February 8, 2005 through April 9, 2005
The Museum at FIT www.fitnyc.edu/museum

fig.: Rico Puhlmann. Fashion illustration. Textil-Report. Germany. 1957. The Rico Puhlmann Estate

The career of Rico Puhlmann (1934-1996) in Europe and America as fashion photographer, illustrator, occasional filmmaker and designer is shown with more than 200 photographs, drawings, sketches, magazine layouts, covers, tear sheets, and films. 40 years of success present 20th-century fashion on two continents and includes images of garments, portraits, and cityscapes from the collection of Puhlmann’s estate.

Rico Puhlmann knew how to make clothes appear entirely natural on a woman’s body, and preferred to show garments where they might actually be worn: in a corner café, a neighborhood restaurant, or his own living room,” photography historian William A. Ewing Ewing says. “He also photographed faces beautifully, so he had hundreds of cover assignments. Rico also had a profound color sensibility and was a skilled art director. He was exceptionally versatile and knowledgeable about clothes.” more culture>>>