On 21st September Coca Cola presented all 28 submitted works by 13 artists at the MQ in Vienna, Austria, and celebrated the 3 winners of the Coke Light Art Edition 2006. "Courage and Individuality" is the motto of the award.

photo left: Johann Neumeister, Udo Fon, Matthias Götzelmann (and Armin B. Wagner who is not on the photo) are the Bad Beuys. They have convinced the jury with the „Coca-Cola light Flaschentrockner“, inspired by Marcel Duchamp's Bottle Rack. The Bad Beuys are questioning in their work the existence of role models, the definition of an "artist" and his role in our society. photographer: Andi Bruckner/Coca-Cola light photo right: "Coca-Cola light Flaschentrockner" by Bad Beuys next>>>