Andres Laracuente video works presented by the Gallery Yukiko Kawase
22 - 25 February 2007, DiVA digital video art fair in New York, catalogue >

fig.: Andres Laracuente “Dr. Popper 2006 DVD 45 min (presented by Yukiko Kawase Gallery - 1): In “Dr. Popper”, Laracuente “drops in” and “plays” as a model in a film produced by a balloon popping fetish man encountered via an internet site: Craig’s List.

Andres Laracuente's work is about mass media and lifestyle. In the video work "Dr. Popper" he confronts us with our own voyeurism and the existence of extremely singular absurdity in a virtual world. next>>>

The Gallery Yukiko Kawase (founded in July 2004) presents international emerging artists which work cross-cultural. The artists she represents playfully reflect the shifting cultures of modern society.