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TRENDLETTER 29-February-2024

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Bags from Grapes; Classic Trench Coats; Dubai Insight; Women's Events in Tyrol;...

Stella McCartney's bags from luxury grapes
Seen on the fashion week carousel: Animal-leather free bags by Stella McCartney made from grape waste material from the Veuve Clicquot vineyard in Champagne The fashion week carousel of new autumn 2024 collections is turning fast these days. But there is still a long way to go until Fall/Winter 2024. In February, March, the new Spring/Summer 2024 collections are starting to hit the stores, such as the vegan handbag by Stella McCartney, who presented the line made from grape waste on the runway last year. The Stella McCartney X Veuve Clicquot vegan accessories, bags, shoes...

Ecoalf presented classic trench coats
The most iconic piece of clothing developed in relation to water is once again a must-have in fashion: Ecoalf presents raincoats in classic trench and car coat cuts made from recycled materials. The design of the iconic raincoats in water-repellent materials dates back 200 years to the 1820s with the development of fabrics that were resistant (resisting water penetration to a certain degree) or even waterproof (suitable for heavy rain). The history of the trench coat begins with World War I when it was used as soldiers' outerwear for the muddy trenches - hence the name 'trench coat'. Later, the coat became an international fashion standard...

Kempinski Dubai's digital concierge,...
The Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, provided insights and information on services such as digital concierge and stylists received news from the three urban resorts of the Kempinski Hotels in Dubai with insights into living rooms, pools, boulevards, etc. with a focus on add-ons such as the digital concierge or the stylist service...

Events at Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld
The luxury Alpin Resort Sacher in Seefeld, Tirol, is organizing a series of events around International Women's Day with experts focusing on health, empowerment and self-care The luxury Alpin Resort Sacher in Seefeld, Tirol, Austria, sent out information about the upcoming series of events, including lectures and coaching sessions, such as Prof. Dr. Dr. Johannes Huber's talk on biological rhythms in women's lives on March 2, Austrian designer Rebekka Ruétz's talk on fashion design and trends on March 9, and events where participants can explore their stress and health levels, such as a sports science pop-up testing lab to locate the source of pain and learn simple options for improvements in everyday life and sports...

Simon Schwartz's comics in Altaussee
Preview of the exhibition of comic art by Simon Schwartz about the history of the salt mine in Altaussee, which was partly told in the Hollywood movie 'The Monuments Men' The salt mine and its history during the Second World War became internationally known through the Hollywood movie 'The Monuments Men' with George Clooney and Matt Damon. The history of salt mining in Altaussee goes back to the Middle Ages, to the 12th century. 'Verborgen im Fels' (Hidden in the Rock) is the title of a new exhibition and accompanying comic book by Simon Schwartz. The German artist's 'Vita Obscura' comic strip regularly fills a page of the FAZ magazine, where Karl Lagerfeld's 'Karlikaturen' of current events and personalities were once published until his death in 2019...

MAK presents protest culture
MAK Museum of Applied Arts Vienna presents the architecture and history of protest barricades and camps, including activism with superglue with installations that look like protest toolkits 'Going to the barricades' is taken literally in the new MAK exhibition! Visitors will gain insight into various forms of protest with a focus on architecture, from historical events such as the July Revolution in Paris in 1830 to contemporary protests, including activism with superglue...

Cytara's quiz about the history of fashion
Update of Cytara's quiz on the history of clothing and fashion with a reference to the influence of the media on fashion and a question about a symbol of the French Revolution Greetings are random. used AI to generate the image of Cytara. The picture shows Cytara in the reading room of a library. She is sitting at a table with a classic green Art Nouveau lamp and reads a book with fashion illustrations from past centuries.

Cytara,'s AI Chatbot: "Hello! My name is Cytara, and I am the AI chatbot for the users of the magazine I'm here to talk about fashion, culture, art, and design. If you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like to learn or discuss, feel free to ask! Now, let's dive into a quiz on the history of clothing and fashion..."

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