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25 July 2016

Top Ten FashionFeeds hashtag #music
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1 #Music video Canadian group A Tribe Called Red 'Stadium Pow Wow' ft Black Bear (out now)
2 #Music 'Beautiful Thing' by The Stone Roses (tour: New York, London, Paris, Mexico...)
3 #Music 'Bergschrund' ft Nils Frahm by DJ Shadow; LP 'The Mountain Will Fall' (released today)
4 #Music video 'Reformer' ft Empress Of by Darkstar, EP 'Made To Measure' (15 July)
5 #Music Best New Track on Pitchfork 'Plaisirs Amé́ricains' by Bernardino Femminielli
6 #Music 'E.V.P.' by Blood Orange, album 'Freetown Sound' (out now)
7 #Music new at SpotifyGlobalViral electro jungle beat 'Manglar' by Moügli
8 #Music video by Sean Penn ft Anthony Hopkins 'I Forgive It All' by Tom Petty's Mudcrutch band
9 #Music 'If I Lost You' by Garbage, album 'Strange Little Birds' (out now)
10 #Music video 'Tuxedo Mask' by Austrian band Einhorn; album 'Galactica' (out now)

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