Ann Lislegaard Science Fiction and other worlds
26 May – 26 August 2007
Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, catalogue available

fig.: Bellona (after Samuel R. Delany), 2005 Courtesy of the artist. Murray Guy Gallery, New York and Paul Andriesse Gallerie, Amsterdam. In this work viewers are invited to enter a fascinating cinematic room in which they encounter monumental digital animations. It is science-fiction literature’s ability to create alternative places that fascinates Lislegaard and functions as a backdrop for some of her best works.

Some pictures can only be seen with our mind's eye! This exhibition is about the ability to construct space with our mind. Norwegian artist Ann Lislegaard (b. 1962) deals with the experience of time and space, and invites to alternative readings of our environment. She creates with architecture, sound, video, installation, drawing and photography a consciousness of pictures seen only with the mind’s eye, and conjures forth different images and other possibilities for orientation. Lislegaard challenges viewers’ visual references and ability to orient themselves. more culture >>>