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30 Nov 2010 - Fashion video: Saudi Arabian designer Hatem Alakeel in a BBC portrait
On 29 Nov 2010, New York based PSFK (PSFK are researchers on trends, consulters, publishers) have released an interview with Hatem Alakeel. Saudi Arabian fashion designer Hatem Alakeel answers when asked about the source of his inspirations: "Using art and history is always a great way to bring back old style and modernize it. I’ve done everything from printing Andy Warhol’s Cambell Soup on a thobe to using Clark Gable style for my classic line."

30 Nov 2010 - Fashion and media theory at Fashionoffice; Insight by publisher Karin Sawetz, Dec 2010
Fashionoffice's editorial concept is built upon the scientific approach to fashion and the theory that fashion has to be seen in a timeline and in context...

29 Nov 2010 - What's real?
Vienna and Taipei based multimedia artist Jun Yang questions our perception of time and space. He is one of 10 artists whose works about the simulation of 'real environment' are in exhibition from Dec on. "As a result of mass media such as mobile telephones, Internet or advertising displays, we perceive the reality around us more and more as a space defined by the media..."

29 Nov 2010 - Textile patterns that apply a 'home'-feeling to a museum
Recently, Michael Lin was selected for a personal home series for Louis Vuitton. Now, an exhibition with his large-scale patterns based on the idea 'home at the museum' is running at Centro Pecci in Italy. Michael Lin has invited the museum guests at the opening to a special edition of Taiwan Beer and Long Life cigarettes.

28 Nov 2010 - Art video: An artist in the role of a fashion designer
The left screen shows the original scenes of a Rainer Werner Fassbinder movie, and on the right screen, you can see the Berlin and Singapore based artist Ming Wong himself in the female role of the "successful but arrogant fashion designer..."

28 Nov 2010 - Symposium and exhibition on 'Art, Fashion, Identity'
The London College of Fashion invites on 6 and 7 December to the symposium 'Aware: Art Fashion Identity' about clothing as a medium for communication - as it is a carrier of memory and traditions, how its meaning changes in cultural contexts or how it is engaged in social or political confrontations. The symposium accompanies the same-titled exhibition showing works of Hussein Chalayan, Yinka Shonibare, La Maison Martin Margiela... to name three of around 30 artists, couturiers, and designers who will be presented at the Royal Academy of Arts from 2 Dec to 30 Jan 2011. "Hussein Chalayan will present a new dress inspired by the 300 year old Japanese tradition of Bunraku puppet theatre while Yinka Shonibare is working with bespoke tailor Chris Stevens on creating 18 designs based on 19th-century children’s dress which will be assembled to form a wall mural."

28 Nov 2010 - Music video: 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' by Annie Lennox from the album 'A Christmas Cornucopia'
Scottish singer/songwriter has collected traditional British, French, German songs and applied contemporary story-telling melodies to them such as one of the album's songs 'Lullay Lullay' links directly to violation against children. The first single of the album 'Universal Child' was released already in October and is the album's fundraising track for projects supporting and educating women and children in Africa with HIV/AIDS.

27 Nov 2010 - Classical and naughty; Dance Style FW2010/11
...pieces that are developed from a classical style but modified with an artful touch. Like the wild tulip draperies on a dress, the handmade beadings on a fair trade clutch, a stone arrangement that looks like naturally grown on a ring, lip balms in the form of wax crayons, a modern brief inspired by a 19th century French painter's view on Orientalism, and an olfactoric potion 'naughty' by a designer who is known for her cheeky fashion.

27 Nov 2010 - Dance-video: Eletronic-tango 'Pa' Bailar' by Bajofondo
The video for the song 'Pa' Bailar' by the eight members band (Uruguay, Argentina) Bajofondo is directed by Latin Grammy Award winner (Best Short Form Music Video) Picky Talarico. It shows a party where people are dancing to tango, electronic music. Bajofondo's composer/producer/vocalist/guitarist Santaolalla, he is also film composer ('Brokeback Mountain', Louis Vuitton 'Journeys') and awarded with several prizes (Grammy, Golden Globe, BAFTA...), says on MySpace: "With Bajofondo we don’t like the label ‘electronic tango’ because we try to make a contemporary music of Rio de la Plata (the river that forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay) music from Argentina, from Uruguay. ... in our case, so is rock ‘n’ roll, electronica and hip hop. Hopefully a new language, not pure tango."

26 Nov 2010 - Search technology in fashion boutiques
Recently, Google's opened its interactive website. is made of a self-learning visual search technology which navigates through numerous products of international labels and designers. writes on its website that it "is built on technology developed by our team of fashion experts who work with engineers to 'teach' our computer systems to understand various patterns, pairings, and genre definitions." You can make an own quasi-'wishlist' by entering your profile. At first, the machine will detect your style: edgy, classic, romantic, or...

26 Nov 2010 - Re-watched: 'Santa Baby' performed by the Pussycat Dolls
The song 'Santa Baby' is originally by the American singer, cabaret star and actress Eartha Kitt from 1953. In the meanwhile, stars like Kylie Minogue, Madonna, or the Pussycat Dolls, who convince especially with the video from their stage performance, have recorded the song about making XMas wishes.

26 Nov 2010 - Double Santa double gifts?
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink by the Swedish label T-post showing a XMas strategy for gifts with the words "Double Santa equals double gifts"
- whatever this means.

26 Nov 2010 - Re-listen: 'Got My Mojo Working' by Muddy Waters and Sonny Boy Williamson II on the harmonica
The American Blues musician Muddy Waters recorded the song about 'Mojo' (Mojo is a magical charm and the sexual attraction a person has on others) in 1957. The video of the performance between Muddy Waters and Sonny Boy Williamson II is probably from the early 1960s.
The song counts to the greatest in the 20th century music history.

25 Nov 2010 - Fashion video: Modepalast 2010
Fashionoffice just received the call for applications for the next Modepalast from 26 to 29 May 2011 in Vienna with the note: "We encourage green brands, newcomers and brands with collections for silver agers to apply for Modepalast 2011!" Details on

25 Nov 2010 - From Australia to Austria to California
What looks like a scarf is a painting by an Australian artist showing Aboriginal ceremonies and the bracelet is decorated with art objects which are metaphors on our society by an Austrian painter. Fashionoffice has mixed the nice-to-look-at pieces with fashion like the trippy t-shirt from the collection 'California Dreaming' illustrated with a feathered tiger head...

25 Nov 2010 - An artist on nature and our media-related view on it
The artificially modified representatives of trees, earth, landscapes by the French artist Didier Marcel, who questions the interventions of humans on nature, are now exhibited under the title 'sommes-nous l’élégance' until 2 January 2011 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

24 Nov 2010 - Arts, computer sciences, and engineering
The New Media Arts MFA program at the University of Illinois at Chicago is developed from an interdisciplinary approach of arts, computer sciences, and engineering. The students are trained to become researchers, makers, and innovators in the field 'New Media Arts'. Applications for fall 2011 are accepted until 1 February 2011.

24 Nov 2010 - Music video/trailer: 'Derezzed' by Daft Punk with scenes from the movie 'Tron Legacy' (release 17 Dec)
The soundtrack by the electronic duo Daft Punk for the follow-up of the legendary 80ies movie 'Tron' about a 'hacker' (1982), in 'Tron Legacy' it's a 'virtual-world worker' (2010), who gets into a computer system and fights in gladiatorial games against the 'Master Control Program' can be found on

23 Nov 2010 - Think a city motorbike tour!
The trousers, shirt, glasses, shoes... are from the current fall/winter and the upcoming spring/summer collections; the motorbike on the following page premiered in early November 2010 in Milan.

23 Nov 2010 - Fashion video: Making of scenes, designer interview and music by Vodka & Milk
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the new fashion video by Los Angeles based label 'Veloce Hats' showing scenes from the shooting of 'The Noir Limited Edition Collection' of volleyball and cycling caps by Cameron Picardi, the founder of Veloce Hats The music for the video comes from LA based Vodka & Milk; you can listen the track even on

23 Nov 2010 - Unofficial music video: Punky garage-rock 'Shake Me Down' by Cage The Elephant
US band 'Cage The Elephant' just released their first single 'Shake Me Down' from the new album 'Thank You, Happy Birthday' on iTunes. The album 'Thank You, Happy Birthday' comes out on 11 Jan 2011.

22 Nov 2010 - Video insights into the 3rd edition of the art/design event 'Fitting Room' in Bilbao
Fashionoffice just received the announcement that the call for the 4th edition of the 'Fitting Room', this time in Madrid, opened today. The event is taking place in the Petit Palace Art Gallery Hotel of Madrid on 5th March 2011. Details on

22 Nov 2010 - Saturday Midday Shopping; Beauty Insight by Karin Sawetz, Nov 2010
The reason for this Beauty Insight is not only that I want to publish the statement of a shopwoman who spread social ideas in a beauty store; it's a necessity for me to write about some experiences that I have made with a cream.

22 Nov 2010 - Viennese designers at XMas fair 'Design Schenken 2010'
The Vienna based label Mano Design just invited to the XMas fair 'Design Schenken 2010' (means 'Donate Design') at the Looshaus Wien (3 Dec - 5 Dec). Mano Design was founded by Hedwig Rotter, who studied in the class of Matteo Thun at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. On her website, she is presenting her products such as vases with lace patterns that look like white embroidered collars of a Victorian dress around a black covered neck, or a photo lamp that can be modified by inserting new photos...

22 Nov 2010 - Biennale in Korea researches on design for new and unexpected concepts, practices, and social relations
"We must understand design as a fundamental act of intervening in the way we live," states the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale (founded 1995) and invites under the title 'Design is Design is not Design' from 2 September to 23 October 2011 to discussions about who designs, how we design, for whom we design, and why we design. "The exhibition theme, inspired by the first words in 'Do Duk Kyeong (Tao Te Ching, 道德經)' of No Ja (Lao Tzu, 老子) - 'The way道 that is the way is not always the way. The name名 that is the name is not always the name.', throws a complex question to the viewers with the interpretation of 'design is design is not always design and non-design is non-design is not always non-design'." More on

20 Nov 2010 - 'I call the shots!' by Margo
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the video 'I call the shots!' by Margo with the words: "The female Prince of the new millennium". is "completely obsessed with Margo from L.A..." and compare her style to the 80s, but with the difference that she combines the sexiness of voices like Prince with a sexy female touch. On YouTube, Margo has published an interview which gives an insight into her world, the male and female thing, artists she loves like David LaChapelle...

19 Nov 2010 - Fashion house Fendi at Design Miami (1-5 December)
The fair for limited-edition design 'Design Miami/' (founded 2005) invites each year to 'Design Performances'. The live demonstrations give insight how design objects are made. In December 2010, fashion, design and architecture will interplay in the multimedia installation 'Modern Primitives' by the Italian fashion house Fendi and the New York based architects Aranda\Lasch. "A study in contrasts, Modern Primitives will explore how different creative methods become compatible when technology and craft, and computation and intuition, intersect." Details on

19 Nov 2010 - Irregularities and deepness in design
'Misfit' explores the experimental working practices of product designer Hella Jongerius who has renewed the industrial production process by thinking imperfection, individuality and sustainability.

19 Nov 2010 - Video: Lanvin for H&M fashion event in New York
Lanvin artistic director Alber Elbaz speaks about that he and his team have put a personal touch to the couture pieces to keep them personal even as products of a mass production process.

18 Nov 2010 - Elemental Men Style
Probably the scarf's illustration wouldn't have found an entry on Fashionoffice if the preview image hadn't been vague. But now, you can see the women on it very clearly. And what you can see is elemental too.

18 Nov 2010 - 'The Staggers' at a party of hair/makeup artists, photographers, and fashion stylists
Fashionoffice received the 'Save the Date' for the vernissage with connected party of the hair and makeup artists, fashion stylists and photographers from Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Hamburg, who are since July 2010 known as members of 'Young Division' The event with the Austrian band 'The Staggers' is announced for 24th November at the Pratersauna in Vienna

18 Nov 2010 - Music video premiere: 'Bigger Than Us' by London's White Lies
This is the first video from a song of the new album 'Ritual' which will be released on 18 January 2011. The video 'Bigger Than Us' is directed by jonas & francois who have already made videos like Madonna's '4 minutes to save the world' - find work examples for Depeche Mode, Kanye West, Sebastien Tellier on Fashionoffice received the video tip with the words that the video "is a thrilling and twisted modern-day tribute to the last sequence from E.T. Playing like the final five minutes of an enthralling film, the climax jumps out at you, the images get more and more intense and then, finally, you find a resolution."

17 Nov 2010 - Trailer: Martin Scorsese's documentary 'Public Speaking' about New York writer Fran Lebowitz
Fran Lebowitz, New York writer and selected for Vanity Fair's 68th Annual International Best-Dressed List together with women like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Michelle Obama, Tilda Swinton, Renée Zellweger..., speaks in the documentary directed by Martin Scorsese about her worldview and experiences. Fran Lebowitz is the author of two collections of humorous essays, 'Metropolitan Life' (1978) and 'Social Studies' (1981), the children’s book 'Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas' (1994), and was writing for Andy Warhol's Interview. 'Public Speaking' premieres on 22 November on HBO.

17 Nov 2010 - Catwalk-video: Dahil Olma Projesi FW2010/11 by Bahar Korçan
Turkish designer Bahar Korçan introduces to her FW2010/11 silk, bamboo, cashmere collection with the poem 'Be included project': "The sand castle - Surrounded - The inner circle of old. Unclear..." Bahar Korçan was the first Turkish designer who was shown at Premier Vision Expo (2000-2001 winter collection) and she was the first designer who was selected to the board of directors of TGSD (Turkish Clothing Industry Association). Now, she is one of the speakers at the "Why Design, Why Biennial?": International Istanbul Design Symposium, organised by the Kadir Has University in Istanbul from 2 to 3 December 2010. It's the launch event for the International Istanbul Design Biennial in 2012. Details on

16 Nov 2010 - Digital media in research, praxis, and education; Media information by Fashionoffice, Nov 2010
'Timeline' and 'memory' are keywords that have been in the center of on human experience of reality and public opinion during the last five years. Now, the summary of the study on 'Memorized Data' will be published in the Annual Multimedia 2011 (release date 7 December 2010). 

16 Nov 2010 - 'Think Contra' view on Betsey Johnson SS2011 show during New York Fashion Week
'Think Contra' provides on its TV channel the magazine's shot/cut video about the fun-loving fashion by Betsey Johnson for princesses with Rihanna's song 'Only Girl in the World'. The online publication 'Think Contra' was launched in 2008 in Toronto (Canada) as a network of artists, photographers, designers, stylists, illustrators, writers and bloggers "who believe controversy and contrast are good, but creative freedom is even better"

16 Nov 2010 - Video: 'You Look Like Shit' with Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Bruce Willis, George Clooney...
The 'Megacut' is a funny video-exploration about the various meanings of one line which is often used in Hollywood movies.

16 Nov 2010 - Vintage styling inspired by New York's fashion icons
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the newest 'Rock Paper Vintage'-styling for Nylon Magazine by Karen Perez and Tiffany English; Tiffany is the founder of Rock Paper Vintage shop in New York. The styling is inspired by the styles of New York’s fashion icons; photographed by Alberto Milazzo.

15 Nov 2010 - publishes video about 'Skin' from an art-medicine view
The exhibition 'Skin' was held from 10 June to 26 September 2010 at the Wellcome Collection in London. provides an insight into the exhibition space such as the 'Skin Lab' with artistic responses to developments in plastic surgery and used therefore Frank Sinatra's song 'I've got you under my skin'. It is even worth to visit the website of the Wellcome Collection where currently the exhibition 'High Society' runs (11 November 2010 - 27 February 2011). This time, the collection has chosen a pharmaceutical approach and mixed it with expressions in art.

15 Nov 2010 - Balkan Gypsy dance music 'Bucovina' by Ian Oliver ft. Shantel
Bucovina is a region that was once partly Habsburg and Ottoman Empire. Today, it is Romania and partly Ukraine. The German based musician and DJ Shantel has named the nights when he is making live-dance music 'Bucovina Club'. He is on tour now: 17 Nov İstanbul, Turkey; 26 Nov Würzburg, Germany; 27 November Turin, Italy...

15 Nov 2010 - Art-video: 'Turkish Delight' by Kutluğ Ataman a funny-tragical work about the ideas of the West on Eastern culture. The artist Kutluğ Ataman wears in the video a wig and the costume of a belly dancer. The video is one of 11 major works of the artist which are now on exhibition. The retrospective 'Kutluğ Ataman - The Enemy Inside Me' runs from 10 November 2010 to 6 March 2011 at İstanbul Modern in Turkey

14 Nov 2010 - Free Mp3 and video: 'The Hair Song' by 'Black Mountain'
The video 'The Hair Song' shows a real skateboarding fan of the Canadian psychedelic-classical rock band 'Black Mountain'. It's from the new album 'Wilderness Heart' (released Sept 2010). LA Weekly cites director Zoe Bower: "I wanted real kids, real Black Mountain fans, not professional actors," she says, "[so] I put a casting notice on Craigslist Toronto for a 'Shaggy-haired, skateboarder metal kid.'"

14 Nov 2010 - How are memories indexed, stored and accessed in the computer age?
The 2nd Biennale 'Figures of Interactivity' (17 - 27 Nov, Poitiers, FR), which is produced by the European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI) with support of the University of Poitiers, asks under the title 'Memory (Memories)': "What happens to memory when, after the book, its place seems to be taken by the computer? What is memory? How do we access these memories, these reminiscences? Is episodic memory used more than semantic memory, for example? etc."

13 Nov 2010 - Video: 'The Girl Effect'
'The Girl Effect' is a campaign started by the Nike Foundation in collaboration with partners like the United Nations Foundation and the Coalition for Adolescent Girls. The aim is to support girls in poor countries so they become healthier and educated. More information about the initiative and the ideas behind 'The Girl Effect' and why it shall benefit the whole world on

13 Nov 2010 - 'Childish Things' the title of the upcoming exhibition with focus on toys, childhood, child development and the cultural conditioning of children with art by Louise Bourgeois, Susan Hiller, Mike Kelley, Jeff Koons... at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh (19 November 2010 – 23 January 2011).

13 Nov 2010 - Dancing through the night
Inspired by the culture of the 'Wiener Ball', which is an Austrian contribution to World Heritage, Fashionoffice has collected some pieces for a ball outfit...

12 Nov 2010 - 'Bag Against Crime'
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the 'Bag Against Crime' - looks like a folded newspaper but is a laptop sleeve or a clutch, by the Spanish design label Mitemite which describes itself as 'unnecssary objects lab'. On their website, they are presenting also the interior object 'Paper Planes' or home textiles like 'Madre Teresa' towels.
The objects are available online, in concept stores and museums like the Guggenheim in Venice.

11 Nov 2010 - Eletronic-pop by 'The Real Tuesday Weld' on fashion website
The Berlin based label Firma introduces with the antique cabaret alike song 'The Ugly and the Beautiful' by the UK band 'The Real Tuesday Weld' and morphing images of a man and a woman to the minimalistic fashion of Daniela Biesenbach and Carl Tillessen. Today, Firma has announced 'The Fabulous Baker Bag'. Human rights movement's activist Josephine Baker, who lived from 1925 to 1926 in Berlin, once said: "I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on."

11 Nov 2010 - Living in India
Ayesha Kapur provides with the black/white series 'Bollywood Tinsle Town' a view at the backstage of Bollywood and the life of young people in the Indian film industry. By searching for more information about Baptist Coelho - one of 34 artists beside Ayesha Kapur at the upcoming exhibition at Essl Museum in Austria (26 November 2010 and 27 February 2011), the following video impressed with women trying to put on red leather shoes and speaking about their life.

11 Nov 2010 - Symposium on research, education and practice in art
The symposium 'As the Academy Turns' explores from 2 to 4 December the potentials of artistic research and the current academization of art education; hosted by Manifesta 8 in Murcia, Spain.

11 Nov 2010 - 'These boots are made for walking' by The Legendary Tigerman feat. Maria De Medeiros
"This time, only women are allowed to stop in the Tigerman's world." is posted on 'The Legendary Tigerman''s website. For his latest album 'Femina' the Portugese musician Paulo Furtago (aka The Legendary Tigerman) worked together with Asia Argento, Phoebee Killdeer, Rita Redshoes, Peaches...

11 Nov 2010 - "Vibrating powermascara!", "Say hello to his compiler."
Sentences that mix the language of engineering and beauty are spreaded by the computer-driven lipstick art-installation with motion detector 'Lipstick Enigma' by Janet Zweig, who has developed it together with Franklyn Berry for the University of Central Florida, Orlando in 2010.

10 Nov 2010 - Designer on World Cultural Heritage from Indonesia
Ari Seputra has presented at the Jakarta Fashion Week (runs until 12 Nov) his collection 'Trilogia' which is inspired by three traditional Indonesian themes: Borobudur, Wayang and Keraton. Even his dresses are associated to the three themes, such as the evening gown that refers to 'Keraton' (means 'royal palace')...

10 Nov 2010 - 'Canta El Río' by Ceci Bastida (Uproot Andy Outernational Remix)
Fashionoffice just received the music tip. The song 'Canta El Rio' of the former member of Tijuana No! band, Latin American ska-punk-Mexican-folk musician Ceci Bastida premiered recently online. The Grammy Award 2010 nominated Ceci Bastida has released her new solo album 'Veo La Marea' on 9 November digitally on iTunes. The music tip came with the words: "Ceci changed the face of Tijuana’s music scene at just 15 years old with her ska/punk band Tijuana NO! Recognized for their heavy political lyrics and hard hitting style, ... In December 2008, she was invited to perform with Venegas at the 2008 Latin Grammys and in Oslo, Norway at the Nobel Peace Prize concert, alongside Jason Mraz, Diana Ross, and others."

9 Nov 2010 - Traveling global art
The large-scale photographs of the Parisian street artist JR show faces of the people from their own neighbourhood. On the video, you can see the artist's installations on the wall between Israel and Palestine or 'Women are Heroes' in Kenya. "After these local exhibitions, the images are transported to London, New York, Berlin or Amsterdam where people interpret them in the light of their own personal experience."

9 Nov 2010 - Creatively inspired by the troublemaker Peter Pan; seen at Espace culturel Louis Vuitton
The exhibition 'Qui es-tu Peter?' (Who are you, Peter?) presents the work of 13 artists who explore and sketch "a portrait of the troublemaker" Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow. 'Qui es-tu Peter?' runs until 9 January 2011. "What if Peter Pan represented the creative side in each of us, the side that, in the words of the psychoanalyst D. W. Winnicott, “gives the feeling that life is worth living”? ... Peter Pan certainly inhabited the soul of Christopher Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci, whose drawings of planes prove to what extent the utopia of one age becomes commonplace in another."

9 Nov 2010 - New video 'In For the Kill' by synth-pop duo La Roux
The video is directed by Legs (Goldfrapp’s 'Alive') and shot at the legendary Hotel Chelsea in NYC, wellknown for the artists and muaicians who lived there like Sid Vicious, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, etc. La Roux singer Elly Jackson plays the part of the night porter in the dark hotel... La Roux is on tour: 9 Nov Philadelphia, 10 Nov Washington, DC,... 15 Nov Boston, 17 Nov New York...

9 Nov 2010 - Synth-dance-pop 'Boadicea' by Mason ft. Roisin Murphy
Amsterdam based producers and DJs Mason alias Iason Chronis and Coen Berrier have released the single 'Boadicea' feat. singer Roisin Murphy in October 2010. The track is from the new album ‘They Are Among Us’ (announced for 2011).

8 Nov 2010 - "It all starts with the body" says Donna Karan the discussion with Dr. Valerie Steele, and continues her thoughts about fashion design: "What fashion is right now to me, is social consciousness". Donna Karan's support initiated the MFA in Fashion Design and Society at Parsons The New School for Design, New York. Parsons invites now to meet the students to talk about their work and discuss areas of study on 11 November 2010.

8 Nov 2010 - The Body as Archive/The Archive as Body the title of the lecture by Amelia Jones (art historian, curator, and professor for Visual Culture from the McGill University in Montreal), which will be hold on 19 Nov on occasion of the symposium about research and teaching in performance art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Amelia Jones will speak about the case study 'Live Art in Los Angeles 1970-75' and the consequences of the time dimensions 'live' and 'archive' on our perception of performance art. Amelia Jones will discuss questions like "Is it enough to ask an artist to explain past works and contexts? Is it enough to look at photographs, albums, sketches, flyers, and ticket stubs in local archives? Where does the “truth” of these past performance practices lie?"

8 Nov 2010 - Men's fashion made of culture and nature
It seems as if thinking contemporary fashion diminishes noticeably the difference between nature and culture...

7 Nov 2010 - Illustrated dolls by Anne Brunet between fashion by Miu Miu, Balmain, Louis Vuitton the department store Printemps Haussmann in Paris (8 Nov to 31 Dec). The exhibition in the store windows will open on 10 Nov. You can view the French artist Anne Brunet in a video as part of the performance-painter group 'Ame Sans Cible' making a fresco for the 20th anniversary of Adobe Photoshop

7 Nov 2010 - Video and performance pioneer Joan Jonas at MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology
US artist Joan Jonas - she has recently received the Guggenheim Lifetime Achievement Award for extraordinary contributions to contemporary art, is one of the instructors of the MIT Program (Masters of Science in Visual Studies), which calls now for applications for the 2011-2012 academic year. The laboratory a-like organised program focuses on artistic research, advanced visual studies, and transdisciplinary collaboration within the context of MIT's technological community for the exploration of the role of art, culture, and technology in society and artistic practice in production. Courses like "Networked Culture and Participatory Media" or research clusters such as "The Future of the Body" are part of the program. Application deadline is 15 Dec 2010.

6 Nov 2010 - Free download: 'Procession' by The Duke Spirit
'The Duke Spirit' again in fashion! Singer Liela Moss inspired Alexander McQueen for the 2009 collection for Target, the Londoner group appeared on stage for Y-3 SS2011 in New York, or contributed the music for a DocMartens campaign. This time, it's the jeans label Levi's which provides the stage for 'The Duke Spirit' with a free download of the new song 'Procession' on its website.

5 Nov 2010 - Pioneering art-performance-video interpreted with computer technologies
US artist (video and performance pioneer) Joan Jonas uses in her video 'Vertical Roll' (from 1972) the television set malfunction - the vertical roll, as a metaphor of identity on the screen. The video on Vimeo looks on the first sight like a video from a real life installation in a museum. Fashionoffice has searched for some facts and looked closer on the video; it is very probable that the installation of Joan Jonas 'Vertical Roll'-video on TV sets is made with computer software. Joan Jonas' work is now on exhibition at the Guggenheim Bilbao ('Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance', 9 Nov 2010 - 13 March 2011)

5 Nov 2010 - Thoughts about the internet and the creation of contemporary culture
The video shows Douglas Rushkoff speaking about the internet. He says that it is only possible to understand the modern world if we understand how technology functions and with the acceptance that there exist biases. The video was found on a search for more information about the upcoming exhibition 'Corporate' by Luc Tuymans (runs from 6 November to 21 December at the gallery David Zwirner in New York). Belgian artist Luc Tuymans' work is partly influenced by the thoughts of the American media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, who focuses on the development of contemporary culture.

5 Nov 2010 - Thinking the production process of garments the other way around
An Italian urban sportswear designer and manufacturer invites in a video to a walk through his company and explains the design process which is in his company organised the other way around as it is normally practised. So he begins with the construction of a garment and ends with the development of the fabric.

5 Nov 2010 - 'My Sparrow' by The Greenhornes
The music of the US trio 'The Greenhornes' (Craig Fox, Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler) is described as 'good, old-fashioned rock 'n' roll, plain and simple' (MySpace). The track 'My Sparrow' premiered recently on The new album '****' (no typing mistake - four stars) comes out as CD/LP on 9 November on Third Man Records. The Greenhornes are on tour: 30 Nov New York; 5, 6, 8 Dec California, etc.

4 Nov 2010 - Trailer and soundtrack of the new Warren Miller ski movie 'Wintervention'
Fashionoffice just got the hyperlink to the website, where the trailer, selected film scenes, and the soundtrack listing of 'Wintervention' are published. The listing is divided into the regions where the athletes perform: Antarctica (UNKLE "Ablivion"), Austria's Arlberg Region (Gorillaz "Stylo Ft. Bobby Womack & Mos Def"), Telluride in Colorado (Vampire Weekend "White Sky")... etc. Additionally, the ski movie makers have made interviews with the athletes. Lorraine Huber says when asked to name the 5 items she couldn't live without: "My laptop, high-speed Internet, mobile phone, water bottle and my notepad where I scribble down all my ideas." The movie is on tour now.

4 Nov 2010 - Spheric electro-dance-pop 'Brasilia Girl' by French Horn Rebellion (Epic edit)
Brooklyn based French Horn Rebellion (brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari) will perform live today, on 6 and 12 Nov in New York. They just premiered with the new track 'Last Summer' - described as a "hipster version of 'Summer Days' from 'Grease'" on AOL Spinner 02/french-horn-rebellion-last-summer-song-premiere.

3 Nov 2010 - Viking Style
Fashionoffice collected women's pieces that look great, are not too expensive, and styled them to a rocking Northern European Viking style. Only one of the pieces is more expensive. But it is a man's piece and probably you...

3 Nov 2010 - Karl Lagerfeld's fiery-look
By searching for more on the Rinzen designers, this nice video showing pics of Karl Lagerfeld and the Paris Fashion Week VIPs (Alber Elbaz, Carine Roitfeld, John Galliano...) was found. The video was made by New York based Darcel for the editorial magazine 'Nowness' by LVMH.
Collaborative design group 'Rinzen' co-founder Rilla Alexander will hold a lecture on 3 Dec on occasion of the Pictoplasma Character Workshop at the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf.

3 Nov 2010 - Somnabule electro-RnB by Forest Swords
The video fits well to the current discussions which are on in Austria. One of the questions is, if the expensive education of young people is necessary. They are spending years of their lives without...

2 Nov 2010 - Fashion movie: Lanvin for H&M
...presents the new collection in a dream a-like storyline in a hotel: Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz sitting on a working table falls into sleep. The story about the creations out of the depths of a Paris based fashion soul begins...

2 Nov 2010 - Trailer: movie starring Rapunzel
The new Disney movie 'Tangled' presents the Brothers Grimm story Rapunzel under a fresh light.

2 Nov 2010 - Mountain style video
Fashionoffice just received the names and videos of the four riders for the Peak Performance King of Style. As we only present one in this 'Short Message': enjoy Gus Kenworthy's video with nice flight scenes to the song 'Criminology' by Wu-Tang Vs The Beatles! Find the videos of the other riders Paul Bergeron (Canada), JF Houle (Canada) and LJ Strenio (US) on The four qualified riders will compete against international freestylers on 20 November at Stockholm Olympic Stadium.

2 Nov 2010 - View on the world of female riders
The ski movie 'As We Are' shows female athletes in the Central European Alps...

2 Nov 2010 - 'District Menagerie' by 'Exit Clov'
Fashionoffice just received the 'electro pop and grunge like a best of the 90's super combo' music tip from the 'Lovely Hearts Club' at Paper Garden Records!

2 Nov 2010 - 'Death' by the 'White Lies' in a 'Chase & Status' remix
News from two Londoner music groups: the 'Chase & Status' electronic duo is announcing that the new album 'No More Idols' will be released in early 2011 The 'White Lies' new album 'Ritual' will come out in January 2011; the first single 'Bigger Than Us' is available on 22 November

1 Nov 2010 - A weekend in a cottage in the snowy mountains
Some thoughts about the signature of Italian design, the philosophy of boarders, a red glam-chic short, an awarded 'One Night Stand' mat, and a new notebook which is designed for watching movies on its screen...


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