We still don't know who gave somebody the right to delete Fashionoffice from the landscape. On 21 Aug, we have found out that someone has changed the entry for Fashionoffice on Google Map: "Changed 17 hours 9 mins ago. Name: (English, type: Obscure). Place removed". This happened after we have changed the wrong entry for (you landed instead on The magazine is now removed entirely from the Google Map for the search 'fashion' in Vienna/Austria.

27/8/2010 - Search on 'Istanbul Fashion Week'
Fashionoffice has installed a new Twitter search on Istanbul Fashion Week.

27/8/2010 - Atil Kutoglu SS2011 at Istanbul Fashion Week (25 - 28 Aug)
Vienna/Istanbul based Atil Kutoglu, known for Ottoman, Turkish inspired female fashion made of floating soft materials, opened as the first design label on 25 Aug the Istanbul Fashion Week. The fashion week presents Turkish fashion designers as well as apparel brands.

26/8/2010 - Unpredictable vagabonds
Fashionoffice has collected some pieces for the 'Unpredictable Vagabond'-style for women who prefer to be prepared for any new situations. And sometimes they even have no other choice if they don't follow predetermined ways...

26/8/2010 - Film about a musician and snowboarders on new routes
"Follow Me Down explores a theme that anyone driven by some immeasurable passion will recognise — that there are no easy rides in life." In the new video documentary ‘Lives of the Artists: Follow Me Down’, recording artist and founder of the British formation 'Unkle' James Lavelle explores together with the snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Xavier De La Rue new routes within their disciplines. The film will premiere with the live-performance 'Variation On A Theme' by Unkle on 7 September in London. On the website, you will find the trailer and a free download of the new track 'Set No Sun'...

25/8/2010 - Lookbook video 'Men's wear FW2010/11'
Fashionoffice received the hyperlink to the 'Menswear Autumn/Winter 2010 Look Book from H&M'. Andreas Löwenstam, menswear designer at H&M, was inspired by a wide range of classical pieces that were born in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, as well as in the 1970s. The designer created the new collection with the idea of a 'well-dressed bohemian guy'. Military pieces, leather jackets, checked shirts, tweed blazers, knit-cardigans, laced boots with narrow trousers packed into...

25/8/2010 - Fashionoffice's media data 'people', 'visits', etc. in a new layout
Fashionoffice has re-launched the layout of the magazine's statistical data delivered by Doubleclick, Feedburner and Quantcast. The detailed reports about people, visits and impressions are delivered by the digital media measurement company Quantcast (San Francisco/New York), which works with data centers around the globe. Recently, Quantcast has gained the Media Rating Council accreditation for its statistical online traffic measurement technology. Fashionoffice was informed with following words: "What this means for you: affirmation that any audience measurement data from our site is valid, reliable and effective." By clicking on the Quantcast badge, you will find additionally the IAB-compliant traffic report for Fashionoffice.

25/8/2010 - Mash-up song 'What Starry Eyes Need to Know' by Neon Hitch
In early August, British musician Neon Hitch released her mash-up song 'What Starry Eyes Need to Know'. Some compare her with MIA and Nelly Furtado, but Kate Bush with a touch of punky pop fits as well. Fashionoffice reported recently from her covering of Snoop Dogg's 'Drop It Like It’s Hot'; Snoop Dogg loved her version of 'Drop It Like It’s Hot' that he re-tweeted it to his 1.6 million followers. At this time, Neon Hitch is working with producer Benny Blanco (Santigold, Katy Perry, Britney Spears) on her debut album 'Beg, Borrow, and Steal' (Warner Brothers, 2011).

25/8/2010 - Directors' trailer-cut for Mogwai's concert film 'Burning'
On 24 Aug 2010, Scottish band Mogwai released the live album 'Special Moves' and the concert film 'Burning', shot at their three night residency at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg in April 2009. The film is directed by the French filmmakers Vincent Moon and Nathanael Le Scouarnec. "...the black-and-white footage does the talking without standard theatrics...there's atmospheric beauty in the close-ups of hands shredding at guitar strings onstage and applauding in the crowd." writes Spin Magazine, where the trailer in a special directors' cut for, featuring audio of 'Mogwai Fear Satan', premiered on 23 Aug, the DVD is available since 24 Aug

24/8/2010 - Nike Sportswear TV interviews DJ Bobbito Garcia at Sneakerness
Sneakerness is an event for sneaker fans to view new models from various labels and to collect old ones. Since 2008, the annual event happens in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. On the video you can see New York based DJ Bobbito Garcia who was the prominent DJ at the aftershow party of Sneakerness in Cologne in April 2010. For the next Sneakerness event on 9 Oct in Vienna, sessions by the Red Bull Music Academy and other specials are announced. Details on

24/8/2010 - Vanessa Paradis in the French movie 'Heartbreaker'
"Utterly chic" is Vogue cited in this trailer of the movie by director Pascal Chaumeil with Vanessa Paradis in the starring role. 'Heartbreaker' is about a man who comes into the life of a woman to break up her marriage. Romantic, charming, funny and chic are the favored keywords for the movie in several articles online. But 'Heartbreaker' is not after everybody's taste. Jason Solomons writes on "High concept romantic comedy Heartbreaker will amuse certain people – unfortunately I wasn't one of them. ... And I really don't like Dirty Dancing."
The movie will be released in Sept 2010 in Canada, Spain, USA, Oct in Switzerland...

24/8/2010 - Men on journey
For this men's style, Fashionoffice has collected an iPad (for reading the saved memories online without cultural borders) which is dressed in a sleeve made of recycled material from the road, a watch with the name 'Full Blooded Earth', a warm jacket with hiking badges, an eye cream with extra oxygen, an art work about memories and history, a travel bag which is following the idea 'Creative use of space' and vintage shoes by the young Finnish label St. Vacant...

23/8/2010 - Fashionoffice removed from Google Map in Austria, keyword 'fashion'
We still don't know who gave somebody the right to delete Fashionoffice from the landscape. On 21 Aug, we have found out that someone has changed the entry for Fashionoffice on Google Map: "Changed 17 hours 9 mins ago. Name: (English, type: Obscure). Place removed". This happened after we have changed the wrong entry for (you landed instead on The magazine is now removed entirely from the Google Map for the search 'fashion' in Vienna/Austria.

23/8/2010 - 'Puppet on a string' by Bella Wagner from her new album
Today, Fashionoffice received the information about the new album by the Viennese singer with Croatian and Slovakian roots (she speaks five languages fluently: German, English, Slovakian, Croatian and Hungarian), with the question to choose the favored track. Bella Wagner has a wide range on styles on her album. She makes it hard to decide - the musician has several interesting songs on her album.

23/8/2010 - 'Night And Day' by Chief from the debut album 'Modern Rituals' (release 20 Sept Europe)
This is the debut video of the Californian 4 member band Chief. The information about the video came with the remark: "Chief performing in a world of what can only be described as decadence and murderous passion." The New York Post contributed: "This is a fresh new band about to get out from under the radar, and they’re going to be huge taking America a little at a time. This is a band worth hearing."

23/8/2010 - Trailer: Fashion Weeks in Salzburg's Old City
The Fashion Weeks in Salzburg Altstadt ('Altstadt' means 'Old City') from 25 Aug to 18 Sept are teasered with the short video trailer. By searching through the extensive program of fashion shows by Austrian labels like the head wear producer Mühlbauer and presentations of international labels organised by Salzburger shops like Hämmerle, Fashionoffice looked closer at especially one event on 4 Sept with the title 'Ploom up your Dirndl' (Dirndl is the traditional dress of the European Alps). It is announced that it will be shown how an old Dirndl can be recycled into a new Dirndl - a sort of 'renovation' of an old dress. Ploom has an own shop in the city of Salzburg. The founder is designer Tanja Pflaum, a trained men's tailor, who works with traditional methods of 'Trachten'-couture and combines them with a modern philosophy like the recycling idea. Details about the Fashion Weeks on

22/8/2010 - Ona Saez campaign with Jesus Luz
By searching through the defile photos of Buenos Aires Fashion Week (11 -13 Aug, Argentina, the Argentinian label Ona Saez attracts with black and white colored pieces inspired by the aesthetics of photographer Helmut Newton, 50ies Teddy Boys and pop art. The sexy collection fits best to a communication concept which foresees a campaign with Jesus Luz in the starring role.

22/8/2010 - Indian designer Suneet Varma and models having fun on the catwalk
The video shows Suneet Varma's fashion and the designer itself at the Grande Finale of Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai (India) in March 2010. For the next fashion week (17 - 21 Sept) in Mumbai, the beauty brand Lakmé announces Malini Ramani for the Grande Finale. She will show her Winter/Festive 2010 high-fashion pieces under Lakmé's theme 'Gypsy Collection' which is intended to bring together many influences from around the globe.

22/8/2010 - Search by Fashionoffice on 'Fashion Week'
A new Twitter search is installed on the cover of Fashionoffice. By the end of August, early September, several fashion weeks will happen around the world before the international circus meets in New York, London, Milan, Paris. Online users are tweeting about Baltimore Fashion Week, Rosemount Sydney Fashion Week, Belgrade Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week, Istanbul Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week...

21/8/2010 - 'Never Stop' by Chilly Gonzales
The track 'Never Stop' from the new album 'Ivory Tower' by Chilly Gonzales (produced by Boys Noize, comes out on 14 Sept) has been chosen for Apple’s new iPad campaign. Chilly Gonzales has written and produced even a film with the same name where the musicians Peaches, Tiga and Feist will appear. Schedule of the movie-tour (26 Aug London; Paris, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and New York in Sept, Vienna in Oct...) on

21/8/2010 - Interview with comic strip artist Jean Giraud alias Moebius
Paris based Fondation Cartier exhibits from 12 Oct 2010 to 13 March 2011 works by sci-fi, reality-fiction comic strip artist Jean Giraud, who names himself 'Moebius' after the German mathematician, under the title 'Transe-Forme'. Moebius is also known for his film work like the production design of the movie 'The Fifth Element' (costumes were designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier). The exhibition is focusing on the theme metamorphosis and that "...the forms in our environment may not be as stable as they seem". Moebius' comic strips are non-linear narrations to involve the reader in generating meaning. Therefore he uses techniques which are known from the surrealist dessin automatique. Details on

21/8/2010 - Video premiere 'Thank You For Your Love' by Antony and The Johnsons
'Thank You For Your Love' is the title-track of Antony and The Johnson's EP that will be released on 23 August in Europe, 24 August North America; the song is the lead single of the next album 'Swanlight' (release in Oct The video (premiere on 20 Aug) is made of Super 8 footage from the early 1990's. The pictures are shot by Antony himself when he first arrived to New York City as a teenager.

21/8/2010 - Fashionoffice is removed from the Google Map searching for 'fashion' in Austria
After hard work on changing the wrong entry for (you landed instead on, the magazine is now removed from the Google Map for the search 'fashion' in Vienna/Austria. Someone has changed the entry: "Changed 17 hours 9 mins ago. Name: (English, type: Obscure). Place removed"

21/8/2010 - Storytelling with design
By searching for upcoming fashion weeks, Fashionoffice has looked closer at the websites of participating designers of Helsinki Design Week (26 Aug - 5 Sept 2010). This year, Helsinki Design Week invites to a week of events centred around the theme of storytelling. One of the participants is Finnish designer Minna Hepburn. She has produced two videos for her website to represent the style of her 'Eco-Luxe' (sustainable, recycled material; local production) women's and children's wear.

20/8/2010 - Love is in the air
Fashionoffice has collected some 'love'-pieces, inspired by a press day about new fragrances from Paris. One of the men's perfumes got the nice remark: "With this scent on, I won't let him go out alone."

20/8/2010 - Yann Tiersen on stage
Yann Tiersen, multi-instrumentalist who plays folk classical music and performs as guitarist with punk-bands or composes soundtracks like for the French movie 'Amélie' (2001), will release his new album 'Dust Lane' in October 2010. Yann Tiersen is on tour - on 23 Oct at The Village in Dublin, followed in Oct/Nov by cities in UK, ES, DE, IT; on 1 Dec at the Arena in Vienna (AT), 2 Dec Budapest... Details on

19/8/2010 - 'Cumbia Incoming' by the Cumbia Cosmonauts
The Australian band 'Cumbia Cosmonauts' will perform on 21 Aug at Club Planetarium in Vienna (Austria), on 28 Aug and in early Sept in Berlin (Germany), other countries like FR, NL, etc. follow. Details on

19/8/2010 - Fruity, flowerish, green, and provocative
Fashionoffice picked some pieces - not for fitting together and they have nothing else in common; except that they are looking nice. One tells a global eco-story, the other one is practical for preparing healthy fills for kids' lunch-boxes...

19/8/2010 - Tiger of Sweden SS2011 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm
On 18 Aug, the Swedish label presented tailored suits for men in light colors and soft floating tops and dresses for women with abstract prints. The label was founded 1903, since 2000 it has an own jeans line. If you want to know more about the brand, watch video producer's documentation about the history and the philosophy of 'Tiger of Sweden' on

19/8/2010 - Cheap Monday SS2011 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm (16-18 Aug)
Catwalk report and interview from the presentation of Cheap Monday SS2011 on 17 Aug at the Stockholm Fashion Week by the glamour and fashion channel Star! (belongs to the Nordic/Baltic NonStop Television). You can see Cheap Monday's designers Örjan Andersson and Ann-Sofie Back speaking about the inspiration for their comfortable jeans, shirts, pullovers and jackets in minimalistic Nordic design with a touch of glam. If you are interested in the full-length fashion show, visit the labels website

19/8/2010 - Fam Irvoll SS2011 at Oslo Fashion Week
On 18 Aug 2010, the Norwegian designer (graduate from Esmod international, Central St Martins London) presented her colorful, comic-alike, sculptural collection with models wearing speech-bubbles. Unfortunately there is no video from the SS11 collection online. Enjoy in the meanwhile the nice presentation of Fam Irvoll's FW2010/11 collection in February 2010 at Oslo Fashion Week on or the photos on the link above.

18/8/2010 - 'Never Been There' by Christopher Paul Stelling
Brooklyn (New York) based singer Christopher Paul Stelling remembers the traveling poets from the European Middle Ages who had told their stories with music. Fashionoffice recevied the information with the words: "Take one look at his road-worn, weathered guitar, and you know that Christopher Paul Stelling is a musician with a story to tell. With a heartfelt voice, dynamic finger-picked guitar stylings, and a songwriting approach that combines folkloric, mythological, and religious imagery..." Christopher Paul Stelling's full-length album is announced for 2011. The musician performs on 19 August at East Village Radio (interview + performance), 24 Aug - Rockwood Music Hall, etc. Details on

18/8/2010 - 'We Won't Run' by Sarah Blasko from the album 'As Day Follows Night'
Australian artist Sarah Blasko's third album 'As Day Follows Night' is now available in a special edition on vinyl through Europe. The folk-jazz-pop songs are souled by hope and bewitched by the vocals of Sarah Blasko.

17/8/2010 - The object 'headdress'
La Maison Rouge, a private art foundation in Paris which presents different facets of contemporary creation, exhibits the collection of ethnic headdresses by its founder Antoine de Galbert until 26 Sept 2010. 'Journey in my head' shows more than 400 headdresses, which had been collected by Antoine de Galbert in the last fifteen years on his travels. The objects have been used for rituals, show status and possession, or used for seduction. Under the subtitle 'Rites of passage and seduction', feminine headdresses are presented as records of the different stages in a woman's life. One of the example pieces is the 'Ladakh headdress' from the western Himalaya, which is given from a mother to her eldest daughter when she marries and who will keep it her whole life. The 'Petit Journal' on the website of La Maison Rouge gives a good insight into the thematic structure and the exhibited pieces.

17/8/2010 - Düsseldorf invites to reflections on art, artists, and the consumers of art
On 8 and 9 September 2010, the Quadriennale 2010 in Düsseldorf invites to the 'Symposion: Objects for everyone and no one.' The symposion is the opening event of a series of exhibitions that happen on several places in the city. The symposion is very practically: it's an examination of viewing art and is arranged even for the ones who have no practice in following artists on their eccentric way. One of the lectures comes from the philosopher and art historian, professor Ursula Pia Jauch about 'objects' and how they become important things in life - life-companions like the fetish iPhone, and how viceversa humans turn into objects.

17/8/2010 - Catwalk presentation with social intention
On 13 Aug 2010 at Copenhagen Fashion Week, stylist and creative director Simon Rasmussen presented his men's and women's collection with a catwalk performance that seems like a statement against the throwaway society. The catwalk looks like a garbage dump. Simon Rasmussen's pieces are designed and created out of recycled clothing. "The theme and inspiration for the show and the collection is taken from the street heroes - the homeless, the prostitutes, the crazy people, the ones, nobody want's to be around." writes Simon Rasmussen on his blog.

17/8/2010 - Search for tweets on 'Oslo Fashion Week'
After the Copenhagen Fashion Week just ended (11-15 Aug), Norwegian designers show the new collections for SS2011 at the Oslo Fashion Week. Fashionoffice has installed the search for tweets on the magazine's cover.

16/8/2010 - 'I’ll Be Gone' by ¡MAYDAY! from the upcoming new album 'Stuck On An Island'
Fashionoffice received the hyperlink to the new video with the information about Miami based ¡MAYDAY!'s first performances in New York (28, 30, 31 Aug, and 2 Sept).

16/8/2010 - 'A Little Less Conversation' remembering Elvis Presley (8 Jan 1935, Tupelo, Mississippi - 16 August 1977, Memphis, Tennessee)
The Elvis Presley song 'A Little Less Conversation' from 1968 was remixed by musician JXL especially for Nike's Football Worldcup campaign (2002, Amsterdam-based advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy). Good things never go out of fashion!

16/8/2010 - Fashion video directors on music
Warren du Preez and Nick Thorton Jones have already directed videos for Pierre Cardin, Alexander McQueen or BMW. On 11th May 2010, the music video for the track 'Follow me Down' by the British trip-hop/downtempo/electronic formation Unkle from the new album 'Where Did The Night Fall' with supermodel Liberty Ross premiered on Sterogum; the 'clothing' - or better body painting, comes from the Londoner designers of Boudicca who are known for experiments with perfumes such as their product 'Wode' which is a conceptual Art fragrance and appears as graffiti on the skin (Fashionoffice interview with Boudicca from Nov 2008). Brandon on Stereogum writes about the story of the video that opens with a man driving his car to industry buildings: "That sort of thing happens everyday in abandoned buildings."

14/8/2010 - Music video premiere: 'Murder Weapon' by Tricky (single will be released on 31 Aug)
The music video premiered on 12/13 Aug. It's the first single of Tricky's new album 'Mixed Race', which comes out on 5th Oct. The story of the short movie becomes thrilling in the moment when the men stop fighting; it opens with the 'La Salle Boxing Club in Paris'... Fashion addicted know the video directors 'Fleur and Manu' from their work for Sebastian Tellier's track 'Sexual Sportswear' from the album 'Sexuality' (Fashionoffice article from July 2008).

14/8/2010 - Stimulation for creative heads
Fashionoffice looked through the realtime search results on 'fashion courses' and collected additionally some news about fashion studies. For the ones who have already acquired the fashion basics, Fashionoffice has searched for 'stimulating' art events.

14/8/2010 - Music video: 'Werewolf' by CocoRosie live on French TV 'Esprits Libres France 2'
In this live performance, the American half-Cherokee sisters Sierra (Rosie) and Bianca (Coco) Casady are interpreting the song 'Werewolf' in hip-hop style - impressing interaction of the two female voices. Even the original version is affecting the users. One of the main themes in the user postings is the role of the Werewolf. On several online videos, young dancers express the song with modern moves. In May 2010, the new CocoRosie album 'Grey Oceans' was released. CocoRosie is on tour in US through September/October, in Europe in Oct/Nov

13/8/2010 - Self Control
'Control', 'go your own way', 'individualisation' are keywords and mottos that can be found in the accompanying texts of the new collections. The contemporary lifestyle is motivated from the wish to live 'uniqueness', to be authentic. This is even expressed in the clothing of street styles in fall/winter 2010/11.

13/8/2010 - Entry on is updated!‎
By searching after fashion on, the appearing map leads you now to the right landing page of Fashionoffice! It was hard work to change the wrong entry for But now, you will land on the cover of the magazine and not on The redirection on was not installed by us.

12/8/2010 - Music tip: 'My Body' by the California five members band 'Young The Giant'
The track 'My Body' premiered recently on AOL Spinner. The release of their self-titled debut album will follow on 26 October. The tip came with the remark that the songs from Young The Giant: "...evoke a sun-swept, carefree Southern California vibe."

12/8/2010 - Search results 'fashion courses'
By searching 'fashion courses' on 12 August, most of the Twitter entries are about 'Make up courses in London for fashion and bridal' with hyperlink to Alongside, tweets are about courses at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan and personal messages about ongoing studies, as well as short messages from the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts London) like "Glad you like it! Course information is available on our website Check out the mag blog as well...", or entries from India Edu, an education info-site with base in Delhi (India). The information is about studies in India and abroad. India Edu tweets: "Fashion designing is one of the most exciting career options in today's world," and leads to

11/8/2010 - Hacking and design: video 'Do Hit Chair' for Droog Design
The video is presented on the website of the exhibition 'TechnoCRAFT - Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers and Design in the Age of Individuality'
which runs at the The San Francisco based Yerba Buena Center for the Arts until 3 October 2010. 'TechnoCRAFT' focuses on design under the new influence of the participation of the user, who adapts or modifies 'finished' products. "Hacks is a term that has moved far beyond the manipulation of computer software, extending into the public’s consciousness. Tables, iPhones and bikes are revised, modified and manipulated to achieve a new look or new functionality." The exhibiiton is curated by Yves Béhar who is chair of the Industrial Design Department at California College of the Arts. Yves Béhar was the chief designer of the XO laptop used in the One Laptop Per Child Project. More information on

11/8/2010 - The 'magic cube' and 'God's number'
Hungarian architect Erno Rubik's cube was the colorful puzzle game that hit schools in the 80ies. 30 years later, mathematicians and computer-programmers have found out that all 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 positions of the cube can be solved in 20 (God's number) moves or less. The team of researchers consists of Morley Davidson, a mathematician from Kent State University, John Dethridge, an engineer at Google in Mountain View, Herbert Kociemba, math teacher from Darmstadt, Germany, and Tomas Rokicki, a programmer from Palo Alto, California. "Rubik's Cube was an icon of the 80s when I was growing up and was the reason I went into mathematics," says Morley Davidson in the interview with BBC reporter Jonathan Fildes on

11/8/2010 - Hacking the city the title of an exhibition about interventions in public (especially mobility) and communicative spaces which runs until 26 September 2010 at the Museum Folkwang in Essen, Germany. The presented projects are developed by web-designers, musicians, street artists, communications guerrillas, etc. such as the lecture and performance on 20 August by Richard Reynolds about his activities in 'Guerilla Gardening' which is followed up by a practical collective 'Seed Bombing Walk' with the visitors through the city of Essen. The aim of the walk is to plant greenery on forgotten places. "They follow the logic of hackers: entering into other systems, finding their way around and then introducing applications that change or expand that system's limits and utility." On the website of the city event, a nice video about hacking from the 80ies is published

10/8/2010 - Urban electricity, artisanal denim...
Fashionoffice has searched for the contemporary sportive-urban style and found out that it is made of the egocentricity of art/design-lovers with a touch eco-friendliness.

10/8/2010 - Writers' workshop in the Austrian High-Alps
Fashionoffice just received the announcement that creative heads (between 15 and 19 years old) are invited to the writers' workshop 'Eisenmann sprich!' - which means translated from German 'Ironman speak!' - from 17 to 19 August at an Alpine hut (Widdersteinhütte) in the Austrian High-Alps. German language author Daniela Egger supports the creative ideas for monologues of Antony Gormley's 'Ironmen' becoming literature. The texts will be presented in autumn at the Kunsthaus Bregenz. Contact Kirsten Helfrich at for more information.

10/8/2010 - An artist's materialisation of 'Les Fleurs du Mal' (1857) by Charles Baudelaire
Fashionoffice received the program for the next exhibitions at the Sculpture Center in New York, beginning with Lara Schnitger's installation 'Two Masters and Her Vile Perfume' (13 Sept - 29 Nov). The installation reflects the artist's view on Charles Baudelaire's 'Flowers of Evil'. The poem collection was considered scandalous in the 19th century as Charles Baudelaire touched the themes sex, death, lesbianism, and corruption; fragrances are for Baudelaire a mean to remember past times.

10/8/2010 - Music video tip: 'Look' by Sébastien Tellier on occasion of the 10th anniversary of 'Record Makers'
Paris based creative music label 'Record Makers' celebrates its 10th anniversary with a compilation on iTunes featuring artists like Sébastien Tellier, Kavinsky, Acid Washed..., and a video with graphics by the artists Mrzyk & Moriceau (Petra Mrzyk and Jean-François Moriceau) to the track ‘Look’ by Sébastien Tellier. The video is even available as a free iPhone app on The app is announced to be a mix-and-match-game with three winning combinations that are leading to various prizes from Record Makers. And then there is the trip to Paris for Record Makers' 10th anniversary celebration on 10/10/10...

8/8/2010 - Search for 'fashion courses'
Summer is the time for updating the knowledge in fashion and design. Fashionoffice searches on Twitter for 'fashion courses'. On 8 August, especially the wellknown Italian fashion design courses in Milan and Florence are betwittert, Esmod Japan's Department of International Creative Fashion announces (English spoken) courses for 2011, reports from running courses in fashion design, illustration etc. The London College of Fashion offers 'Short courses in Dubai' in October, November 2010 about luxury brands, fashion communication, online fashion marketing, shoe design... The realtime results widget is installed on the cover of Fashionoffice.

7/8/2010 - Music video tip: 'Decisions ft. Yüksel Arslan' by 'How to Dress Well' from the album 'Love Remains' (release Sept 2010)
The music and video is inspired by art: the featured Yüksel Arslan is not a musician, but a Turkish artist who worked in the 60ies in Paris with Surrealists like Andre Breton and is inspired for his paintings about the society and various cultures by Marx (analysis of capital) and Freud's theory of the unconscious. The video itself shows director Jamie Harley's overlying images that are probably taken from documentaries from a street festival and provoke a dreamy effect. And US musician Tom Krell aka 'How to Dress Well' is living a double life; during day time, he is translating a book with a view on philosophy in times after Immanuel Kant; at night, he provides the spherical voice to his otherworldly compositions. Fashionoffice has received the album tip with the words: "How To Dress Well does not say what his songs mean, but rather exposes the listener to a range of senses and sensations and invites them to discover or redefine their own emotional constellation in each song."

6/8/2010 - Music tip: 'Best' by Cheyenne Marie Mize from the new album 'Before Lately' (release Sept 2010)
The US musician with the 'old soul' Cheyenne Marie Mize comes from Louisville, KY. She has already worked together with Bonnie Prince Billy and Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Last year, she has released an album together with Bonnie Prince Billy. The first song of the new album 'Before Lately' is 'Best'; Cheyenne Marie Mize sings: "I tried my hardest to be what you wanted/But now we both see it was all for the best." 

6/8/2010 - (Mushroom?-trip) music video tip: 'Monsters' by Francis International Airport
The video shows the 5 members of the Vienna based band in an Austrian forest in a midsummernight's dream. It was posted in late July 2010 on YouTube. The track 'Monsters' came out already in May 2010. It is the first single of Francis International Airport's 2nd album (release autumn 2010).

Trip to nature
Nature is season-interactive material for transformative art works. Let's take a look at two places, where nature becomes the material of art. Fashionoffice has collected some fashion pieces for the trip...

5/8/2010 - Music tip: 'Sex With an X' by the Scottish band 'The Vaselines' from the new album, release Sept 2010
The song is a preview to the 12 tracks album. It's the second one after the band had broken up in 1989.

Flashy, funky, disco, pop
Fashionoffice has searched through the information that was sent for editorial consideration and noticed one strong trend: flashy, funky, disco, pop colors in the kitchen, on bags, shoes, fragrance bottles, bikes...

4/8/2010 - Music tip: The Secret Sisters’ debut album with Jack White on guitar
Fashionoffice just received the music tip about the new album 'Silver Threads and Golden Needles' by the US singers Laura and Lydia Rogers aka 'The Secret Sisters'. On 10 August, the single with 2 tracks will be released. The cover of Johnny Cash’s Big River (A-side) and on the B-side the classical American folksong 'The Wabash Cannonball' in 1930s style with 'My Morning Jacket' Carl Broemmel on pedal steel, are produced by Jack White's record label 'Third Man Records' in Nashville. The full length album will be released on 5th October.

Joyride; Austria Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, August 2010
I have discovered the number/letters combination 'O5S' on the ground of a lake in Austria; you can see it on the second photo...

2/8/2010 - Neuroaesthetics and molecular aesthetics in electronic art
Artist and media theorist Peter Weibel (Austria/Germany) is one of the speakers at the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art. The Symposium, which happens in Essen, Dortmund and Duisburg (Germany) from 20 to 29 August 2010, provides discussions around themes like media and new identities, current scientific and artistic paradigms. On 24 August, Peter Weibel speaks about neuroaesthetics and molecular aesthetics and how they can open up new horizons. The introduction to Peter Weibel's keynote was sent with following words: "Artists are no longer exclusively producers of autonomous art. Instead, they frequently present results of long-term scientific research projects. The laboratory as an art space, neuro-aesthetics and media-aesthetics as the artists’ fields of work are the main subjects in this thread of the conference."

1/8/2010 - Video of Peter Kogler's computer installation
The video by a visitor of the Viennese MUMOK captures the whole playtime of Austrian artist Peter Kogler's installation. It starts with a grid or a wire frame that begins to change its structure by new perspectives. It begins with 'lizard-eyes' which are wandering over the screens. They open the wire frame for a new view with wide-angle. Later, the amorphous figures dominate the artificial regularity of the grid. From 1 July to 12 September 2010, the Schirn Kunsthalle (Germany) exhibits Peter Kogler's 360-degree multi-projection from 12 projectors. The vibrating sound comes from Viennese sonic artist Franz Pomassl who has arranged the tones on instruments from measurement technology and other research fields.

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