TOMORROW NOW - when design meets science fiction 25 May - 24 September 2007 Mudam Luxembourg
catalogue with essays/interviews with and by including Dan Graham, Shane Carruth, Denis Santachiara, Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Paul Lesch, Peter Cook, Tim Armstrong, Dunne & Raby, Piero Frassinelli, Paco Rabanne and John McCracken) about design and science fiction in history, literature, cinema, architecture, and fashion will be published. Some of these interviews can be viewed as short films on
View of the exhibition with André Courrèges La cité de Lumières, 1967-2000. Collection André Courrèges, Paris. Photo : Andres Lejona
The exhibition explores the links created between the two disciplines - "Design" and "Science Fiction" - from the beginning of the 20th century until today with more than 800 pieces by more than 100 artists. Luxembourg-born Hugo Gernsback, the inventor of the term “science fiction”, is the spiritual father for this presentation of creations by designers, architects, artists, science fiction authors and film directors on the subject of science fiction. next>>>