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MUSIC selection June 2008

Mother Nature Spiritual Dance Music

"Rainbowarriors" from the album "The Adventures Of Ghosthorse & Stillborn" (released in April 2007; Touch & Go Records) by CocoRosie, the American half-Cherokee sisters Sierra (Rosie) and Bianca (Coco) Casady.

Bianca and Sierra are currently working on the follow up album, slated for release in 2009. Check out their brand new single "God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me"; available in Europe and US since mid May 2008. This summer they are on tour in Europe.

Australian Music Award winning track “Just a song about ping pong” by the Australian teen rock group Operator Please with cheeky looking leader of the quintet, singer, guitarist and composer Amandah Wilkinson. The group was founded in 2005 following a music competition at their high school. This year they are in concert at the Roxy Jam in Biarritz. More about the event>


"wHen life" by French singer Sliimy "who sings since she was born" tours in Paris. On the myspace-site of the pop-soul, electro-folk musician you can read about her name Sliimy (free translated) "The both "ii" are just to make you smile:)", "Les deux "ii" c’est juste pour faire sourire :)"; like her music. Check out

Rock, Blues and Soul
"He's gone" (a gorgeously defiant statement of lost love) from the new album "Weather's coming..." by Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws (released 2008)
"I wanted the sound of the album to be dirty enough to represent the quirkiness of those caracteristics, so with Marc Collin we got some crazy horns, ghostly vibraphones, edgy guitars and tribal drums together to capture that mood. After six weeks of this kitchen work the album was then mixed by Oz Fritz, in San Francisco. Oz had mixed 'Mule variations' by Tom Waits... He managed to give the album its edge. This album dramatises the elements I love most about our world: people and their ways, what makes us so undeniably us. We are a never ending source of emotions, feelings, reactions, disturbances and surprises.» Phoebe Killdeer about "Wheater's coming..."
Phoebe Killdeer about the new album
More about the album, Phoebe Killdeer,...

"drown" by ddd
. The ddd EP was released mid-July 2008 with the tracks: Drown / Concentration / Spiral.
ddd aka darryl woollaston plays the guitars, the drum machine, and spends his voice. Check out tour dates, the new tracks,... The fashion brand Dreamandawake by Amanda Ericcson presented in May 2008 the fashionable video clip. More about the making of the music clip>

Run to Safety "Being Watched"

"Being Watched" from the album "We As Monsters" by the French group Run To Safety (Romain Bevillard/guitar, keyboards, voice; Charles Aubert/ bass, clarinet; Lucie Changeur/voice, keyboards, other sounds; Yann Pajean/drums, percussions), released on 1st November 2007 by Etoa Label, is a subtle melange of a Pink Floyd/Radiohead electro sound and guitars which carry sometimes melancholy, sometimes pain; and then there is this storytelling clarinet from somewhere far away ... Run to Safety, check it out

Retrouver the pop-electro downbeat of the 90ies in a new expressive mode
"Her own right" from Olga Kouklaki's first album "GETALIFE" (released on 21 January 2008), produced with Marc Collin (NouvelleVague). The melancholic voice comes from Athen-Greece born (1979) DJ/singer/arrangeuse Olga Kouklai. She brings with her expressive way to sing sensuality to this cold/cool beat. Since she was 8 years old, Olga makes music; she started with playing piano. In September 2001 she moves to Paris for taking courses in interior design and contemporary music. In January 2003 she releases her first track in UK ( called "..don..t look at me..". ... Read more about Olga Kouklaki, check tour dates, download music...


It's always the same
always the same story
"Tell me what, when I can come in"

The new "DVNO" video by JUSTICE, label of the Paris based electro musicians Xavier de Rosnay & Gaspard Auge, is directed by So Me / Machine Molle. Justice, wellknown after the dancefloor hit "D.A.N.C.E.", is on tour through Europe, Japan, and US in summer 2008. The DVNO EP (released on 24 March 08 digital, 07 April 08 vinyle) is available on Virgin, Fnac Music, iTunes,.. Check out the tour dates, downloads

Ready Fire Aim performing at the Ralph Lauren “Rugby” flagship store

Ready Fire Aim

Tracks from the debut album (released on 27th May) of New York's new label are playing in stores such as DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Ralph Lauren, ...

Experimental-Pop by Santogold Brooklyn based Santogold's dance classic "Creator" inspired Qquagga for this freestyling act. “We began trying to write pop songs to sell, which made us depressed, so we started writing songs for ourselves instead,” singer/songwriter Santi White, a rebel with a punk soul and a spellbinding voice. The new Santogold (self titled) album is available (US 29 April, UK 12 May). Tour dates for Manchester, Paris, Antwerp, Berlin, Dublin, London, California,... Check out


JJI Exile Brothers - Tibet21 - Concert in Vienna

are on tour: the "The Inner Voice of Freedom" concert on 10th June 2008 in Vienna (Karlsplatz, open air stage, 22.30, free entry!) is organised by the Austrian organisation Tibet21, founded by Francesca von Habsburg, to support ideas, projects on the theme Tibet. Check out more

"Count on Me", voice Caprice, from the album "The Second Feeling" by Shablo (released in Spring 2008). The video is directed by Two Things ( with Whoopie Van Raam. Producer Shablo and singer Caprice appear in this video! Italo-Argentine DJ/producer Shablo was born in Buenos Aires, moved in the late 80s to Italy and stays now in Amsterdam. He composes even sound-tracks for films and commercials. Check news, download music

Bulgarian underground "Free Me" from Bluba Lu's (Dimitr Paskalev and Konstantin Katsarski) last album "World Melancholy" with the emotional, very inverted vocal performance of Androniia Popova (Roni). The music by Bluba Lu is composed for a forty-member symphonic orchestra, a band, plus a vocalist. The album "Groove Euroope" with titles such as Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris,... will come out soon in 2008! Pre-hear some titles of "Groove Euroope" and check Bluba Lu's tour dates: Vienna at Club Planetarium, Bratislava, Wraclaw,...


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