Photography, Video and Mixed Media III, New Acquisitions
29 Sep 2006 – 8 Jan 2007 at DaimlerChrysler Contemporary, Berlin

Since the 90ies the DaimlerChrysler Collection acquires works of new media artists. Currently new acquisitions for the collection are exhibited in Berlin. It is the third of its kind since 2001. Shilpa Gupta (born 1976 in Mumbai/Indien) merges ideological codices of fashion and military in a "catwalk" formation on an interactive video installation. "Camouflage", fashionable pattern created from the military uniforms, is in Gupta's work a sign for a military drill but also a demonstration against the monopolization by the West. This installation makes us aware that our society's key values could be destroyed by missing our traditional identification patterns. To visualize the power of consumerism, politically or ideological terror, the visitors can controll the seven animated figures. next>>>

fig.: Shilpa Gupta, Untitled (Camouflage), 2004
, interactive Videoprojection