The Needleworks of Francesco Vezzoli

23.06 - 22.09.2002
Curated by Jan Winkelmann
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig

fig.: Bianca Jagger. Francesco Vezzoli "Embroidery of a Book: Young at any Age", 2000. B/W laserprint on canvas with metallic embroidery. Work composed of 33 pieces. 33,5 x 44 cm each. Detail. Private Collection.


Milan based artist Francesco Vezzoli is the winner of the 2001 Blinky Palermo award of the East German Savings Bank Foundation for the Free State of Saxony. His embroideries dealing with stars and divas from the fields of film, advertising, fashion and television constitute an important body of work in addition to his film and video works. Vezzoli addresses both, the glamour in which his models are shrouded, as well as the related solitude and the transitory nature of fame.