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Feb 2009 - I: Keywords to reach Fashionoffice, Female Beauty, City Fashion
Feb 2009 - II: Male Style; Architecture & Fashion

Feb 2009 - III: Lustful Fashion, Cosmetique, Music; Fashion & Perfume
March 2009 - I: Trends developed from Continuity
March 2009 - II: Cultural Heritage
March 2009 - III: Fashion for Sun, Sea & Sport
April 2009 - I: Political Fashion
April 2009 - II: The Power of Fashion for Identity & Status

April 2009 - III: Opinion about men, style, internet...

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Trendiest men’s style

On occasion of the biannual Styletrends, Fashionoffice asks since 2003 magazine readers to make their opinion on special themes about lifestyle and match their own decisions with other fashion experts. The trendiest men’s style…
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Gender awareness 
In some European countries women earn around 20 to 25% less money than men and have to pay for the same services higher prices. Do you think that it is fair that a woman has to pay for the same haircut more than a man?

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Inspiration for style

The internet is the big looser in the survey about the trendiest inspirations for the personal style. Once the media with the greatest authenticity for Fashionistas' style went behind the top-position to the 5th place! What happened?

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Subject to speak about
It's the nature of the internet to minimize continuously the spreading losses or time for searching with the help of the users themselves while they are interacting with the media. The internet learns! This is reflected in the results of the Styletrends survey…

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Martin Grant FW9/10
Paris based designer Martin Grant presents for FW9/10 pieces with surprising details on structure and volume. The designer shows his unhasty collections to a small, selected audience which knows about the value to be excited by simplicity....



Trendy online resources

Fashionoffice has asked users for the biannual Styletrends survey: Choose the trendiest online source for your personal style. Where do Fashionistas get the trendiest information about fashion, design, beauty on the Internet?

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FASHIONOFFICE INSIGHT by publisher Karin Sawetz By the end of March on occasion of the great chance world leaders have in London on 2nd April, designers, artists, international labels ... are using their 'word and art power'...

The Communism of Forms
The exhibition isn't propagating the elimination of property rights of music producers, artists, or writers! The inherent meaning of the title 'The Communism of Forms' reflects the current trend in our global society to keep up the international interaction between artists, spectators, curators…

David Byrne on tour

David Byrne recorded a new album with Brian Eno. He is with songs of 'Everything that Happens will Happen Today' on tour through EU and US. Check out the video: 'What A Day That Was' from the album 'The Catherine Wheel' live at Union Chapel in London. The song begins with "Well, I'm dressed up so nice..."


FASHIONOFFICE INSIGHT by publisher Karin Sawetz 

"And some are in the darkness. And the others in the light. But you only see those in the light. Those in the darkness you don't see" Bertold Brecht. The financial crisis has motivated designers, artists, big labels to articulate their view on what happened and what we can do…    

The signature design concept of fashion transferred to perfume: the typical Etro style - the mix of different cultures, materials in one outfit - can be found in the perfume collection: each scent can be worn alone or in an individual mix, the Etro scent layering...

Favorite haircut

Through the last six months one look has replaced definitely another …

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Etro Vicolo Fiori 
The signature design concept of fashion is transferred to perfume…

Personal style

Women's wear becomes this summer obviously more different to men’s wear…

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The Austrian design label Jules et Jim has released in April 2009 a press information with the title "JULES ET JIM by Millesi - as sexy as spring can". Question: In your press release you state that your fashion is "...designed to make every woman even more beautiful." What makes a woman beautiful?

Jules et Jim SS09 
The Austrian label Jules et Jim has released a press release entitled "JULES ET JIM by Millesi - as sexy as spring can". Question: What makes a woman beautiful?



Fashionistas cities

Fashionoffice asks: In which cities do fashionistas find the most artful collections, best ready to wear, the most interesting business partners?

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Clever fastening

The Viennese initiative against eating disorders 'S-O-ESS' with the motto "No body is perfect" works together with the fashion world against unrealistic beauty ideals...





The Art of Imagination, 28 May 2009

the BiELAt Foundation at Klokgebouw, Strijp-S, Eindhoven


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." (Albert Einstein)

Networking conference for businesses, the creative industries and policy-makers in the Eindhoven - Leuven - Aachen region. The conference will focus on the role of imagination in terms of research, innovation, product and service development and the creation of new business opportunities with guest speakers like Josephine Green (director of Trends and Strategy at Philips Design), Vicente Todoli (director of Tate Modern), Luc Soete (director of UNU-MERIT, a research institute of the United Nations University)…

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