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26 October 2017

Top Ten FashionFeeds hashtag #music
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1 #Music 'Carry Fire' by Robert Plant, title track of the new album (out now)
2 #Music 'Frozen' ft Method Man, Killa Priest, Chris Rivers by Wu-Tang Clan, album 'The Saga Continues' (out now)
3 #Music 'Carving Up the World Again...a wall and not a fence' by Robert Plant, album 'Carry Fire' (out now)
4 #Music 'Wallowa Lake Monster' by Sufjan Stevens, album 'The Greatest Gift' (24 Nov)
5 #Music 'Dreams' Colors Mix by Beck, album 'Colors' (out now)
6 #Music 'Wall Of Glass' by Liam Gallagher, album 'As You Were' (out now)
7 #Music 'Passion' by Awolnation (released today)
8 #Music new single 'Crawl' by Joseph J. Jones
9 #Music 'Happy Hour' by Weezer, album 'Pacific Daydream' (27 Oct)
10 #Music 'Little Dark Age' by MGMT, title track of the forthcoming album

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