American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow
May 16 – October 2007, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Liliane and David M. Stewart Pavilion
fig.: Frederick Hurten Rhead (1880-1942) Two Fiesta Pitchers; about 1936. Glazed earthenware; produced by The Horner Laughlin Chan Company. The Liliane and David M. Stewart Collection. Photo Denis Farley.

Streamlined design is typical for the classical American look of many products since the 30ies of the past century until our days: the glam and the promise of the world of tomorrow exist still in this aerodynamic style. More than 180 products (from a stapler, a roasting pan, a chrome-plated iron to a tubular steel and leather lounge chair) from renowned designers (Norman Bel Geddes, Henry Dreyfuss, Raymond Loewy, Walter Dorwin Teague, Lurelle Guild, Clifford Brooks Stevens, Harold Van Doren, John R. Morgan, William B. Petzold, Louis Vavrik...) are exhibited. American Streamlined Design was developed at the same time as European Art Deco and Bauhaus functionalism have been fashionable "..., while streamlining aimed at the widest possible public and was based on an admiration for industry and speed." notes David A. Hanks, one of the organizers of this exhibition. more culture >>>