Nov 3 – Dec 22, 2006
Conner Contemporary Art www.connercontemporary.com

fig.: Origin (4) 2006. LED’s (light emitting diodes), microcontrollers, circuitry, metal and wood. 80 x 80 inches

Media artist Leo Villareal (born 1967, lives/works in New York) presents his new digital light sculpture. The sculpture is generated on physicist Issac Newton’s Laws of Motion by the artists computer code. For this code the artist was inspired by the mathematics of John Conway’s Game of Life.

Villareal’s stars swirl in space and you will think about the birth of the universe as well as cellular processes such as fertilization and cell division. Lively interactions between objects in Origin’s matrix generate visual stimuli pulsing with energy suggestive of specific behavior and personality.

I am very inspired by essential questions like ‘How does life begin?’ Villareal explains.
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