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19 January 2018

Music players of the 1970s seen at the upcoming exhibition 'The Orange Age' at Designforum Wien

...such as the radio designed in 1974 by the architect of several regional studios of the Austrian broadcaster 'ORF' Gustav Peichl on occasion of 50 years public radio in Austria. The exhibition 'The Orange Age' at Designforum Wien at quartier21/MuseumsQuartier at Museumsplatz 1 in the 7th district of Vienna will open on 30 January at 18:30 (event details) and will be on view until early March. With more than 60 artefacts - from the radio on view on this page, over a record player with the name 'UFO' by Philips from 1969, to a portable TV device - from the private archive of Heinz M. Fischer, Chairman of the Department of Media & Design and Head of the Media Institute at FH Joanneum in Graz (Styria), the exhibition 'The Orange Age' provides insights into media history and opens the eyes for the driving forces behind the work of designers like art (in the 60/70s Pop Art), technology (the growing of the mass medium TV), and the outlook into future (keyword: Space Age).

fig.: Gustav Peichls ORF-Radio; HEA Radio|| 50 Jahre ORF | Radio Österreich 1974. Photo: © Miriam Raneburger.

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