Debra Hampton "STREAMLINE" In the Project Room
December 13, 2003 - January 19, 2004

pay attention to the spaces between, a pattern of accidents - this is a statement about the nature of wo/man

fig.: Light on Red #2. 2003. 20"x20" Gloss enamel on wood

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This work by Debra Hampton represents an immersive world the artist explores through patterns of chaos, chance, and order. A meditative and minimalist journey into the nuances, subtleties, and extremes of random intersections, these abstract drip paintings reify the media in a series of overlapping accidents, pushed and pulled by forces of gravity and air.

Avoiding forced narrative and the artist's willful intent allows the medium to meet the artist's hand in a unique collaboration, the existence of which becomes reason to pay attention to the spaces between, a pattern of accidents that might seem to reveal nothing and go nowhere. In the sciences, such "accidents" have served as catalysts for great discoveries.

To legitimize such accidents and serendipitous events, the artist makes a statement about the nature of man and his or her environment. This series is about taking refuge from regulated and formulaic structure in order to recognize the natural flow and will of the medium. Serendipity may thus offer a glimpse at that which exists yet has gone unnoticed or unattended.