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17 October 2016

Top Ten FashionFeeds hashtag #music
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1 #Music Jim James 'Same Old Lie'; album 'Eternally Even' (4 Nov via ATO/Capitol Records)
2 #Music 'Heavy Entertainment Show' by Robbie Williams, title track of the new album (4 Nov)
3 #Music 'Country Sleaze' by Goat Girl; debut single 'Country Sleaze / Scum' (7 Oct)
4 #Music 'Mama's Gun' by Glass Animals; album 'How To Be a Human Being' (out now)
5 #Music video 'Black Crow' by Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve; album 'The Soft Bounce' (out now)
6 #Music 'Randy' by Justice; album 'Woman' (announced for November)
7 #Music video 'Palms' by Xeno and Oaklander, LP 'Topiary' (out now)
8 #Music Bandwidth remix of 'What Went Down' by Foals (tour in US, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong...)
9 #Music video 'Utopian Facade' by John Carpenter, LP 'Lost Themes II' (out now)
10 #Music 'You're Mine' by Phantogram; LP 'Three' (7 Oct)

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