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Levi's & McLaren Racing
Motorsports and fashion: Levi's pays tribute to the McLaren Racing team with an own collection on occasion of this weekend's British Grand Prix in Silverstone

4 July 2024 - Last weekend the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix was held in Spielberg. One of the highlights was the opening ceremony with the Austrian national anthem performed by an orchestra and singers with two Oscar and four Grammy winner Hans Zimmer on guitar. On the occasion of the next race weekend, July 5-7 in Silverstone, United Kingdom, one of the teams of the motorsports event received a special tribute from a fashion label...

Tennis player Dominic Thiem's fashion
Looking back and forward: Tennis player Dominic Thiem didn't get a wildcard for the Olympics, but he's taking his career to the next level with new eyewear models

5 July 2024 - Yesterday, the hopes of US Open 2020 winner Dominic Thiem to get a wildcard for the Austrian team at the Olympic Games Paris finally came to an end after the International Tennis Federation published the entry list. Coinciding with the sports news, Dominic Thiem presented two new models of his eyewear line 'Thiem View'...

Kinga Mathe's Alpine clothing in Paris
Traditional alpine clothing brand Kinga Mathe presented the new Autumn/Winter 2024/25 collection with a campaign shot on the streets of Paris

3 July 2024 - Austria is out of the European Football Championship, but the next big sporting event is on the horizon! recently received a press release about the Autumn/Winter 2024/25 collection of the traditional clothing label Kinga Mathe with stores in Kitzbühel, Austria and Tegernsee, Germany. The pictures for the women's dirndl dresses and the men's wear consisting of lederhosen and janker (jacket) were shot on location where the games will take place - the streets of Paris...

Glein about benefits of linen
Vienna-based fashion studio Glein presented their summer collection and praised the benefits of linen

1 July 2024 - Austria is currently ahead of France in the group standings of the ongoing European Football Championship and will play Turkey tomorrow, but when it comes to fashion, the country has no chance of competing in the international fashion business with countries like France or Turkey. The Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises are consistently pursuing the path of slow fashion and sustainable products. The image of Austrian fashion is also based on the fact that most of the fabrics and garments are produced in Europe, a region strongly associated with fair working conditions. It is not always important to be the winner when it seems more correct to play by different rules - especially when it comes to the fashion business. Vienna-based atelier & shop Glein is known for basic pieces in purist, classic design made from materials sourced and spun, fabrics woven, and clothing and leather goods manufactured in Europe...

Eva Petric's sculpture in Gmunden's walk through the Parallel Sculpture Park in Gmunden and talk with artist, jewelry designer, perfume maker Eva Petric about her work 'DataBank@futureGARDEN'

29 June 2024 - Yesterday, visited the Parallel Sculpture Park in Gmunden a few hours before its official opening and walked through the Toscana Park on the peninsula at Lake Traunsee, where sculptures by around 45 artists have been placed in expected and unexpected places, such as trees, until the end of August. In a conversation with artist Eva Petric about her triptychon-like sculpture 'DataBank@futureGARDEN', got the impression that the sculpture makes the visitor aware of the information we all carry within us. Eva Petric introduced 'Earth for Empathy' - one part of the sculpture - as resembling the musical instrument xylophone - which doesn't make any sound in this artwork, but visually enhances the silence of nature, which is always there even when we can't hear or see it, like a light wind. When the wind moves the panels, the silent song of the environment begins to play. All we have to do is listen...

3 looks for visiting Salzburger Festspiele
Styles selected by for three Salzburger Festspiele productions from the range of the festival's official product partner Peek & Cloppenburg

12 June 2024 - This week, fashion retailer Peek & Cloppenburg presented some festive looks from its current range. The retail chain is the official product partner of the Salzburg Festival, which is Austria's annual cultural summer highlight. From July 19 to August 31, 2024, the festival will feature operas, theater plays, concerts and additionally a children's program with focus on opera. Today, received more information about the partnership and selected three productions and outfits for an opera, a discussion about AI & Art and...

Cytara's questions about sports & fashion
Cytara's quiz about sports & fashion: What do you know about athletes and their activities in fashion? generated the image of Cytara using Copilot, Microsoft Bing, Image Creator from Designer powered by DALL-E 3. The AI generated picture shows Cytara in a classic tennis dress in a cafe on the terrace of a sports center. Cited from the generated greeting of the FashionBot (the greeting can change): "Hello! Welcome to! I'm Cytara, your AI chatbot for all things fashion, culture, art, and design. Today, I'm excited to present a quiz about fashion and sports, especially focusing on athletes who have ventured into the world of fashion. Remember, even AI chatbots like me are not perfect, but I'll do my best to make this quiz engaging for you! Let's get started with the first question!"

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