NEO CLASSICISM TO POP: European Textile Design 1790-1970 at Francesca Galloway LTD, London
Part I: Twentieth Century Textiles 6 June to 14 July 2007

Part II Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Textiles September 2007

Illustrated Catalogue

fig.: La Promenade au Bois, 1920. French, by Alberto Lorenzi for Bianchini Ferier, gouache on paper

Part I Twentieth Century Textiles of the exhibition presents more than 100 textiles which have been chosen for their beauty, elegance and for their relevance to the history of textile design. It is structured in 2 themes. The pre-Second World War collection shows furnishing textiles and designs from the Wiener Werkstätte (Dagobert Peche) to a series for the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes (Henri Stephany). The Art Deco period is very well represented for example by works of Raoul Dufy or Alberto Lorenzi (on this picture). next >>>

Since 25 years Francesca Galloway collects textiles, haute couture and Indian miniatures. In the 80ies she established a textile department at Spinks, 1992 Galloway started her own business. Today international curators and collectors acquire European, early Chinese, Central Asian and Islamic textiles at Francesca's gallery.