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TRENDLETTER 24-March-2024

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Vienna Fashion Week Campaign; Photo Exhibition; Renaissance Fashion & Thinking;...

Sasa Felsbach for MQ Vienna Fashion Week
First preview of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2024 with campaign images by photographer Sasa Felsbach and daughter Callas as model The Viennese fashion scene doesn't just look like one big family. The photographer and the model of the MQVFW24 campaign are the mother-daughter team of Sasa Felsbach, who photographed her daughter Callas in fashion pieces by Sabine Karner, and Nicolas Dudek, who recently collaborated with Humana to create couture pieces from vintage clothing...

Photographer Madame D'Ora in exhibition
Works by Madame D'Ora, photographer from Vienna, presented in the MK&G Hamburg exhibition 'Fragile Beauties: Lace in Fashion and Photography' The exhibition 'Fragile Beauties: Lace in Fashion and Photography' at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MK&G) Hamburg focuses on the work of Madame d'Ora, a renowned fashion photographer from Vienna in the early twentieth century. It's announced that the exhibition will offer an exploration of the delicate allure of lace and its representation in both fashion and photography...

Renaissance fashion & thinking
When did custom tailoring become fashion? Three museums in Austria explore the art and culture of the Renaissance and draw parallels to the present. The Renaissance was a time of upheaval, marked by new developments and a growing interest in discovery and knowledge through science. This year, three Austrian museums offer the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of the Renaissance and draw parallels to the present. The exhibitions are not costume shows, but they will give insights into Renaissance fashion - such as the fashion of Italian architecture - and thinking. The art history museum Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM) has marked the beginning of the 'Year of the Renaissance' with the opening of the exhibition 'Holbein.Burgkmair.Dürer.Renaissance in the North...

Ludwig Reiter's classic shoes in red
Shoe Trend. The new Ludwig Reiter women's collection for Spring/Summer 2024 features classic styles such as gardener boots and hybrid low-shoe sandals in chili red. Ludwig Reiter is known for references to art and classical music, such as the most recent making-of video, which featured the musical piece 'Sicilienne' composed by Maria Theresia Paradis, a contemporary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This year's trend color, red, is introduced with a quote from the German poet and thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe...

Vienna City Marathon tips: locations, music
Running to the rhythm of 'Tarantula Galopp' by Joseph Lanner and to 'Where Do I Begin', interpreted by Conchita Wurst! Wiener Symphoniker Spotify playlist revealed with preview of the Vienna City Marathon route The Spotify playlist for the Vienna City Marathon on Sunday, April 21, featuring music performed by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the Wiener Symphoniker, was announced with a press release. The music will be played at one of the special sections of the route of this year's marathon, the so-called Vienna Symphony Mile, strategically positioned around the Lusthaus on Prater Hauptallee. Another notable highlight is the hospitable atmosphere along Linke Wienzeile, where spectators can visit one of the cafes along the street...

Plant of the Year 2024
Trend for fruit trees in the garden or on the balcony: Austrian Tree Nursery Association selected columnar apple tree as Plant of the Year 2024 Three years ago, the board of directors of the Vienna-based Austrian Tree Nursery Association decided to select the columnar apple tree as the Plant of the Year 2024. The three-year lead time in the selection process is due to the fact that the planting of woody plants requires a two-year lead time. Normally, the decision is made one year in advance, as was told in a phone call. The reasoning behind the decision was that the fruit tree reflects the...

Cytara's quiz about fashion
Cytara's Quiz's AI chatbot Cytara asks random questions. Only the first question is already known: "During which period did interest in costume begin to grow in Central Europe, leading to research on costumes and the publication of costume books and fashion journals?"

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22 Mar 2024 - Music video 'All I Remember' from the official soundtrack of the biopic 'Eno' (album release on April 26). The biopic is a generative film - a computer program randomly shuffles the scenes of the movie. It offers insights into the life and work of Brian Eno, who once was part of the band Roxy Music and became internationally famous for his ambient music. The soundtrack includes music from the mid-1970s albums 'Taking Tiger Mountain' and 'Another Green World'.

18 Mar 2024 - Vienna Easter Fashion Pop Up (March 21-23; opening party on March 21) at Sumpf Concept Store with Austrian labels Christina Seewald, Florentina Leitner, Published By, Martin Niklas Wieser and Mühlbauer.

15 Mar 2024 - Call for papers for the E-Textiles 2024 conference (November 19-21 in Berlin, Germany; hosted by Fraunhofer IZM). The call is open from today until June 30th for topics such as User Centric Design or the topic Co-Creation & Design Thinking in the category 'Design & Fashion', Fibertronics or Sensors & Actuators in the category 'Research & Technology'. Other categories are 'Sustainability & Circularity', 'Applications', 'Manufacturing', and 'Reliability & Testing'.

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