“Sound of Ice” at the Absolut Icebar
fall 2007 find your Absolut Icebar www.absoluteicebar.com

Unique global music at Absolut Icebar The new communications agency Heartbeats International designed this concept of “sonic branding”, branding through sound and music, for Absolut Icebar. The collaboration began in spring 2007. The music concept fuses Joik, the traditional music from northern areas of Sweden such as Jukkasjärvi, with film music and modern electronic sounds. The “sound of ice” is distributed through a web radio-solution which enables the same music to be played in all Absolute Icebars worldwide. more culture >>>
The ABSOLUT ICEBAR was developed by ICEHOTEL in collaboration with ABSOLUT VODKA. Today ABSOLUT ICEBAR’s are found in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Milan and Tokyo and soon a new ICEBAR will open in Shanghai. fig.: Absolut Icebar in Stockholm