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20 July 2017

Top Ten FashionFeeds hashtag #music
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1 #Music 'Korg Funk 5' by Aphex Twin (article with link to interview about making electronic music)
2 #Music dance video 'Time Flies' by CFCF, directed by Fredrik Lund-Hansen
3 #Music 'Summer Bummer' ft A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti by Lana Del Rey; LP 'Lust for Life' (21 Jul)
4 #Music 'Going to a Place' by Joywave, sophomore album 'Content' (28 July)
5 #Music 'Systematic' ft. Nas by DJ Shadow, EP 'The Mountain Has Fallen' (released today)
6 #Music Spotify playlist 'Fresh Finds' from the 1st half of 2017: 'Good Places' by RUMTUM
7 #Music dance video 'Please' by Rhye (new single out now; on tour in EU, Asia)
8 #Music visualizer for new song 'Give It To Ya' ft. ABRA by Josh Pan
9 #Music 'Teenage Witch' by Suzi Wu, 'Teenage Witch' EP (8 Sept)
10 #Music 'Electric Blue' by Arcade Fire, album 'Everything Now' (28 Jul)

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