a photographic discourse
10 august - 2 september 2001 upper floor

The medium of photography, placed in the context of painting, sculpture, installation, and video, as well as transgressions and encompassing media concepts are the subject of sophisticated artistic discussions at the beginning of this new millennium.
The exhibition transgression is dedicated to these discourse strategies. By shedding light on individual artistic positions and comparing different approaches, it intends to illustrate artistic concepts which defy purist categorizing attempts and develop their own parameters. The show does not revolve around pure photography used for documentary purposes or newspaper reporting, but refers to photography situated in the fringe area of media.
transgression designates the transition from one state to the other but also the act of exceeding a limit, even the act of committing an offense, as well as the act of defying conventions and leaving a sheltered realm. The exhibition aims at articulating photography in its transgressing dimension, in its adaptability, in its boundless capacity to describe the (one) world. A call for tenders will confront the positions and concepts developed by young international artists with those of the Künstlerhaus artists.

Curator: Margit Zuckriegl

fig: Akt 1993/94, copyright Österreichische Fotogalerie, Rupertinum Salzburg

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