HAREM - secret of the Orient (Geheimnis des Orients) 14. August – 13. November 2005
Kunsthalle Krems www.kunsthalle.at

fig.: Giulio Rosati, Shopping for the Harem/Ein Kauf für den Harem, o. J., Najd Collection, Courtesy Mathaf Gallery, London ©Najd Collection, Courtesy Mathaf Gallery, London

80 works of famous artists of the 19th century present the picture of beauty and sexuality, seen by the artists somewhere in their fantasy of Oriental Nights (no documents exist about the Harem, which was forbidden for the public): Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Eugène Delacroix, Leopold Carl Müller, Ferencz Eisenhut, Franz Lefler, Rudolf Ernst oder Jean-Léon Gérome. The luxury which is presented in this paintings will influence the culture of prudish Europe from this time on. next>>>