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30/9/2010 - 'sexuality' and '(wo)man-machine'
...are two themes of the Austrian fashion and product designer Nina Levett. You can find them visualized in a punky scribbled and painted style printed on tableware, textiles, wallpapers, films, etc. Nina Levett calls herself on an 'uncontrollable missile'. The designer's work will be presented until 14 Nov at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she creates a virtual wedding on occasion of Vienna Design Week (1-10 Oct) on 5th October and from 15 to 17 Oct you can find design pieces of Nina Levett during the Blickfang Vienna; even at MAK.

30/9/2010 - Wind up; Fashionoffice Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
I hope Fashionoffice users can enjoy the winds in autumn; I have tightened up my dragon 'Rudie Rabe' already. In this Fashionoffice Insight I introduce a new feature...

30/9/2010 - 'The Trap' by Vincent Minor
Troubling tales on orchestral sounds from the LA based singer with the baritone voice...

29/9/2010- Catwalk show: Nicolas Andréas Taralis SS2011 at Paris Fashion Week
On 28 Sept, Toronto born designer Nicolas Andréas Taralis presented the all in black SS2011 collection at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The men's and women's wear designer studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and at the class of Helmut Lang at The University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Dazed Digital publishes an interview; on Vogue you will find a slight show with zoom feature to see the details of the rock-Middle Ages inspired pieces.

29/9/2010 - Animal prints and biker jackets
The catwalk show begins with 'The Feeling' singing "... I want ya ...". Probably the guests at the show thought the same when they saw the new collection. Seen in the front row: 'Sex and the City' actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

29/9/2010 - Men as 'Girl Toy'
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the video 'Girl Toy' by the Danish men's wear label Jack & Jones.

29/9/2010 - Re-listen: 'Absurd' by Fluke from the album 'Risotto' (1997)
The ambient/techno/electronic/dance music formation Fluke (Mike Bryant, Jon Fugler, Mike Tournier) was founded in the late 80s in London. Their music was used for movies like 'The Matrix Reloaded' or 'Tomb Raider'. You can hear the single 'Absurd' in Jessica Alba's legendary dance scene in 'Sin City'

28/9/2010 - The sweet things in life -or- Men's anatomy
Fashionoffice has collected some pieces around the theme 'The sweet things in life'.

27/9/2010 - 'Qui est cette fille?'
French electropop singer Yelle became famous when she posted a song on MySpace.

27/9/2010 - La semaine de la mode à Paris
Twitter user jodinasser writes: "Walking down the street next to 2 Paris fashion week models... I feel extra short". Fashionoffice has installed the search on ‘Paris Fashion Week’ on its cover.

27/9/2010 - L'Amour Fou
Just as Paris Fashion Week (28 Sept - 6 Oct) starts, the documentary 'L'Amour Fou' about Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé is a theme in fashion online.

26/9/2010 - Inspired by fairies; seen at Milan Fashion Week
And again a report by Hilary Alexander from which is worth to look at! Alexander provides a view on the fairy-like dresses by Alberta Ferretti on the Milan catwalk (22 Sept). You can see the fashion reporter in an interview with the Italian designer backstage.
The video ends with Alberta Ferretti saying: "We are fairies and we are witches."

26/9/2010 - Inspired by cultural diversity; seen at Milan Fashion Week
On 24 Sept, the Italian label Etro - known for its signature prints, presented the new SS2011 collection during Milan Fashion Week (22-28 September). Hilary Alexander reports on "Designer Veronica Etro follows the global cultural trail...".

26/9/2010 - Paris Fashion Week (28 Sept - 6 Oct)
"I saw some models with big wheeled bag in this morning at cafe. The11S/S Paris fashion week is just around corner." writes 'bastaaaard' on Twitter. Fashionoffice has installed the new search on Paris Fashion Week on its cover. The fashion week (SS2011 collections) starts on 28 Sept and runs until 6 Oct.

26/9/2010 - REM song inspires an exhibition
The video shows a young skateboarder in an abandoned house filled with garbage-a-like souvenirs.

25/9/2010 - R&B beats in an electronic affair
The spherical tones of 'Lover's start' by 'How to Dress Well' are visualized with a romantic video. It shows footage from the movie 'Franz' with Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel in the main role on the French beach with two hand bags; in one of them he has birds which get their freedom again.

24/9/2010 - Peak Performance invites to video-qualifying 'King of Style'
Fashionoffice just received the information that sportswear label Peak Performance invites on occasion of a meeting of the Freestyle-Skiing-Elite on 20 November 2010 in Stockholm to a video-qualifying. The video-qualifying is open since 23 Sept; details how to submit your 60seconds-films are published on

24/9/2010 - Music video about boarding
"Follow Me Down explores a theme that anyone driven by some immeasurable passion will recognise — that there are no easy rides in life."

24/9/2010 - Re-listen: 'Einstein on the beach' by Philip Glass; Music Insight by Karin Sawetz
This was the most expensive album I have ever bought!

24/9/2010 - Video from the opening of the Vienna Fashion Week (22 - 26 Sept)
The Austrian magazine (belongs to the daily newspaper reports from the Vienna Fashion Week with views on the catwalk of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, backstage, and interview with couturier Thang de Hoo who says that the motto of his collection is simply 'luxury'.

23/9/2010 - Re-listen: 'Another Green World' by Brian Eno; Music Insight by Karin Sawetz
My old friend really has a good music taste and introduced me to Bonny Prince Billy, Beirut Music, or Antony and the Johnsons at first in the 2000s. But as far as I remember, 'Another Green World' by Brian Eno was an album that I have brought to his music universe...

23/9/2010 - 'Love at first sight'
Basque designer Ion Fiz says about the French confectionary inspired candy colored 'Love at first sight' SS2011 collection: "It happened when I came face to face with the haute patisserie miracle that the entire world has learned to pronounce with due sensuality: Macaroon. I became a staunch supporter after the first bite..."

23/9/2010 - Country statistics of Fashionoffice
Fashionoffice has updated the statistical graphics and shows now the percentage of users from a non-European country instead of the contingent of Austrian users: France 21.04%; United States 17.75%; Germany 10.11%; United Kingdom 5.18%; Austria 3.99%; Canada 2.73%...

22/9/2010 - A singer in vintage scenery with giant puppets and sinister puppeteer
'Old soul' Cheyenne Marie Mize appears in her debut music video in the vintage scenery of a wooden theatre together with giant puppets and a not so harmless looking puppeteer.

22/9/2010 - Vienna Fashion Week starts today
The new Twitter search 'Vienna Fashion Week' is installed on the cover of the magazine. Spanish design label Agatha Ruiz de la Prada will open the fashion week today at 19.00; Fashionoffice has looked closer at the program (22 - 26 Sept)

21/9/2010 - Emma Watson, Dita Von Teese, Mischa Barton, Agyness Deyn, Roisin Murphy... celebrities from the showbiz at 'London Fashion Week'.

21/9/2010 - 'Stones in the attic' by Mr. Little Jeans
Mr. Little Jeans is a Norwegian singer. She is a brand new talent on the music stage. Ailbhe Malone writes on the music magazine NME: "It’s obviously brilliant, and will fit your ears tighter than boil-washed skinny-jeans."

20/9/2010 - About love and magic
Fashionoffice has collected some pieces that tell the story about love to leather jeans, frogs, magic tools and ends with medic-a-like pills and a 'Deep Space'-drinking glass...

20/9/2010 - The First Man Ever
Celebrity photographer Michel Comte captures Campari's first man. The Campari man will follow in this role actresses like Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes or Jessica Alba.

20/9/2010 - 'All Day Doing Nothing' by Greek/Italian artist Angelo Plessas
The interactive artwork was found by searching for more information about Lovett/Codagnone, who have curated 'Personal shout' in 2008 during the GBLT Festival in Turin where 'All Day Doing Nothing' was exhibited. At this time, the New York based artist duo Lovett/Codagnone (John Lovett and the Italian Alessandro Codagnone) are exhibiting their work 'Your Hero is a Ghost' at SculptureCenter (runs until 29 Nov). The theatrical installation invites to question role-models, how power is "...encoded in specific social behaviors and how language constructs and confines identity." Lovett/Codagnone are using theatrical texts such as Austrian writer Peter Handke's 'Offending the Audience' (1966)

19/9/2010 - Surprised by an art work on a wall; Vienna Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz
"I was on my way to one of my favorite walking destinations at the Alberner Hafen in Simmering, Vienna, when I was surprised by an artwork by the Italian wall painter BLU on an old silo...."

19/9/2010 - "Andy Warhol said we all have 15 minutes. F* the 15 minutes. ..."
"... I give you a painting and make you live for ever." says US artist Kehinde Wiley.

18/9/2010 - Where The F*ck is My Sailor?
Think of white arctic summer nights, the isolation of Nordic winters when you watch the video from Ivana Helsinki's catwalk show in New York. The anchor motifs on the 60s styled pieces of the 'Where The F*ck is My Sailor?' SS2011 collection are inspired by old-school Sailor tattoo designs.

18/9/2010 - Music video: 'Double Edge' by Emika
London based record label 'Ninja Tune' has front rowed the video 'Double Edge' by Berlin based singer Emika on its Myspace site. The video is filmed via webcam between London and Berlin. "I make pop, but with a hard edge, playing different sounds and intensities against each other. I try to stay on the fence, leaving room for the listener to create a sense of what its about. It’s all about tension for me," says Emika on

17/9/2010 - Celebrities in the front row at London Fashion Week
Commentary about LFWs first day in 'The Sun': "Unfortunately invites are limited, but we don't let a small thing like a guestlist stand in the way of us and a party."

17/9/2010 - Celebrities from sport
Some celebrities are selling an image to fulfil what the public seeks for - like doing nothing and become celebrated, and some celebrities do something what's really worth to follow. Mario Gomez, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and fashion...

17/9/2010 - Celebrity from the net is styling a man in FW11
The video shows celebrated fashion blogger Bryan Boy - he became internationally renown when he blogged from a show sitting nearby Anna Wintour (report with image on The New York Times), dressing up a man into pieces of the FW11 collection at the H&M showroom in Stockholm.

17/9/2010 - The lense on a teenage celebrity photographer
The documentary 'Teenage Papararozzo' will premiere on HBO on 27 Sept 2010. HBO (Home Box Office) provides series, movies, Apps... via cable, satellite or telephone in over 150 countries. In 'Teenage Paparazzo' Adrian Grenier - you know him from his role 'Nate' in the movie 'The Devil Wears Prada', turned his eye on the 14 year old paparazzo Austin Visschedyk who started his photo career with images of Paris Hilton. Adrian Grenier's motivation is to uncover the phenomena of "...a culture so fixated on fame that its children stalk celebrities at night."

17/9/2010 - "Good morning London Fashion Week!"
...writes a fashion styling student on Twitter. Fashionoffice has installed a new Twitter search for London Fashion Week (17 - 22 Sept) on its cover. Irish (Dublin) tailor Paul Costelloe will once again open the Fashion Week at 9.00. For SS2011 Paul Costelloe is inspired by Madeleine Vionnet, the 1920/30s and mixes it with a touch rock’n’roll. Interview with Paul Costelloe and review of his collections on

16/9/2010 - Male photography from Brazil
Fashionoffice just received the information about the new editorial work by the Brazilian photographer Gabriel Wickbold specially for the online-publication The title of the work is 'Fantasy' and is inspired by the artists Pierre and Gilles "...with fashion meeting surrealism art in a very ultra kitsch reality".

16/9/2010 - Male photography tour through Vienna
The video shows photographer Sam Scott Schiavo, stylists, models, and Tiberius designer Marcos Valenzuela on various places...

15/9/2010 - Sport, art, science and entertainment on one road; Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz
"I took my bicycle for meeting a friend at the new restaurant 'Vivus' in the Viennese Prater nearby the Riesenrad - you can see it on the image..."

15/9/2010 - Jack White explains his design 'triple decker record'
The video shows Jack White in his function as the head of his own record label Third Man Records in Nashville explaining a new invention: the triple decker record designed by Jack White. It is made for carrying three versions of a song; limited edition to 300, comes out on 17 September.

15/9/2010 - A.Hallucination SS2011 during London Fashion Week (17-22 Sept)
Fashionoffice just received an invitation to the A.Hallucination SS2011 presentation at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. 'Vauxhall Fashion Scout' runs from 17 to 22 September. During these days, it's the place where you can meet interesting new designers like Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design graduates Hwan-Sung Park and Chung-Chung Lee of the menswear label A. Hallucination. They premiered just earlier this year with their first collection inspired by the London Eye and Big Ben (Fashionoffice article from May 2010 on

14/9/2010 - From taste and style to experiment and risk
'Flash On Week’ by Eley Kishimoto is one of the warm-up events for the Anti Design Festival in London. Neville Brody, director of the festival says: "We welcome no_use, no_function and no_fear. We welcome anarchy, without the stereotypical."

14/9/2010 - Campus fashion
Summer is over and the next semester at the university starts. Fashionoffice has collected some pieces for the 'Campus Style'.

13/9/2010 - Doodle-prints in fashion
Alexander Wang presented his SS2011 at the New York Fashion Week and premiered with the first in-house print. The doodle-print was created by the Alexander Wang staff while the working place was reconstructed.

13/9/2010 - Post-punk in fashion
The UK band 'The Duke Spirit' appeared in a video for Dr. Martens and now live at the Y-3 catwalk presentation during New York Fashion Week.

12/9/2010 - 'The Amen Break' on a shirt
The latest t-shirt by the Swedish wearable magazine 'T-post' is about the 'Amen Break', a 6-second drum solo by G.C. Coleman from the band The Winstons from the late 60s. The original title of the b-side track is 'Amen, Brother' and was used intensively in sampled music (hip hop, electronic music).

12/9/2010 - Stage design by Anthony Burrill for Jenny Packham FW11 at London Fashion Week; music by Acid Washed
UK artist Anthony Burrill's illustrations, videos, designs can be found in museums and galleries, at store fronts such as Colette in Paris and on catwalks like Jenny Packham's FW11 presentation during London Fashion Week. Recently, his art work for the French electro-pop duo 'Acid Washed' from their self-titled debut album premiered online The album will be released on 17 September.

12/9/2010 - The abstraction of space and cartoon
Polly Apfelbaum said about her cartoon-abstraction, "I liked the idea of a strong somewhat promiscuous female role model, the slightly out-of-control quality of these cartoon characters." Now, her abstraction of space is in exhibition.

12/9/2010 - Video interview: Londoner label Orschel-Read
Fashionoffice received an invitation to the Orschel-Read 'The Spy who becomes Me' SS2011 show on 22 September at London Fashion Week. Stefan from Orschel-Read creates men's collections and dresses musicians like Lady Gaga.

11/9/2010 - Photo slideshow (music, portraits, fashion, beauty) by the Absynth photographers
London based Absynth photographers Sandrine Dulermo and Michael Labica had recently a shooting with Jade Jagger and Dan Williams; one of the images from the shooting is part of the website's slideshow. Entering the site, you will find photos of Roisin Murphy, Alicia Keys, Jean Reno...

11/9/2010 - Music video: 'Dead Fool' by New Orleans rapper Trademark Da Skydiver
Fashionoffice just received the music video tip. The track is from the album 'Super Villain Issue #2', which comes into stores on 12 October 2010.

11/9/2010 - Catwalk video: Nicholas K SS2011 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York
Nicholas K is the label by the siblings Christopher Kunz and Nicholas Kunz. They opened this year's MB Fashion Week on 9 September. New York tour guide Tyler Williams reports on
: "My first MBFW show was also the first MBFW show of the season: Nicholas K. ... When it was over, I tweeted that the collection was like “cozy desert chic”..."

11/9/2010 - Track and video: synth-pop 'Love Demolition' by Zowie
Zowie (aka Zoe Fleury) is a brand new musician from Auckland, New Zealand. At the same time as the teaser video for 'Love Demolition' was released, Zowie appears on several websites; such as on, where she talks in an interview about her music, drumming, song texts, the own personal sense of style, and her dressing up, which comes from Auckland based emerging designer Serena Fagence.

10/9/2010 - Ego trip in the mountains
Bench presents the new FW11 sports collection with an online video from the sunny Swiss Alps. The video is produced by Patrick Armbruster, co-owner of Absinthe Films. The film crew is on snowboard movie tour now.

10/9/2010 - Windsurfing and bike design
The photo shows a detail of the muscular sculptured road bike 'Diablo'; on the video, the designers speak about the idea of creating a bike for a windsurf-champion.

10/9/2010 - The diversity of Korean fashion in New York
Kwak Hyun Joo has selected for her collection the animated cartoon 'Pucca' (represents a 10 year old girl) as inspiring source. The video from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York shows two other collections; men in dark gothic style and elegant couture for women.

9/9/2010 - Video about art star Yoshitomo Nara
The video by Japanorama is a short documentation about the Japanese Neo Pop artist Yoshitomo Nara (born 1959), who is known for images and sculptures of dogs and evil thinking children. He is influenced by the rock and punk music culture, manga and television animation. At this time (until 2 January 2011), the Asia Society Museum in New York presents Yoshitomo Nara's drawings, paintings, scultpures, installations under the title 'Nobody's Fool'

8/9/2010 - Ethical Fashion Show Paris (25 - 28 Sept)
Fashionoffice just received the invitation to the 2010 Ethical Fashion Show in Paris. On 4 days, designers and labels will show ideas for recycling, innovative materials and production processes as well as traditional manufacturing techniques. The 27th September is the prize-giving day! It starts with the 'Ethical Fashion Enterprise' prize, sponsored by La Redoute. On the last day, visitors are invited to specialist discussions like 'ethics in fashion industry'. Details on

8/9/2010 - Video 'Beng Beng Beng' by the Nigerian musician Femi Kuti
Recently, Femi Kuti (son of Fela Kuti) has released the album 'Day By Day: Remixed Vol.1' with remixes of his songs by Bombass, Chinese Man... His album 'Day By Day' has been nominated for the Grammy Award 2010 in the category Best Contemporary World Music Album

8/9/2010 - 'Dandy und Gentleman' in latex and leather by Tiberius at the Vienna Fashion Week (22 - 26 Sept)
The men's collection 'Dandy und Gentleman' by the Viennese 'Special Fashion' label Tiberius premieres on 24 September at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by the 'Eros Dandy' of the 1920s/30s. The 11-Dandy/Gentleman is dressed in classical pieces like biker jackets and 5 pocket leather jeans. Tiberius' fashionistas will party after the show at Aux Gazelles

7/9/2010 - A-Trak remix of 'Kilometer' by Sebastien Tellier
Sebastien Tellier announces that the 'Sexuality Remix Album' featuring remixes by A-Trak, Kavinsky, Boys Noize... will be released via the French label Record Makers on 10 September.

7/9/2010 - Printed masculinity
...a collection that consists of artful printed shirts in nude and blood-sodden colors showing abstracted muscles and inner organs of the male body mixed with classical...

7/9/2010 - Music by women and the concept of female jeans
Levi's goes with Kelis and Natalia Kills on 'Curve Attack Tour' and presents at the same time the new 'Curve ID'-jeans for women...

6/9/2010 - Women of tomorrow
From 22 to 26 September 2010, the city of Vienna becomes again the meeting point for national and international designers at the MuseumsQuartier. Fashionoffice looked through the program and at selected collections; especially ep_anoui's women's collection 'A Promising Tomorrow'.

6/9/2010 - Men of tomorrow
Fashionoffice tries to find out if there exists in men's style an expression for living nowadays in times of high-technology, nature-friendliness and in a society that can be tracked by numbers - if IP-addresses by surfing through the net...

5/9/2010 - Surprisingly interactive city-playground
...from 8 to 26 September in Frankfurt with projects like the 'Tape Installation' by the Austrian-Croatian design collective For Use/Numen or Frankfurt-native Jördis Hille's 'Public-Walking-Talking-Mobile'.

5/9/2010 - Rapper meets punky Barbie
Fashionoffice received the lookbook of Brooklyn Bandit's FW11 jeans collection. By searching for more information about the label, the musician Trey Songz appears in the 'spotlight'. He appears in the new video with punky Barbie Nicki Minaj.

4/9/2010 - Video from a fashion shooting FW11
Jeans and casual wear label Pioneer publishes the video from the fashion shooting for the FW11 collections men and women on its website. The label was founded 1977 in times of hippies-disco-punk as a provider for bourgeois-classical fashion. Each Jeans model has a number which is developed from the typical product code number, a combination of season, model and colour code.

4/9/2010 - Music video 'Stereo' by John Legend
On John Legend's website, you can enjoy the funky-relaxed song 'Wake Up Everybody' from the new album WAKE UP!; comes into stores on 21 September 2010.

4/9/2010 - Nina Rindt's legendary style
In the late 60s, Nina Rindt and racing car driver Jochen Rindt had been the first stars of the Formula 1. He was the awarded driver and she has influenced the fashionistas of her time with chic-sportive clothing and especially her cap - like you can see on Nina Rindt's Facebook page, has written fashion history. From 3 - 26 Sept 2010, the gallery Westlicht in Vienna memorizes Jochen Rindt with the exhibition 'The first pop star of Formula 1'.

3/9/2010 - Favorite keywords of Fashionoffice users
The favorite keywords that brought users in August by search to Fashionoffice are now published online.

3/9/2010 - Liniert at Vienna Fashion Week (22 - 26 Sept)
On 24 Sept, the Viennese design label Liniert will present the collection 'Tactical Clothing' like suits for city-bicyclists at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

3/9/2010 - 'Combustivel' by Arto Lindsay from the album 'Salt'
Experimental musician Arto Lindsay (born in US, raised in Brazil) is known for mixing rhythms and melodies from diverse cultures and genres in provocative new ways; Lindsay crosses both geographical and musical borders. The musician, producer, and artist has already collaborated with Laurie Anderson and David Byrne, John Zorn, German theater director Heiner Mü name a few. The Berlin gallery VW (VeneKlasen/Werner) invites on 4 September 2010 to SMYPHONY- MOVEMENT I: CAST by Arto Lindsay. Lindsay will paint the gallery with sound, dripping and pouring his music onto the walls, corners and floors of the space, where it is recorded and played back as a memory of the performance.

2/9/2010 - Funky synth-disco 'Static On The Wire' (RAC Remix) by Holy Ghost!
The song 'Static On The Wire' by the New Yorker duo Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser alias 'Holy ghost!' premiered today in a RAC remix on the MP3 download site RCRD LBL with the remark "...this one was too good to pass up."

2/9/2010 - Sexy, wild, cool view on women
Lanvin is probably one of the most interesting French high fashion labels in 2010. Fashionoffice looked closer at the women's collection and other activities of the fashion house like the collaboration with H&M.

2/9/2010 - 'Credit Card Babie$' by MEN
"Combining politics with dance parties, art with activism, MEN shows reach a fever pitch. Their songs speak to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise, queer rights, and demanding liberties,..."

2/9/2010 - 'Worst Fashion Show Ever'
The info was sent as a Google alert about new fashion articles; one of the headlines leads to this video under the title 'Worst Fashion Show Ever'. It is published by the New York headquartered magazine about fashion, media, beauty, retail The magazine comments media products such as the 'Worst Fashion Show Ever', reports from fashion events like the World AIDS Conference in Vienna, where prostitutes presented fashion, or analyses the work of designers today under the influence of celebrity culture.

1/9/2010 - Urban sport & art events
The European store chain 'New Yorker' announces the arrival of the Paint Club at the Bicycle Film Festival...


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