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27 December 2017

Top Ten FashionFeeds hashtag #music
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1 #Music 'Never Be the Same' by Camila Cabello, self-titled debut album 'Camila' (12 Jan 2018)
2 #Music 'The Baptist' by 19-year-old singer/songwriter Lauren Auder, track inspired by the work of 20th century composer Maurice Duruflé
3 #Music WeTransfer presents new video 'Arisen My Senses' ft. Arca by Björk, album 'Utopia'
4 #Music 'Leviathan' ft. Sam Martin by G-Eazy, album 'The Beautiful & Damned' (out now)
5 #Music 'Sober' ft. Charlie Puth by G-Eazy, album 'The Beautiful & Damned'
6 #Music 'Campfire' by DRAM & Neil Young, soundtrack (released today) Netflix film 'Bright'
7 #Music 'Lifting You' ft. Ed Sheeran by N.E.R.D., album 'No One Ever Really Dies'
8 #Music dance-electro 'Winter Roads' by Berlin-based Jan Blomqvist
9 #Music 'Voices in the Field' by Calexico, album 'The Thread That Keeps Us' (26 Jan 2018)
10 #Music Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz' 'Top Songs 2017', playlist created by Spotify

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