Paradise Lost 10 June – 21 Nov 2007 Roma Pavilion, Venezia
This is the first exhibition at the Venice Biennale representing an international selection of Roma artists from eight European countries. The exhibition gives you the chance to analyze and destroy the exotic stereotype of the “Gypsies”.

fig.: András Kállai, Dirty Laundry 2007. (H/GB) "... I want to represent the Barbie doll in certain situations, with the use of simple symbols. The works that emerged along this concept may at first sight be perplexing, even funny, but it is my hope that they are attention-arresting."

It is our belief that the identity of the Roma serves as a model for a modern, European transnational identity that is capable of cultural fusion and adaptation to changing circumstances. This is how the invited artists represent themselves, and this is how they experience their Gypsy identity,” Tímea Junghaus, the exhibition curator.
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Look inside the Roma Pavilion> Hedi00 from Prague, Czech Republic, publishes a documentary about the Roma Pavilion on