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'Fragil' installation made of FW2010/11 pieces
12 - 14 March 2010
Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona

How far can humans go until breaking?

The Spanish designers Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull 'Zazo & Brull' have invited Fashionoffice to the premiere of the fashion-installation 'Fragil' on 11th March at Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona.

The installation 'Fragil' is made of FW2010/11 collection-pieces. With this art work, the designers focus on the vulnerability of humans and how much this vulnerability is part of our consciousness.

fig.: Photographer: Gustavo López Mañas, model: Carla García, makeup and hair: Lola Martinez

'Fragil' is also the title of the FW2010/11 collection. Already for the summer 2010 collection, the designers have brought in a thrilling moment by entitling it 'Bushido', the philosophy of Samurai whose motto is 'honor unto death'. Superhero, Samurai - the idea of proving how far a human being can go until it breaks is visualized by a labyrinth of blocks and protective shells on the armour-a-like pieces of the zazo & brull FW2010/11 collection

On the zazo & brull blogspot-site, the designers publish their thoughts for the installation: "We wander around without thinking, in the arrogant assumption that we are more than what we are. We imagine we are superheroes when we are no more than the appearance of a hard shell that can be crushed between finger and thumb. Fragility with a high degree of ignorance." 

Video: 'Bushido' spring/summer 2010 by zazo & brull, presented in September 2009 at 080 Barcelona Fashion. The SS2010 collection is inspired by the dress of the Samurai who lives the Bushido which means 'the way of the warrior' to find spiritual harmony and mental control over pain and death.

1st music-track on the video: 'Nocturne No. 27' by the Berlin based electro-pop duo Jonas Poppe and Sebastian Dassé 'Kissogram' who are lying their sometimes absurd and ironic texts on a mix of Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Disco-Punk, Oriental, modern Classic. Kissogram are one of the most important musicians of the Berlin independent scene.

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