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TRENDLETTER 22-February-2024

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Train Travels; Diversity & Art; Water Crisis Projects; Women in Sciences;...

Luxury train travels
Overnight train journeys are a trend in Austria. Veuve Clicquot organizes special 'Solaire Journeys' such as from Vienna to Reims The train hype continues in Austria. The latest travel special that reached is a kind of 'haute voyage'. The journey starts in Vienna and takes passengers aboard Belmond's 'Venice Simplon-Orient-Express' train...

Exhibition 'The Beauty of Diversity'
A kaleidoscopic journey through changing perspectives on norms! The Albertina Modern's exhibition 'The Beauty of Diversity' mediates an inventory of social values co-created by artists. 'The Beauty of Diversity' presents artworks by artists who have challenged the established art world by addressing issues of diversity and violence by placing marginalized, underrepresented, and discriminated groups at the center of the narrative of their work. The Albertina Modern takes visitors on a journey through several rooms where art spanning around 50 years, with a strong focus on contemporary art of the last two decades, showcases a broad spectrum of approaches and perspectives, including those of women, LGBTQIA+ artists, people of color, and indigenous communities...

Water crisis, projects for solutions
Innovations for protecting the environment. MK&G Hamburg X Jane Withers Studio exhibition 'Water Pressure: Designing for the Future' explores the water crisis and projects for solutions The textile industry, which is part of the fashion industry (according to statistics the second most polluting industry with 20% of the world's wastewater), is one of the various fields that will be explored in the upcoming exhibition 'Water Pressure: Designing for the Future'...

Women in sciences, focus hair research
Diversity and gender equality in the sciences. Call for applications from women in the natural sciences, medicine or computer sciences with focus on hair research for the Martha Schwarzkopf Award. Henkel is launching the Martha Schwarzkopf Award for Women in Science for the third time to support female researchers in the fields of natural sciences, medicine, and computer science, particularly in hair research. The award includes prizes for lifelong contributions and emerging talents...

Hair salon's focus on diversity, inclusion
Vienna Insight: Opening of the new hair salon 'Soft & Cut' with furnishings by OTTO Austria dedicated to diversity and accessibility The store's owner, Ina Holub, teamed up with the Austrian division of the OTTO Group to transform the space into an inclusive salon in vintage 1980s style with focus on diversity and accessibility. The salon is designed to be a multi-barrier environment, including for customers with disabilities... recipe for the period of fasting recipe for the period of fasting: Pea soup with chili flakes and nutmeg The recipe for pea soup provides many important nutrients. It's one of's favorite soups - all year round, not just before Easter. Here are the key healthy ingredients that provide the floral-fruity flavor while strengthening muscles and bones and protecting with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties...

Cytara's quiz about the history of fashion
Update of Cytara's quiz on the history of clothing and fashion with a reference to the influence of the media on fashion and a question about a symbol of the French Revolution Greetings are random. used AI to generate the image of Cytara. The picture shows Cytara in the reading room of a library. She is sitting at a table with a classic green Art Nouveau lamp and reads a book with fashion illustrations from past centuries.

Cytara,'s AI Chatbot: "Hello! My name is Cytara, and I am the AI chatbot for the users of the magazine I'm here to talk about fashion, culture, art, and design. If you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to learn or discuss, feel free to ask! Now, let's dive into a quiz on the history of clothing and fashion..."

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