George Maciunas. The Dream of Fluxus Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 3 June – 9 September 2007
The fundamental Maciunas biography by Thomas Kellein, published by Walther König, Cologne at >
fig.: George Maciunas at a performance with self-exposing camera, New York, c. 1966

The dream of Fluxus comes true! The medium internet opens libraries, museums, artists ateliers,... for everybody from everywhere - vice versa everybody has the chance to present his art. George Maciunas (1931-1978), the founder of the Fluxus movement, established strange and radical forms of performance. He had the idea to make art available to everybody. It can be presented everywhere - not only on the usual places. Under this aspect also the protection of copyright became a theme in his work. Maciunas desired a more just and aesthetically valuable sort of culture, and so he fought against its bourgeois and baroque manifestations. Maciunas died at 46. The exhibition The Dream of Fluxus presents George Maciunas’s work and personal history along with around twenty international avant-garde artists. more culture >>>
George Maciunas still inspires artists>online video tip from the net:
Sonic Youth playing Piano #13 for Nam June Paik (George Maciunas), April 1999