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TRENDLETTER 15-March-2024

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Design Prize Finalists; Local-Global Diversity; E-bike Maintenance Plan;...

State Prize Design jury selected finalists
The Austrian State Prize jury selected the finalists. Shortlisted products for the Staatspreis Design 2024 include trains, a sailboat, bikes, an e-scooter, firefighters' gloves, AI binoculars,... looked through the shortlist for the Austrian State Prize 2024. The products range from trains, a sailing boat, bicycles, e-scooters, rollators to AI binoculars and seating solutions for public spaces or a guidance system for a museum. The shortlist was published after the jury met in Vienna to select the finalists. The State Prize for Design, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary...

Art about local and global diversity
Salzkammergut traditional clothing in a campaign about local and global diversity. Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh created art project 'Åndas Beer' in cooperation with the brewery Schloss Eggenberg. The European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut presented the collaboration of the Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh with the private brewery Schloss Eggenberg, one of the official partners of the European Capital of Culture. The artist, known for his sound and culinary art, created the beer 'Åndas'. The word is a dialect form of the German word 'anders', which means 'different' in English...

Upway's e-bike maintenance plan
20-point maintenance plan for e-bikes! Upway launches refurbished e-bike marketplace in Austria The marketplace Upway is available in France, Belgium, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and since March 12th in Austria. Unlike platforms that merely facilitate transactions, the company guarantees quality by subjecting each e-bike to a rigorous 20-point maintenance plan carried out by professional bicycle mechanics. The maintenance plan differentiates between electrical components such as motor and pedal assistance, lights and mechanical components such as brakes and tires...

Lena Hoschek's homage to Tuscany
Austrian Fashion and Tuscan Style. Lena Hoschek presents traditional dresses and ready-to-wear fashion inspired by the famous Italian landscape and culture Austrians have a passion for Italy. Italian cuisine and culture are strongly associated with la dolce vita and the lightness and playfulness of Made in Italy design and art. Just the thought of visiting Italy is like a short vacation. The rich art history and scenic beauty of Tuscany, its palaces and its frescoes, inspired two collections by Austrian label Lena Hoschek, known for incorporating the country's traditional clothing into fashion items that bridge cultures and styles...

Trachten Trends AW 2024/25
Salzburg Insight: Traditional Clothing, Alpine Fashion Fair 'Fesch' presented the Trachten Trends Autumn/Winter 2024/25 Time passes fast. It seems like only a few months ago that visited the Spring/Summer 2024 trend show at the 'Fesch' trade fair for traditional clothing and alpine fashion in Salzburg. Now, after the new Trachten Trends Autumn/Winter 2024/25 were presented at the latest trade fair, Fesch sent out the trend guide introducing eight key trends...

Thoughts on fundraising
Thoughts on a fundraising t-shirt by publisher Karin Sawetz publisher Karin Sawetz thought about a new fundraising campaign for the magazine and came up with the idea to print a QR code on t-shirts for donations via PayPal. But the question that put an end to Karin Sawetz's dream of raising money with a t-shirt...

Cytara's quiz about the history of fashion
Update of Cytara's quiz on the history of clothing and fashion with a reference to the influence of the media on fashion and a question about a symbol of the French Revolution Greetings are random. used AI to generate the image of Cytara. The picture shows Cytara in the reading room of a library. She is sitting at a table with a classic green Art Nouveau lamp and reads a book with fashion illustrations from past centuries.

Cytara,'s AI Chatbot: "Hello! My name is Cytara, and I am the AI chatbot for the users of the magazine I'm here to talk about fashion, culture, art, and design. If you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to learn or discuss, feel free to ask! Now, let's dive into a quiz on the history of clothing and fashion..."

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