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28 March 2018

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1 #Music single 'Hue' / 'Nil' by Sohn (out now; tour starts in April: NL, FR, DE, CH, AT, PL, HU, UK,...)
2 #Music video 'Love Said (Let's Go) by 77:78, album 'Jellies' (release in summer)
3 #Music 'Guinea Pig' (Remix by Lost Frequencies) by Girls In Hawaii
4 #Music 'Illumination' ft. Róisín Murphy by DJ Koze, album 'Knock Knock' (4 May)
5 #Music 'Say Amen (Saturday Night)' by Panic! At The Disco, album 'Pray For The Wicked' (22 June)
6 #Music censored articles as uncensored pop songs 'The Uncensored Playlist' by Reporters Without Borders Germany, World Day Against Cyber Censorship
7 #Music video roller-skating through London 'On Hold' by Fenne Lily, title track of debut album (6 Apr)
8 #Music 'Perseverance' ft. Harry Pane by French producer and musician Uppermost, album 'Perseverance' (23 Mar)
9 #Music video surreal spaces 'Voyage Libre' ft. LouLou Ghelichkhani by Thievery Corporation, album 'Treasures from the Temple' (20 Apr)
10 #Music video directed by Oscar-nominated Austrian filmmaker Virgil Widrich for 'Be my rebel' by Nena & Dave Stewart

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