Modemuseum im Schloss Ludwigsburg
Die Kostüm- und Textilsammlung des Württembergischen Landesmuseums
Schloss Ludwigsburg

opened 11. Sept. 2004

The new costume museum in Württemberg opened in September 2004 with the presentation of European Fashion from 1750 bis 1970. next>>>

fig.: Shoe with overshoe/ Damenschuhe mit zugehörigen Überschuhen, sog. „Patten“ oder "Kotschuhe" um 1730. Seide, Metallborte, Leder. Foto: Frankenstein/Zwietasch © WLM Stuttgart

Elegant shoes of the noble women in the 18th century are not made for walking on the streets. For situations when a lady has to walk on the street, she needs overshoes against the dirt (the shoes are made of silk) and for better functionality on the uneven streets.