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fall/winter 2010/11

art by Luc Tuymans
fashion by Swatch, Freitag, Luis Trenker, BMW Mini, St. Vacant
beauty by Lancaster

Moving memories

For the 'Men on Journey' style, Fashionoffice was inspired by the idea that memories are connected to time and places. Traveling and the years enrich the passed life time with personal stories; rarely that somebody writes 'history'.

But memories are not stable - whether the personal nor the public ones. They are changing with time and even with places, caused by new perspectives which come from different cultures and their own collective memories.

For this men's style, Fashionoffice has collected an iPad (for reading the saved memories online without cultural borders) which is dressed in a sleeve made of recycled material from the road, a watch with the name 'Full Blooded Earth', a warm jacket with hiking badges, an eye cream with extra oxygen, an art work about memories and history, a travel bag which is following the idea ‘Creative use of space’ and vintage shoes by the young Finnish label St. Vacant.


'Body' by Luc Tuymans, 1990. Collection of Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst; (C) Luc Tuymans. Photo: Dirk Pauwels, courtesy the artist.

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago presents from 2 October 2010 to 9 January 2011 approximately 75 paintings from 1978 until today by the Belgian artist Luc Tuymans (born 1958 in Antwerp). Luc Tuymans is renown for working on the themes memory and history. He is interested in after-effects of traumatic events (Holocaust, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 9/11, the role of institutional religion) and their representation in the mass media. Tuymans uses therefore images from different sources and applies a new perspective on them.

"Like veiled memories, Tuymans's paintings oscillate between coherence and illegibility, challenging viewers' certainty about not only what they are looking at but also how they should be looking,"

'Full Blooded Earth' watch by Swatch, FW2010/11.

'F-23 iPad Sleeve' made of recycled truck tarps by Freitag, FW2010/11.

'Anti-Ageing Oxygen Eye Cream' from the 'Skin Therapy Oxygen'-line (moisturizing, anti-wrinkle) by Lancaster, FW2010/11. The products from this line are developed to provide additional oxygen to the skin. For the eye cream, Lancaster has mixed the high-tech formula with ingredients from nature like horse chestnut which stimulates the micro circulation and acts against dark circles and puffy eyes.

Jacket, shirt, trousers from the 'Sport'-line by Luis Trenker, FW2010/11. Photo: (C) Luis Trenker. For this season, Luis Trenker has chosen red, blue and white as the main colors for the 'Sport'-line which shows embedded details like hiking badges (on the sleeve of the jacket on this page), writings like 'Dolomites Legend' or 'Mountain Philosophy', and in the main colors of the collection checked linings.

'Black Jack Duffle Bag' from the BMW 'Mini Black Jack Collection', premiered in August 2010. Photo: (C) BMW AG. The designers of the car 'Mini' as well as the bag collection are motivated by the idea 'Creative use of space' and created different bags for various demands. The bag on this page is designed for sport and traveling.

Ankleboot by St.Vacant, FW2010/11. The Finnish label was founded 2005 by designer Janne Lax. "What we do is combine selected features from custom made shoes with modern and we’d like to think peculiar design. Features such as anatomically shaped last and pattern cutting that pleases first and foremost the foot add up to a great walking experience."

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